Next step as a steward of trash that can be treasure when assembled by creative minds. Ship around the world.

Materials as salvage, packed into containers for free from American fit into many loopholes that could work out advantageously, carbon-friendly to the end Wii plan to start a global trend. Freedom?

Is there a way or reasoning that makes sense to move many containers with materials that would slip through the system as simply nearly worthless salvaged materials on the now cheaper containers to Mexico or the coastal areas where it could be used to create some sort of tiny resort village or community for healthy living? If I could send it for them, then have that pay for me to come down, help create and assemble some cool stuff, and stay there as I plan some traveling in the next dozen years. I am liquidating the holdings for the most part to do this. I think for tax purposes, shipping worthless trash for free out of the country and then following it to make an income while abroad doing seminars, lectures, and cashing out on some of the free stockpiles, I might be able to slip through the loopholes on both ends. Legal Loopholes that are here for us to use so wii can steer the future to be good for all instead of just the rich, thus all can benefit in ways that leads our world to better days.

No tariffs on trash, and with the right people to design, cheap labor, great hand-blown glass, ancient tree lumber over 1,000 years old cut 200 years ago, and doors handmade, hardware so that no one needs to mine the ore, much more. I suspect wii, all the “I”s of the world could create Pure Salvage Outposts as co-ops that would share the cost of tools and what it takes the most, someone to coax them on. Be the elders, be the leaders, and answer to the call for coming up with some way to fill and ship some parts.

I am searching around the world for places I can go and help, by sending parts, if Wii can, send Trinity & Mii to help you do what it will take to set the standard for a future that is sustainable for you, locally. You, the rest of the population of creative people that are the “I”s of the world I want to help. Those of you who want to take a different path than the highly concentrated citified view of the future WEF and others have planned. Being the example makes you a Light for others to gain hope and faith in real solutions to feed upon. Freedom means, dialogues, not narratives, so there will still be a choice, and I call out for both to stay, as Truth can not exist without dialogue and examples along the way.

Some could create some interesting architecture while others are entire communities once the ethos of organic living, communication of Truth, and honesty as foundations for the community. When leaders leave the people behind and sell out to the foreign kind of corporate greed that wii have seen, I expect big changes in the coming scene. I am looking at Australia, New Zealand, the Caribbean, and Africa anyone? So many places wii could ship to help others and to get more information about the world that I have yet to see and learn. This is my chance to learn languages, cultures, and building methods of the ages and offer parts and pieces to integrate into the visions people have around the world for intentional communities that can use this sort of gift.

Many places where I have followings for the concepts of sustainable and toxin-free housing using SpaceMagic designs should have groups that can come together, even send people to help load, learn, and return with plans and treasures that will work where you are. Solutions can come in parts from anywhere, so why not here? My last dozen years of potential can be traveling again, learning more languages, and perhaps finally freed from the last series of anchors that were the “I”s of a past that I no longer wish to give life hours to… business with employees is a bit of an unpleasant future for another decade given today’s environment to select from for help. 

My goal is to get down south to as far as Argentina, where Texas shipped part of the 1.2 billion board feet to in the early 1900 period of Germans moving from Europe, where I hear there is much Victorian period and other such classic architecture.  a short leap to Antarctica while there would be a target of my run. Thus I could ship down to Uraguay, Paraguay, Brazil, and islands more where these parts are not available, especially so good. While one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, only is if used well in the end. Let us use it well, like gold, human energy, tree energy stored in a form that makes creating housing easier no matter where you are.

My youth in Bolivia calls for my return so I can fully appreciate Tiauanaco or Lake Titicaca after more than a half-century since my last visit as a child. La Paz, if I could drive to see the house I lived in at 4, or where it was as the Presidential Palace’s outside wall has likely changed much since then to eliminate the houses Americans occupied without uniform to “help” them keep power. My dad told me much later in life why he could not go back when I asked of the chance and why not. He said they have long memories, and he was in LaPaz taking those tourist pictures with us and developing them in the garage for more reasons than I understood as a child. Life is fascinating, and I hope to now go explore it with a mature and creative mind unless it all goes to hell in a handbasket, which it may well, and I am trying to figure out how to play in both worlds. 

Trinity’s dad is off to Istambul at 86 and then South America, learning new languages for his travels, but on a walker. I do not want to wait for the walker as the heights I still would like to climb won’t allow for it. Thailand and so many places may be beyond reach but, depending on the outcome of 2023, many incredible and seemingly impossible things could yet be. I realize this is far to much to read but if you can share with one who can interpret letters on a page into the visions, I can only communicate through this method which for now is Webbling. 

Oddly, if dyslexic, “WUB”, the energy of Spirit taking form as a “WIB” Wub In Body that Wii give a name to and form… Brad or Darby, the many “I”s that wii become in a lifetime on this planet, or others some are from. This is turning into a fascinating adventure, Wibblry, the language of communication through other means than words written on a page, in fact, there are only a few words to Wibblry, like an alphabet that open concepts and dreams instead of just words. They unfold like a virus as a Wubber appears from the dialogue and wisdom each of us procures. Now is the time to shine, to join to create solutions once the fights, lies, and bad guys are cleaned up, if such is possible, transparency and whistleblowers will win the day. 

A fantasy story about all the taboos in communicating through touch, talk, what wii create by transforming the world and synthesizing a reality no one else can imagine or form without YOU. Darby, the main character of a Quantum Story being written into reality, is on his way around the world to put this into play. The purpose of my life is about to finally happen and I must say I’m excited, and at last I am full certain. Time to make the leap across the greatest “Chasm at the Fringe” is about to finally be funded to share the story of what can be salvaged from a life that many kids would give up, and commit suicide in the face of what seems like living in Hell. Here is a story, a path, a solution for those starting out on the bottom that can take them where most of us never dream wii can go when young. It is time to finish and share some books on how to Salvage your Dreams, your life, and your body and thrive in the times ahead. Please consider joining me on the next dozen years of adventure as Darby travels the world to share the riches and the ways that others can use these examples to take action, knowing there are examples of what can be done in life. I fret for now, Tibet will not be a good place to go, but on my list of destinations if wii can find peace amongst all nations. Hope to see you soon.

I am against taking $ in during this year that will go to pay for the war through taxes it would create, but if not sold just given, that can not end that way. I do not want to support fools at the helm versus cashing out and distributing a future around the lands, a path to spend the next decades by helping teach and guide others and learn much more myself by interacting once again. Still, on a different level after nearly two decades out of the citified society, I have little use for but must help attend to in these times. 

Yes, before I can not climb the mountains, traverse the ice of Antarctica, visit island afar, see Argentina, and New Zealand, and more, the time has come to write books, lecture, help others build, to travel, share, and Be all that I can be to help others to live free with Trinity by my side.

Please let me know if you have the connections to put together a network where you have influence and want to help do good things for the babies and kids coming to take on what wii can create for them as examples of their potential. No one ever gave me that when I was young in a form I knew to be great but the traveling I did as a child gave me more than I ever imagined as an adult. 

Blessings to your project, and it moving along fast as I am planning on cashing out at several levels in 2023, including directing the high-end materials income to help pay for this and other plans ahead; the real estate to the right people would not necessitate a massive sell-off but if others want it and will pay the price, the building goes and both are too much to move and keep, too much. So rather than take profits on it all, I will be sending valuable packages worldwide under the guise of the trash instead.

Having fun yet? Got plans done? 

Long pieces are being targeted to sell as part of the initial round I started putting out this week on my blog..  I know you may not see it, but it often has good pictures of what is about to unfold quickly now I hope.

Please let me know your thoughts or other great places to move, sell, and perhaps follow materials. I am looking at filling them for the cost of labor and shipping to all points possible while the shipping rates have rock-bottomed out. Even losing 10=15% on the seas is affordable versus the taxes to sell it all off in a year or two and not ever see it go to the places I want it to… and I want to go. Got a following so I should find people who can help guide mii as I reach their territory so as not to just be an American Tourist… ugh. sadly reduced bad behavior from what it once was as a meme.