If you could? Would you live tiny part-time, escape to a cabin in the woods, safe to dream in peace? Should You!

Do inner city people love constant lights, activity, thrills of 24hr city, w/ sirens thru their nights, needing White-Noise to sleep at night. How does one escape addiction to distraction?


JUL 6, 2023

Suppose you could have a tiny house like “Vicky Won?” Out in the woods, on the pasture, looking out on sunrise and the cows. Nature all about, and you could paint or decorate, have a place to go to when the week is getting late and you want to escape for the weekend to your romantic place. $45,000 and a place to park a tiny home, why not fix it up and make it yours for when you want to be alone?

The quick, easy answer is No! Most people can not afford to buy acreage outside the city that can hold tiny houses, especially partially off-grid, with gardens and critters that make eggs, fertilizer, and life outside the grocery store possible. Their ability hinges on the meager savings the average person has accumulated versus the inflation that is eating it up faster than planned for your retirement years. What is your solution? For some elders, it means going back to bag groceries, handing out samples in big-box stores, and even taking on jobs well into their 70s to pay for their parents who need care, but not foreseeing the days when their children will come to their aid. Instead, many kids moving home are not coming with money, assets, or the desire or ability to work like their parents. Their grandparents had to create the comparatively easy lives of the last few generations. Due to the lack of contributions to the costs of operating houses, utilities, and feeding more people, a rapid need for smaller housing to add units to a property so more can live and contribute in various ways, like gardening, carpentry, maintenance, and outside jobs that might add to the mix.

Vicki Too is bigger and you could spend more time here with someone sleeping above and also one below for you it is possible to have a friend visit when you do and get away, then wii take care of our paradise for you, but do you have the $55,000 that it would take to do that? If not, the answer is no again, my friend, and that is why so few get out before their short lives end.

Ideally, the family or community needs to have the means to make money, create housing, and feed the many who are there that need help, as few can be self-sufficient and do all the things they dream they will be able to if they ever get that 5 acres, tiny house, gardens, critters, and oh yes, someone to share it with so that you can do all the work that will take. City job… commute for an hour or two each way five days a week, not compatible, so No! You do not qualify to have that dream.

Wake up. You leave the place you create without someone to help care for dogs, cats, rabbits, chickens, feed, water garden, weeding, and much more. Who does that for you? If you should go to work and not get home, who stops the predators from cleaning up your place, human and from the wilds, some do not care about your version of right or wrong. They are self-satisfying creatures without morals that will stop them if you are not there to remind them.

The “Blue Moon” is a big place for the center house, its best, as it could have a small kitchen, a breakfast bar, and, best, more bathroom and a view that spans the pastures with a giant pond and birds around to make a beautiful nest. $55,000 to pass that test and a small cost to keep it on the land for the rest of your life.

You could have a place to go to where you would be able to live still, not anchored by duties and responsibilities. The guard named “Ner,” with a 12 gauge and the will it takes to defer the thieves and predators. Though it is hard to find one so honest and willing to go, if you could, it’s great to know someone who likes to stay there more than go into the city stores. Thus a Gardener indeed, who can guard the land, the home, and more… the things you love but leave. If anything should happen, broken bones or sickness too, if you are all alone out there, nothing wii can do. All the “I”s that form the village where you choose to live will step up to take care of you, to care for those who give their energy and money to the growth of that wii share, the land, the homes, the ways to be a better way to bear the weight of going to the country and homesteading there.

“The Kidd” is tiny, but it’s big enough for the kitchenette, a shower, and a double bed with a writing desk and a view to kill. From the front porch, watch the sun rise up, or from the bed, the sunrise set. The Ship of Salvaged Dreams will be the sight that you will always see when you escape from the big cities. Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, down where tsunamis go, can all run here without delay and find themselves in Nature’s Way with the right to live here, with a chance to stay. $45,000 for this beauty, but don’t delay cause it is the most popular for most who stay in the BnB that will continue to pay you a piece of the action on the house if you do want to have it pay an income besides being a great Tax write-off too.

I give you this example of a tiny house resort where the health of those that live there is the most important point. The critters in the woods and waters, the plants along the shores, the people who will live here to help create a place to go. An example is an embassy for those wishing to come and see what such a life could be. Few will seek all the time to be out in the woods, but the chance to come and go at will is much different for some folks if you can afford it, to own a house and be a part of showing what could happen so others then could see.

Settle down and, have a meal, climb up to the dreams you’ll feel in a house that is grounded so you wake up refreshed and ready to go.

Master Suites as tiny homes, places in the woods to roam, and pools of water to swim in that are much bigger than in the city. Kayak, jog, ride your bikes, get exercise without the smog and 5G blowing in your face, inhaled, ingested, stressed out some race, but in the city, their lungs take a beating. Why not have a place to go when not there, you surely know that lawns will be cut, gardens watched, food gets harvested, and others, of course, help to watch and share the work, paint the houses, and prepare for the worst.

The Blue Moon could be the home for you or part of a set that will surely do. Once you get the first one here, you will have a right to grow more quite near. Compose your study, and a library that perhaps I can add books to, as you will see. I have a small one started and the use of them is free.

Suppose you need it when the time may come that you or your family or your friends need one. A place to escape to, not to party and get drunk, but to get back to nature where you can relax and walk. Peaceful nights, no sirens near, and birds or crickets, frogs you hear. Beavers, otters, deer, and more, armadillos, foxes, or other creatures of the night, but do not worry, no need for fright. A great village has a fortified wall, a place to protect you and to keep you all safe from the world. If the going gets tough for you, know you have the right friends near you who never will give up. Thrive and know you have a plan to get out when you wish, and yet not worry or gather stress wondering what happens if you can not be there for a week. Will those neighbors so in need see that as a chance to bleed your heart and dreams for what they see as simply an opportunity? When do others choose that time to sneak out there for a day at a time to move the dream you had a way to make their dreams come true in other ways? Consider finding a tiny house in a place like Salvage, Texas touts. A space to live for the rest of your life if you don’t go crazy causes a severe rout that drives others to kick you out.

This was Vicky Too, the biggest of the youth that was part of the grand opening in 2007. With different colors now and a new porch that is on, you might not know that it has been many years. She deserves a brand new paint job, but the new owner might like one that is different from her color now in play. Come and stay to feel her out and know if you are due for a tiny house in Salvage, Texas, where she will stay here for you. Lets us talk about what its priced to you.

If you think that such might be a place that you would want to see, and perhaps buy a house here that you can see, then contact us and come out so Wii can determine if this is right for you. Be part of a place that is meant to show that such a concept for sustainable living with nature and a food jungle is possible to bring life back that let’s all share and know. Wii are all Beings of the Light and share the trees and the water right so that all thrive and grow to see the best example that is free. Yes, sun and clay, water, and work can create a place where others can learn—a place to teach the kids that grow a way to learn what the elders know. Not just online but hands-on work, a place to sleep in that proves this has perks. Help prove to others that they can do this too so that tiny villages will start anew. Places where people will a common goal can form into areas where a few will go and live together, not like city folks will do when they are always scared of crime and the flu.

Join us in celebrating our chance to live long as a nation of people who know it’s true that there is a better way to do the schooling, feeding, and raising kids so they will have the strength and skills. Create the places they can go to learn, then build a society where pride in craftsmanship persists, and Truth with Honor is the gift. This is with Love for other people and the work not done by Sheople who are guided by TV to sit and watch, thinking they’re free. Mesmerized and motivated to buy all that will then make them happy as those that they see are living great on their TVs.

Why are so many sad and depressed, committing suicide a test of your endurance like the rest, the true Believers pass the best, for they have Faith that wii can fuel the rest of their lives. Passion, purpose, and meaning for the fuel to get us going through the challenges that will prepare us for the things wii came to do. You will not know until the time why you are driven, like a rhyme, to move in ways that seem so easy. Flowing to the place you see is going to set your powers free. Once empowered and engaged, willing to work for the ways that will create a better world, you can not stop your service here. Be Reborn as the newer, healthier you as wii age together amazingly as if wii, all the “I”s who support us and beyond, have yet to even hear of this embassy to see what can be done.

Grounding, touching the Earth to feel again, to heal, and know that you can mend. Regenerate. It’s not too late to youth your way and celebrate your life. Look at me near 68 and see I have been doing great for my broken back, and other things that bothered me in my youth are gone. Pain-free, I live happily to be an example for others who suffered like mii.

Wii are still youths till well past our 60s if wii care for the vessel and honor the truths. Blessings to your journey into becoming your “Best You!”

For more information, become a paid subscriber for the chance to come and be one of the very few who will get to live virtually for free if they help to form the Embassy and make it pay their way.