Who would like to learn how to raze a Barn, turn it into houses, not just sit to spin a yarn.

Dreams need not just be words but can take action, cause you to learn how to make them materialize. Want to learn how from someone who has done it on TV?

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

Suppose someone gave you a barn with great lumber to build your tiny homes with. Could you take it down without killing yourself and saving the wood, metal, and more to pay for your new community, houses, and more? There will be a possible seminar in the fall, when the rain comes to reduce the chances of fire on the job, after the mud from the rain we desperately need. Then, in September or October when it cools, if the world is not at war, we will offer parts, pieces, a chance to learn how, and more to our followers. Please share and stay in touch. Be part of the Pure Salvage Living Network, get an Outpost, and invest in the Start-up Company founded on TinyTexasHouses.com and Salvage, Texas to model what you can do and take action this year.

From Google’s view you can see the roof a new possible seminar to teach others how to take down a barn without it coming down on your head. The one pictured above once was a dance hall in New Berlin, circa 1900 and then that half of this barn was moved here in the 1940’s to hold 1,200 square bales in its day. No small barn. Want a part, a piece of it to take away, a chance to learn, a chance to say you can do it too and let us send the next ones to you to do? Too many and this is intended to be part of the Pure Salvage Outpost network, sharing the jobs, the materials, the knowledge, skills, tools, and more to get America back on the life skills track to self-sufficiency again.

Someone had to take off the ridge cap, the hardest part of removing the roof and the starting point. Why no one really wanted the job I do not know but it got done.

Keep your eyes out for hhose bees nests.

Oh yea, I think a rope would be good idea. 30’ with a 20’ drop to the ground… Ouch.

Model T and other specialty wrenches are fun to find. Don’t know what they go to all the time but I do have a nice collection.

Imagine, you could learn, get referrals, and provide for a great living doing fun things like this… freedom in the self-employed but with a coop that could help, a stakeholder in something that does great things for the generations that come and the elders already here.

Please check out the offer and other things going on at TinyTexasHouses.com and come stay at the SalvageTx.com BnB to see what tiny house living feels like too.

From Salvage, Texas to you.

[email protected] for appnt. to buy parts or to become a part of a startup made for people who want to live Free.