I am half-way through a neverending dream… it seems…

Once upon a time an open field with nary a tree, 3′ of red clay on top of the ground, and a dream of ponds, caves, and giant rocks came into view.
So with such a view and needing something incredible to do for my 64th year on this planet so blue, I decided to dig till my vision came true. Isn’t that what you would do?
Along the way a few rocks I display as the product of hours of work, and the water is pure to be so much a cure for the world of great pains and deep aches.

I am Halfway into a dream that never ends, how far is that?
I have seen so many things that I have once thought of as fact.
I have wondered at the miracles that others spoke of in my life.
I have lived some and believe in them thus seldom feel strife.

Some wonder how this land could turn from desolate to fine.
How Rocks as big as this can lie so hidden, just to find?
How waters come to fill the holes, to make this One you see,
The sands now full of life, so green, the nutrients now free.

Fish and frogs, birds and dogs, kids all ages run and swim,
walking barefoot, grounding all ways, mud, clean air to breathe.
Treat your Vessel as God wanted, grow to be your best,
Come and visit Salvage, Texas where the proof is in the test.

Imagination with intention, your focus, and your will
combined with action to move forward ever higher still.
What can you do? I say to you, see what I’ve done this year.
If an old guy does this all alone, can’t others thus see clear?

Believe in You, the miracle that came from your mother’s womb.
Don’t let down all the generations once you’re in your tomb.
Give your life to making great phenomena appear!
Be the One exemplified by what you do while here.

Wii owe it to our Source of Light, our God of many names,
to use this time of transformation to set our Spirits free.
Unite in our Prosperity simplicity can bring.
Ground with our Earth in a rebirth that United Wii can sing.

Grow a garden, grow your food, imagination based on Truth.
Grow your children strong and smart, lifeskills leaning to the arts.
Grow your mind, self-education to become a global nation
of peaceful people freedom bound, with Truth and Honor…
Finally found!

Darby Lettick

Ghostwriter for

Salvage, Texas

I’ve been digging around for new ideas in Sustainable building… @SalvageTx Wow!

Many new sites to see, some houses that will come to be, then much more I can tell you of that I think many here will love.

Some people have no faith in God or Physics. Both portray a different world indeed. While one allows us to defy the facts before our eyes, the other tries to tell us to fear what we don’t know. How can it be that we are free to think and do at will yet laws of physics and of man do tend to bend our will at hand? 
How is it so that some can know that all is good no matter what? Where comes the faith that lets one go where others fear that do not know? 
Once free of fear and thus endeared to miracles of Faith, I find that I have nought to fear and thus I do embrace… Life… the reason I am here, incarnate as a man this year, to play with physics I love dear.

What would one do if it were True, the Matrix is not real? In fact, we are much greater than what most are taught in school. If so and once empowered, while still able to be fooled, we can learn to form our miracles once we learn to use the tools.
How do you get beyond the fear, the doubts, the lack of will? How does one find the passion that begets more courage still?
How does one go from fear of failure to the Faith of God that allows one to charge forth and know their cause
will lead them to a victory, and thus a peaceful pause?

To Live life full one must take chances others fear, thus fail. Success is found through effort, not in things that can be found. So look into your passions for your hopes and dreams you seek while knowing you can do the things that others fear so deep. Do not let them hold you back with what they fear for you but instead believe that you perceive the Truth of Light to do what you seek and find as purposeful… 
which is simply what I do too.


45 days of digging through my visions, of finding rocks to hide under along the way… where are we going in the search for sustainable salvage building?

I have a plan to create a lake, a cliff dwelling village, a home in a hole, a way to stay cool in the hottest of time, hail free, can you see?

I was sitting under the rock my Texas-sized Cat was resting upon when it came to me that I might not be in the same spot as others that I have known and grown up with. 
The rough-in stages of the Texas-size Sculpture Sustainable Earthen hOMe Cliff complex Art Exhibit. See it and imagine if you can before the details that will make this a home-scape like few in the world.
Am I the only one who wants to be under a rock where it is safe from hail and storms, lightning and 5G… hehe?
So for some fun in the summer sun I dug a hole based on a vision that I had about some rocks that I could use to tunnel under and infuse with imagination and with Love, to make a hOMe there up above… the water that comes from below, the rain that will add to it more, and in the future there will be a lake for all to share and see. I envisioned in dreams so that it shall be… more than just words about what can be done near for free but to show and empower so you can believe. 
Someday you can visit and sleep for a while in a fantasy world that is not the norm most desire. It will be a dreamscape turned into my world that I hope will entice you to believe and to feel. Salvage is something that most can get free and with a bit of your work, this is what it can be. Watch as I turn dirt and trash into houses that some would live happy in, seldom to leave. Indeed this is what I imagine and live for, the chance to show what we can do with our time instead of just wasting our lives, what a crime.

Have you ever been told to go climb under a rock and stay there for a while? I have. My rocks are worth sitting under though. 
Soon, a wall of glass doors and windows will adorn this rock as a skirt with a house under it… 
well a hole that can act like a house, 
look like a house, 
feel like a house, 
but not be taxed like a house 
cause its just a hole in the ground under a rock… 

Under 400 square foot hole
just to be sure that it is not big enough
to be a house by Texas laws on taxing your home…
called a Dirty Loophole
in the Loopholology Dictionary.

So it goes for now my friends, just a dent in the dirt on the way to being a hOMe that few will see anywhere else. Perhaps open to the public through our Salvage, Air BnB soon… very soon. We are considering adding another possible investor for a future project, one who gets to enjoy the view, staying for 30 days a year, having an income, and make a tax write-off for you and business guests at your BnB investment… from the friends and family or others who share it too. 
We will only be looking for a few more lucky investor/Patrons of the Cliff House Salvage Art Forms Series by the creator of Tiny Texas Houses that Darby will be creating on this newly manifesting hillside in Salvage, Texas. What a great way to get away and have a place to play outside the city that can not be found anywhere else in Texas… if not the world.


A one piece Rock of Ages roof that will hold three floors of hOMe space underneath. Lifetime guarantee on the stone roof.
Soon to be a pinnacle, an Obelisk of sorts au natural.
Imagination, visions that lead us with dreams of what might be hidden in front of our eyes… this is my life.

Have a great day, dream-filled night, and be inspired tomorrow. This is the 64th year of imagination and life for me, never matched in my imagination or expectations, truly a life to be grateful for daily. Thank you, thank you, Thank you to the part of me that is you and makes up the Wii of us in a World of United Beings lighting up the paths for others to follow where no corporations will ever choose to lead.

Truly we must reach for the moon, even when it does not appear full, it is the heights that we reach that determines our success. Darby
Liquid Crystal in a clay bowl of Earth deep beneath the ground. Amazing what the cold grounded water can do for you. Gratitude for the blessings from the most natural of cures.

Darby Lettick, Ghostwriter for

BW Kittel

Climb up to your potential and fear not the falls.
Aim high, build what your dreams inspire, regardless of how many other people tell you that idea is crazy.

Salvage Body, Mind, & hOMe.

Part of the attraction to downsizing a home is the chance to spend more time on taking care of our body instead of our house. Body maintenance is the most important thing you can pay attention to as you focus on the quality of life instead of the quantity of things you can gather during life. (See the video by clicking above)

Sometimes it is hard to see through the fog, through the illusions that keep us underground.
We must keep our vessel in shape, clay, water, and 99% microbes, inside the gelatinous shell we call our body. Is that who you are or the vehicle you drive for a lifetime on Earth.
Who would have thought it would be so fun to get to my 60’s. Join me?
Pausing to consider, to breath, to savour the moments…

Salvage Mind, Body, and Home in ways few can imagine but You! Do it, not just talk about wanting to. Be what you dream of in the morning.


“Talk but no Walk” Big problem w/ Dream-Building is the Body not taking action!

Very little will happen in the world if you talk to a mirror all day, watch TV which is simply reversing the mirror the other way… you being it, and thus your actions reflect what you see. Why not be free of the programming you absorb each day from sources that distract your body from fulfilling the dreams of your life? Only you can move the reality around you forward to create the life you want to live. If you leave it up to others to control, you will inevitably serve the needs, desires, and wants of others until you die, for they will be endless and your ability to take care of all those who would use you so is more than any human can assume and still live a healthy life.

What to do to break free from the past bond you created which hold you back from fulfilling the passions and dreams of your childhood? It depends on how attached one is to the past, the present comfort levels, and the willingness to sacrifice, open the mind and body to change, then take action again as if a child beginning a new life away from home. Indeed it is only by thinking big, by dreaming of great goals you may yet achieve that you challenge the older minds and bodies to come back to full power and surge on to create a new life with a wiser brain/body machine that can be controlled with willpower, not distracted by immature needs, desires, and distractions that were once the stable of our lives.

What happens when your identity for decades crumbles and you have to recreate yourself? Do you take the best or worst of your past life to build on, or simply abandon the identities like motherhood, fatherhood, boss, General, Dr, Mr., Mrs, and other titles that we find ourselves caught up in for decades or a lifetime? The titles signify a place in society, religions, or essentially the cults that matured to rule the day and thus have become our mature version known now as Culture.

American Culture developed differently than others during the last two centuries but has many problems as a result of the cults that initiated and still control our society.

Community hinges on people communing together for peaceful solutions that empower all the members of the group, and in Truth, the others who share the resources, thus the planet Humans call Earth. Why is it that we can not actually display a Global Community Mindset without the War of Power being driven by people who do not see the world as an ecosystem, a plasma ball of consciousness that the masses could alter if they organized and thus eliminate the very leaders that try to turn us against each other for money and power positions most can not imagine even exist.

Why not step out of the game of feeding them, enjoy a simpler life that lets you get healthy again without the toxins of city life and modern food, perhaps even learn that you can get younger effectively and smarter as you age, but it will take a bit of work, not just watching TV and taking pills to get you to feeling better, or more likely, not Feeling anything at all.

If you are happy, savour your days as you age but if you want more of life still, realize that ageing of the body is not necessarily a bad thing but proof as to why a Stratavarious Violin can be so incredible regardless of its age if cared for properly. We, the vessels that become our identity while incarnate, can age thusly, getting brighter & stronger as we go, wiser & calmer, with visions we never knew, were possible with just the eyes alone. Join me fellow Indigos as we go forth to light the way for the Starseeds who are ready now to help and then to stay. The road is long ahead and much will change in a short time, but the children who are being born will live a brand day, with a path I hope will help them see how they can grow and Thrive.

Thanks for following over the years as the concept of Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, and the idea of a Pure Salvage Living Renaissance where we respect the value, the treasures of our past and Elders, knowing that knowledge without experience and testing is likely flawed, thus their lifetimes hold the fastest way too many answers youngsters can not find.

Perspicuity becomes the final factor as the synchronicities emerge.

The story can not be told, playout, or grow unless the Lightworkers who hold the torches that can light a million of candles a day with the glow of their frequencies emanating with positive intentions, actions, and thus are able to step up now and join together, to create a positive beacon of Hope for Solutions that will Awaken many more before there is no chance to change their course in the coming tides. We determine our future as individuals, societies, and perhaps as a species as we now know it, certain to evolve more than disappear in the coming calamities of all sorts. What will those left after the storms, after the tornados, floods, and more… what do they do to help those lost in ignorance, lack of preparedness, and shock?

I do not have the answers in some box, book, or pill… no One person does… but united we can keep coming up with ways to make the planet, the societies, and the path ahead better than the one we have been on for a century or more which no longer seems to be suitable for the times ahead. Let us start planning, living, and Being the incredible Lightworkers who turn the energy of the Word, which begot the Light that we can turn into Mass as it slows and becomes matter of a form we can create a peaceful future with, or blow mankind to bits. The choice is in the hands of too few but in the Knowing, the power changes hands to the next realm of influence, where God and Legions await the time for a cleansing yet to come, when Mother Earth decides to change her shape and in unison with our Sun determine where Man settles in if We are to play a part in the New World that comes ahead.

Tiny Texas Houses is now history and tales. Pure Salvage Living was obliterated from cyberspace, erased as best one can, from the Internet of Consciousness that will be known as “Man”. Indeed the path ahead upon the waves no one can see, 5G will lead to things that truly few men yet can see. It’s true we will have robots to do the work of Man, but what most do not quite get is that it’s just a different bend on the way you turn a human into what some might call a drone, and have them be so thankful for the chance to then go home.

Make your Home the place you never have to leave instead. Otherwise, the Matrix is what will rule your head. See the visions of a future where you could be free but you have to take part in making it what comes to be. A hive of many workers full of great activity does not mean they even understand the parts they each will play. They can not dare imagine how just computers we employ could take over their consciousness and guide them evermore. Who would think that such could be in store, except a kid who did not know the consequences he would see from our new World Technology? Indeed that is the game my friends, the others who see what impends upon the world that we can see is ready for the rest to Be Enlightened or soon vanish in the crazy storms ahead.

Thanks for joining the party and shining out to help those behind you find a path to Thrive in the coming times. The Legions who can Light the Way are ready, the Power to unleash our Will upon the Forces in the gentlest of ways will allow the Love we have for Earth to finally Rule the Day.

The beauty is, if done right, once it’s found, this Peace could Stay. United Wii Stand, a World Union of Beings, from all around the Cosmos, joined in a Consciousness that will not be overcome in the coming battles, challenges, and victory that ensues.

There are alternatives beyond our imagination in a future we, and mere humans, can not hope to understand or control, but share perhaps in harmony with others who have a vested interest in the survival of our planet for better lives to come. Never lose faith for it powers your Light and lets you lead where others can not see to go… the places where the answers lie are seldom easily found, let alone communicated so that others might understand. Thus the bards and musicians shall step up, the artists and the others who can translate frequency to objects and words, song and celebration.

“Live long, live happy, live awake, thus live Alive.”

Darby Lettick

August 12th, 2019 Salvage Tx. view of moonlight plus????

Ghostwriter and Salvage, Tx Artist.

[email protected] for more information or search on Youtube for many great videos by Brad Kittel, Tiny Texas Houses, Pure Salvage Living, and SalvageTx.com for more information. Air BnB for reservations to stay at Salvage, Tx for a night or three.

Until then, Wii are manifesting the destination, the embassy for those who know the time has come to Awaken and alter the course of their lives.

Creating the story of how
Wub came to Be our path to a tomorrow few imagined 100 years ago.

What if when your life was over you could be thankful?

What if at the end you get to say…?

The chance to live is free, 
the loss is passing it up 
because you were not ready,
Or simply could not decide, 
and missed the synchronicity
of life that offers you all you need, 
if you will just heed
the omens when they come.

Pay attention, and be willing to change.
Grow to be all you can be, 
Free, and capable of doing miracles
if you will do the work it takes
to get what you can… 
if you do believe until the end.

I have eaten out of dumpsters to survive at 25.
I have feasted at the 5-star restaurants
and known the finest foods.
I have struggled with great pain
and been so crippled, bound to bed.

I have climbed back with a body
that I never dreamt I’d have.
I have seen the miracles 
I need to believe in more than most.
I have lived a life with lessons
that few wish they had lived instead.

I have walked away from millions
and careers most seek to have.
I have been a father, lost a son, 
and thus been forced to start again.

I have mastered all the work I sought, 
left it all to see it rot.
I have lived
and thus I thought,
In every moment I have caught
new lessons to be learned, 
but best of all as time goes by, 
the wisdom which I yearned
comes my way
and soothes my days,
with visions truly earned.

Darby Lettick

When do we get the keys to knowledge, to understanding, to figuring out how to be thankful everyday for the bliss of life itself?
As a child of two, before the broken back, the many trials and tribulations life would bring to give foundations for wisdom if it comes… the key to Life is all we really needed… and the best of the rest is Free.

If you had all the parts & pieces… could you build your dream? What would it look like?

If you had all the parts and Pieces to create a fantasy town, the windows the doors to opportunity in a warehouse where you could go? What if the land was there to play, to create the solutions you dream of one day? What day are you looking for that will Awaken the acts that make such a future come true? What are you thinking as time passes by, and the future you think of is not gonna fly as the landscape is changing, your life thus renewed, a chance to become what you will be if True.

Tell me the problem you think is to big and I offer solutions that you to can live. Nothing but action will thus make it so, but if you believe you can do more than grow… bloom and become the Light, then let go. Fly like a lightning bug shining at night. While looking like nothing by day you’re so bright if you just learn to shine with the Light in your sight.

Awake to the sunlight with new dreams to fill. Build your small castle to learn how and then, build them for others and create a new life from the dreams you did not know could come from your Light. Believe in your purpose to share and to grow, not the past that you learned from to be strong here Now! Be thankful for challenges that we have seen, but do not take it with you where you can now see… a future of wonder that will let you Thrive. Believe in the future that you can create and don’t blame the world until you Awake and know that your power is that you decide what each day is part of your life and your Pride.

Remove the old garbage so you can then leap cross the chasm between you last past and what’s You! Leap over all that you once held so dear and you will reach a new level that lets you see clear. Above and beyond, I so hope you will see, enlightenment simply means seeing what’s True. Viewing the world so you can then see the doors that will open with Your Opportunity.

The chance is free, the loss is passing it up because you were not ready, could not decide, and missed the synchronicity of life that offers you all you need, if you will just heed the omens, pay attention, and be willing to change. Grow to be all you can be, Free, and capable of doing miracles if you will do the work it takes to get what you can… if you do the work.

I have eaten out of dumpsters to survive at 25.

I have feasted at the 5 star restaurants and known the finest foods.

I have struggled with great pain and been so crippled, bound to bed.

I have climbed back with a body that I never dreamt I’d have.

I have seen the miracles I need to believe in more than most.

I have lived a life with lessons that few wish they had lived instead.

I have walked away from millions and careers most seek to have.

I have been a father, lost a son, and thus been forced to start again.

I have mastered all the work I sought, left it all to see it rot.

I have lived and thus I thought,

In every moment I have caught new lessons to be learned,

but best of all as time goes by,

the wisdom which I yearned

comes my way and soothes my days,

with visions truly earned.

Darby Lettick

Space Magic Designs by Brad Kittel are focused on creating space in the mind.

The Reality of size is not based on its true size but how the eyes interpret the lines, colors, and shapes in a scene, real or painted, video or picture, each offering different perspectives. In real life, the mind can also be tricked into thinking spaces are bigger or smaller than they really are through the use of techniques that take advantage of what the brain expects normally before analyzing what is really before you to decipher the reality of the moment instead of the past memories you are building upon as you gaze on new scenes.

Paisley or light colored, the difference is interesting in the study of Space Magic Design. One can feel smaller or bigger, feel softer to look at or more balanced and thus fit in differently.

Just a view or two of how the Kidd and Blue Moon look after a cleaning in preparation for new guests escaping the reality of the city to hear the birds, frogs, and other critters of the country… yes others too. Don’t expect to not see bees, bugs, birds, spiders, ants, scorpions, turtles, fish, chickens, ducks, Loons, Cardinals, and so much more, hopefully no fear in case one gets in here… you will be fine.

Live a life of adventure… not fear.
Darby in Salvage, Texas

Where oh Where does a Tiny House go… to live w/ people inside??

I love the intent of the Core Principles of giant corporations, especially with advertising and slogans, core missions and such. It is what is said, how, and what is not said in that same pitch that can get you in trouble. I suspect they are the well thought out and crafted words of the lawyers and others for the safety of the employer… liability.

From an outside view of the world I create with my life hours, some of the principles and perspectives may seem odd or different.

Hopefully, on an even deeper level, You as you have treasure in children to care for and grow, as people with a future society to form better than the last few generations have done… your job is huge as you attempt to downsize your living quarters in order to escape the debt trap and savour your life with family, friends, and your passions. To teach your children at home perhaps instead of letting their brains be trashed at public schools, for the most part, you are the pioneers of the future who chose to break out of the box of the Great American Dream and slip into the foggy wilderness of self-sustainable lifestyles. We can live a life in Earth consciousness, and with a Spiritual Awakening that you prefer over consumerism, TV, and the Movie theatre to call your life.

It turns out there are many variables to what makes a great place to live, the people you share it with being one of the most important I have found. I plan to pick carefully, if ever more should choose to call Salvage, Texas home, and the limitations have turned out to be many, but foremost the honesty and honour that must be had by all involved before any Love, God, or Community can have any chance of a faithful following that will grow into a positive outcome for all the effort we put into manifesting our dreams as the journey of our lifetime. Who wants a job when we can live our passions instead?

Many people who are considering going to tiny digs for a home are looking for where to go that they will allow you to live in such a home. Few such towns have evolved over the boom of this new industry as the codes, deed restrictions, or the local resistance has made this style of homesteading hard to find a home for. Amongst the startups to solve that: there is a town and I will note it as the question that inspired this essay came from one considering moving there. You can choose as you will, investigate and report back your opinion, but a Google street view will sober you up before the trip to paradise is unleashed on you in real-time. Guess why they were desperate for anyone who would move there and live, pay taxes, and contribute to saving it from blowing away in a storm once fully abandoned? There are some success stories, but the charm is limited.

I am not a big fan of Spur, Tx., which requires the integration of the
very old locals and not interested in change crowd no-rules
anarchists, the old school genetically connected hold power, own the
critical infrastructures, businesses, and given the limited resources
available for the locals, thus control development while the
appearance of forwarding movement develops.  The Lubbock area is appealing for the gas and oil, but little more for me and I started Salvage, Texas where I have for that reason. One needs sources of water, soil, and in my mind, less wind than they will get there, and the society pre-existent will be slow to change I suspect. I spent 12 years in Gonzales, Texas with that same approach to upgrading a community but the forces in place to maintain economic oppression continue as the school system is Common Core for brains no more based as are other Corporate rich prison counties in Texas.

Beginning without Corporate code to build by, the Home Depot approved
methods of building with formaldehyde, EDCs, and other products that
cost the owners and children their health will not reflect for a few
years.  Pity, it lasts lifelong but in this day and age of advertising
and sales without fact or conscience, it becomes the Buyer who must
beware rather than depend on a reasonable effort by the producer to
make your home safe from invisible toxins and a short

I am not building houses to ship around Texas anymore, in fact not
really out to build them to ship anywhere but here in Salvage, Texas.
My goals achieved for proving we could build without imports or
toxins, I have moved on to creating the examples of permaculture,
societally driven homeschooling that takes kids to new levels of
empowerment thus upwards instead of breaking their thinking capacity,
questioning and thriving on learning in trade for conformity… I am
not a fan of limitation education.  Docile prisoners is not a goal of
mine but our Texas School systems seem to be in lockstep with the
corporate prisons housing 50% kids who used pot… for $50,000 a year
each.  We can do better.

Oh yes…  had to modify to Salvage, Tx. Standards.

I love the intent of the Core Principles of a company I reviewed, and suspect they are those of the global corporate employer crafted by a giant agency to look goo. I was never a giant employer… nor will I ever be but hopefully for the ethos on an even deeper level that takes into consideration the living treasure in children we must as a society, care for and grow better than we are in America with our school systems today. I am opposed to the Common Core Curricula being pushed on schools, the corporate for-profit “Dumbing Down Kids” program offered these days around the world. Instead, I offer up a different set of core principles for business.

Core Principles

1. Safety Will Not Be Compromised thus simplicity first, reduction of
the risk factors to near zero… but how far into the future do most
entities go when they let the real story of the product life go.  From
its birth to its passage, the truth is what I want to know.  Like
Methanes ugly secret it the losses on the way to the final user… it
will go on for the volcano does not care or have such limits or
testing and in one blast… dwarf the annual output of any city on the
planet.  Still, I would not add to any problem but make life better if
my product and my ideas are sound for the planet and mankind.

Safety is a matter of being able to anticipate the unimaginable and escape harm when it happens. Having a few Guardian Angels on hand helps most of all and mine have spent a busy life nearby. Do what you dream of and fear not of the consequence of your failure lest you plan to fail, but instead focus on what it will take to succeed at your dreams and then do it, all of it, with the passion of your Heart and your Truth to lead you Home.

2. Environmentally Compliant & Responsible Operator… not just
compliant… be a leader in the idea that a house can cost less than
living in it as the energy to create a Salvage built home can be as little as 20 gallons of diesel fuel, imagination and ingenuity… (energy from Spirit), human action for energy to assemble, and if designed right, very little energy to heat or cool for the life of the house, longer than your own if done right.
Why do people prefer the alternative Walmart mentality for housing?
The use of substandard health factor materials in building today Baffles me… sheetrock, vinyl, plastic, particleboard, latex paints,
EMF fields blasting from every wall at the level of your head at the
wall when asleep, your gut when sitting… when it does not even have to be there if you build knowing it is a hazard to your health.

Imagine the ranches growing cows, taking this much water to feed each one each year until at 6 times this they would be slaughtered for a meal. Imagine instead all the berries and grapes, the fish and the fowl, the creatures that live of the water all gone… for one cow… to piss it out and you to eat him one day.

3. Ethics and Integrity  Why do people ignore the new science that
says a cell phone, a router, a wireless house phone, and the electric
in appliances, LED lighting, and more can affect health.  As you
downsize, this is even more significant yet no one talks seriously
about these things in the industry that builds them for a profit.  Why
would they admit to knowing what they are doing to the buyers of their
products? I respectfully ask the manufacturers to consider the health of the children and elderly who do not understand the differences in their constitution and why they are more susceptible to these agents than 20-40-year-olds… though the effects on both are indubitable.

If only we could put Global Corporate Leaders behind bars for the many things they do in the name of profits for the shareholders that cost the public life, health, and limbs… but that would be a dream… ???

4. Commitment to Employees and Resources  Supporting the tax system by
making people employees instead of teaching them to form tiny
businesses taking down trash/salvage for example, to create millions of jobs, houses, and careers is one way to look at that.  They could write off the tools, trucks, education, and much more to pay instead for the kids to have
all that and learn how to build homes from salvage, thus always have
an occupation and home. People will always need new housing after catastrophic events, floods, storms, etc… and knowing how to build with salvage makes one the best builder on the scene when needed most.

Creating a million new Tiny Home Creators who love to work with Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, and thus create empowering business models that inspire industry, living style changes, and the healthier America we all want to see, less dependent on imports and more Utility of our treasures at our fingertips, instead of in Japan.

5. Customer Service & Fiscal Responsibility  What would happen if all
this occurred at local levels?  The Pure Salvage Outposts set up with
the tools, elders to teach, the space to build, the warehouses in the
old now-vacant buildings that is pulled from the old houses and
structures that need to be taken down.  Indeed, the solutions for
small downs are there, the need for a great transition from
devastation to thriving locally, not dependent on big corporation is
vital.  The more skills that are added for the people who live there, the re-utilization of resources that do not have to be imported thus local dollar leaving. Education of locals to salvage mine and build is vital to
creating jobs for the many in houses showing economic disparity that
must have jobs to cure, but more than jobs, vested players in the
revitalization of the community. If you focus on the manifestation of new
communities created from the treasures of the old that could not
survive then you can turn around rural areas by creating local jobs, networks, ways to downsize for the elders, stay in the town as the kids build a new less utility and import-dependent businesses, permaculture to support local food needs instead of depending on transport from far away places. Teaching and empowering customers to become stronger better people is the best we can hope to do in life as a business.

Global Corporations may not have the same goals in mind!

6. Quality Focus: 4 decades of Research and models, examples of what
does and does not work.  The transition from building to modern code
for America has led to corporations selling their products through
force rather than product efficiency, lifespan, or environmental
merits from birth to death, disposal, and the health of those exposed
from its manufacturing to its demise.  These are quality issues that
get ignored as they are out of the view of the study the producers and
government wish to have examined thus the conclusions that your health
is violated by the toxins you breath remains obscured, though
available.  The RV classification of houses on wheels by the Feds is
to limit them to 48 hours of living in them for your health… yes.
More is bad for most people, especially once they contaminate them
with the mold and cleaners, cats, etc. that eventually become part of the mix inside the Tiny Boxes on Wheels.
Finally, the issue of air quality must be considered and given few
understand you breath 500 gallons of air per hour each, just sitting
calmly talking, more if excited, and the limits of a tiny house that
is airtight and heated for the winter is called Hypoxia… the lack
of air, in this case caused by being in such a box.  You will need 4,000
gallons of fresh air per calm person per night with only about 6,500
gallons available in a tiny house on wheels that is 8x12x20 inside
with stuff taking up airspace.  Make love at 2,000 gallons in an hour
(Nice memory) and you will exhaust the air supply faster, add a second person, two of you (even better, hehe), but you will use up so much air in an hour that your morning will be a groggy one rather than an energetic celebration unless you open the door and windows to get some fresh air.  Oh yes, 2 yr old jr. sleeping downstairs, well, yucky heavy air hangs near the floor where the kids and pets get cancer faster than adults.  Wonder Why?

Nuff said… the article of the day inspired by a single letter
referring to a town that has a great advertising video or two but a
poor track record for integrating happy families into the new world of
tiny houses.  I can not say I would build one to send there, that they
would even allow it to happen, as they got code, and an inspector to
enforce it.  So it goes.

I do hope that you will get a chance to visit, to consider buying the
materials it would take to build your tiny home where every you may
choose to settle.  I would even love to sponsor the right people to
open Pure Salvage Outposts with inventory to build houses closer to
where they need to be put… but only to honest impassioned people.
Such are few and hard to find, but if they show, I will know and help
them on their way to becoming as rich in salvage, friends who want to
know and grow with this industry rather than perpetuate the
consumerism of imports alone.

Thank you for taking the time to consider these many facets of
thinking of living tiny in a day of focusing on the important part,
the journey and the people we share it with, the quality of the life,
not the goal… for it is what we need for the future to grow bright

Add to this the avoidance of paid advertising so that industry
develops on its merits, not its legal lies, few would use this for a
business model.

Darby Lettick

Imagine that you can create a hOMe in a hole in my space.

Could not resist a late nite, or given the start was after midnight, thanks to cooling waters below, grounding and breathing, time passed without notice… until I went above to sleep. I love the chance to dig about, to shovel the fine clays, sands, and layers of history that I cut away, amazed at how much is not there as I go. Where are the rocks? How did the mud grow so thick, in layers of red clay, bentonite, grey clay and sands… over how long a time? So much of what we do not know, think we can not affect or change, and what we can learn from what appears like nothing but solid, heavy, yet shapable. Indeed, I find myself watching it take shape, feeling the reality form under my hands as I move them without pause.

Thankful for the incredible opportunity to be a part, to create a part in the transformation of the world into what is possible, using more than just words to carve a memory into a reality. Once the idea is manifested, the implementation of the form requires human action, energy manifested once more from the unknown spaces in the brain. Fueled by the passion and love for Mother Earth and the opportunity to share this incarnation with some really great Beings, people who are real… honest… and guided by the positive impact we can have on the world.

Our vessel is our gift, our life here the adventure, the results to be the evidence of our existence once we are gone. Nothing lasts forever they say, but I must contradict that absolutely, for the memory my Spirit takes away, the time I get to come to learn, to feel, to understand and play… will live with me forever which can not be counted by the days. I occupy the body, and the life I live is not ending with this visit, so the things that I get to create are for me, my memory, my pleasure and sometimes, for the pleasure of others.

Why does one human write or share such things as this… simple carvings in the land, holes being the absence of matter in space, the absence of Earth. Can the words and works of one man inspire millions? Can each of us potentially be the candle that lights the many without even touching them physically… phenomena explained through understanding Bahktinian Dialogism.

15′ below the surface perhaps more as we go, where people used to live by the millions very long ago. Why?

How do the utterances of one Being alter or ignite the passion and hope of others, be the inspirational cue that launches Awakening Beings to fulfil their deepest dreams that drive them forward thereafter? Indeed, when found, purpose, connection with the community that is positive which creates change that will expand organically, through the actions, the results, the benefits that come with understanding what our potential is, then tapping it.

You simply have to make a decision to open your mind, eyes, and life to so much new proof that we are incredible walking, talking communities of gut flora, bacteria, microbes, and so much that we can now use to alter our existence, the quality of it once we understand how easy it is to be happy with our vessel by appreciating what a miracle the biocomputer you have given a name and identity to while you occupy, or use this incredible bio-machine, full of bioelectrical environment that can be miraculous, thus able to do what most consider impossible, including living healthy until we decide to move on and leave this body behind.

Live healthy, creatively, and become what you can by doing what you love daily. Stretch your Cortex and live like you are a kid until you chose to leave the community inside the gelatinous shell you know as “YOU”. Have a great day kids… I think I am digging mine away again. hehe

See & Learn Fabulous Pure Salvage Space Magic Design Tricks

30 houses gave their best parts for this Stairwell to Heaven.

After decades in Pure Salvage Living Designs for houses, offices, and Tiny Texas Houses, I have taken to writing and hoping others will be inspired by what can be done without imports, toxic manufacturing of new materials to build with, as well as conserving space, energy, and yet having our personal spaces seem luxurious. I suppose the idea is to go with the Dollhouse, Jewelry Box Cottage plans that captured the world’s eyes.

Tiny Texas Houses was a research and development cycle of intent to prove out the concept of building with 95% Pure Salvage, no imports, toxins, or built-in-obsolescence that would be energy efficient too. The houses were eventually designed to allow airflow to reduce the heat using the Venturi Principle, the lofts that have lots of headroom but are considered storage for property tax purposes. Space is a perception of ours that is influenced by lines, colors, and details. At some point the view alters the reality and the feeling becomes more important than the actual sizing.

You don’t have to be trapped into the bigger is better or newer is nicer traps.

This unique ethos in construction that gives extra value to the many items created long ago by our ancestors at a time when they were off-grid all the time… as in no electricity. The resources like trees were virgin and of incredible quality not to be found in newer building supply stores.

SalvageFaire is the land of imagination in a box, created from the parts and pieces of a past few know existed when 12 year olds pulled coal from the mines to run the forges, sharpened the blades of giant saws, and all for tokens, never cash or real money. Once upon a time in the not so rosy past, a story that could have been lost, but now perhaps could last. 30 houses gave their parts to build this stair so fine, yet it would not pass code today so it is Art Devine, a standing installation like few others of its kind.

This is the tribute to M. C. Escher who drew the many stairwells that led to where they started from but always appearing to never end… like my imagination as it rises up and bends.

Thanks for joining me in this Sunday message to share the great wonders of Salvage, Texas manifesting day by day now that I have again, found my way.

These guys scared us by disappearing for a day or three, then with great glee, returned one after the other, great friends reunited.

Darby Lettick

Ghostwriter and Chick Magnet

OH YES… and occasional promotional guy…. Check this OUT!!!!!

HOLY Cow, 18′ long slabs of Virgin Long Leaf Pine knot-free, hole-free, 500 year-old when cut , very Rare offering of a few of these incredible 18″x18′ long slabs, only a few for sale. [email protected]