Kayak Bayou to Open to Public in Salvage, Texas Soon

Kayaks and Canoes, for Salvage, Texas and the San Marcos River 1/4 mile away. Fun Away!

For now though, if you are staying at the Salvage, Texas BnB then you can try out the new Kayaks and pond areas and hopefully, with some rain soon, we will be having the Kayak Tag, Races, and Hide and Seek as we have so many islands created to paddle around, and best of all for the competitively minded, Kayak blowgun Paintball contests… (Only ones in the world). Race up through the vine-filled grotto, out amongst the isles, with the underground market next to the water Yup really underground vendors using the ground and shade to stay cool under the shade.

Yup, imagination gone wild out-of-the-box ways to create the solutions of the future out of the treasures of our past, the ingenuity of our brains, and the human energy we have in our control. Join me for a quick look at the progress as my mind and body form this new attraction to the many who want to do things that make them stronger, younger and growing the future for those who follow us for generations to come.

A place to put a Kayak in and launch, with the soon to be check in office, the judge’s viewing area up above for filming events, races, and such, as well as the place to store kayaks. Yup, yup, out of the box thinking for salvage materials.

We must do the things that will change the options available if those that are being born are to have full access to their potential capacity to create solutions, to alter the course of our society toward helplessness, dependency, and the destruction of the community and family units.

A space Wii create to savor the days, to create the opportunity for life to flourish, and tomorrow to be even better than today for those Wii prepare for once the time to move on to the next step through our many lives and loves.
Where no water stood, now ponds prevail, and life abundant grows about. Imagination made it happen, with a shovel, and some work but when its finished, oh the feeling of the gift to Mother Earth. Thank you for the lessons that such creations bring to my life.

Digging for a few days to create a venue that will pay for us to do more with less, to create a way to get in better condition, but also to show others how to have fun doing it. Planting seeds… expanding the vision of all those who come and giving them the passion and hope it takes to show up and act… to do the things that we must to create more than a daydream with the hours we are alive and healthy. I am having fun.

Hope you can get here soon and have fun too. The world won’t cooperate, so I am going to do what I can in my tiny paradise and stay always ready to keep morphing and getting better and better. God I love this life, finally, it became nearly all I ever hoped it would, though the reality is not what I still dream it can be, the past is already so great that I can leave with a smile on my face at any moment. I can’t imagine how it could have turned out better in spite of how hard the difficult times were.

If not for this perspective, I would have killed myself decades ago as a child, at 15, born to be a lone wolf, but honoring the value of that versus being a sheep in the herd that can not even see the path, let alone the goal, but only the assholes ahead of, beside, and behind you walking through the shit left by all those who are filing down the same path. My paradise found after struggling along through many failures, losses, and challenges that made me stronger, and thus have I become me through my way, life has been full of adventure. It is one of many scars, bruises, and broken bones within, but always with the attitude that I would survive… seeking the impossible goals, the imagination that was unlimited in youth, flows without constraint as an elder. I finally have the freedom that I never had in youth while learning the lessons, chasing the illusions of what would bring me what I have found.

The Freedom is a change of perspective, of Perspicuity, that now makes the Synchronicity meaningful and thus empowering at last. Please, Consider breaking away from the pack and becoming a lone wolf for a while… it may last a lifetime. Free yourself from the Fear of Failure and embrace success before it happens based on the commitment and work you are willing to dedicate to the new you that is possible if you break away from the herd mentality that is holding you back.

Break free, but know you will feel alone for a bit, even be homesick and backslide to the comfort of nothingness. You will not be happy though if you decide to break free and feel the success that such thoughts bring, for your perspective is what will determine your future. Believe it and make your life what you want it to be, not what others expect.

Best of luck to you.Darby Lettik​

Major Changes in the Salvage, Texas growth through Time & Spaces!

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The waterways of Salvage, Texas did not exist five years ago. Like a dream manifesting, this model of imagination is yours to visit and take your dreams away from, filled with the hope of success and great health ahead. Thank you for sharing.

Yes, given the history of attempting to grow a community of full-time people living in a Pure Salvage Living Ethos is not going to come about on the level I had hoped once upon a naive night. If you build “IT” they will come! What is “IT”? Then “Who” will come? Remember the movie? Great line but no more than that for the most part if one were to use the plans for Salvage, Texas as an example. I did not understand many things about the phrase, people, and the possibility of completing it before people would even begin to see the potential of such a model for others to come to learn from… but that is the dream, not reality.

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Instead though, thousands say and support the concept of downsizing in a responsible sustainable building format. Unfortunately most tiny houses, especially now that they are fadish RV’s, that will simply create more toxic boxes, but with the public accepting a smaller version of trash built housing, thus the populace can be put into large apartments, condos, and other toxic boxes that will provide them with basics, but no style or flavor, like living in a factory so you can be close to work and putting all the things you want in a mall next door so you don’t have to use a car. Of course there will be a great deal of restrictions on the colors, noise levels, and all other things creative that you will not be able to apply to your home as it would offend others if you picked hot pink for your door or other such violations to the community standards rules which seem to be needed for such habitats.

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I prefer the simple life of having a tiny master suite and sharing the shower, kitchen, and most other parts of the home village that I might need from time to time but not want to own or maintain on an individual basis. In theory, many people tilling the gardens allows for many to flourish and be fed, perhaps by just a couple who love to cook while another takes care of the cars, tool, and other maintenance. It is possible as we age to grow kinder, friendlier, and smarter as well as have more fun if we take care of our bodies while we are younger. If we do, and can flourish after 60, why not create environs where we can share our talents, wisdom, and perhaps if some kids under 50 want to learn, we could share the valuable life skills and knowledge with some of the coming generations who sincerely wish to break away from the societal and social decay that appears to be crippling the minds and future of our children as the experiment with digital mindset shows its toxic effects on our children of the present generations.

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lift your mind out of the box that most people live in to understand what can be possible instead. Creative houses built from the best treasures of our past, created by ancestors who loved the Art and Craftsmanship more than the profit… the life-time quality of construction more than the built-in-obsolescence of modern manufacturing.

We can alter the course of things that are becoming apparent consequences that have been said to be 1,000 times worse than asbestos or tobacco to the health of humans, bees, and many other things affected by high frequency. From the brain tumours, inflammation of the brains of kids under 7, the loss of short term memory showing up in kids who depend on computers and smartphones for their database of facts, calculating, and spellchecking all words. Thus the brain without exercise is becoming weak when it should be getting trained for a life of abstract thinking, visualization, calculations, and manifesting thus with a well-tooled imagination that can use ingenuity to figure things out instead of the phone. How do we transform this poorly planned transition into the high tech age if we dumb down the populace in the process while the AI computing is growing in capacity and ability? Soon it will not be as hard for a computer to “Outthink and out-create the human being if they continue down the hill of intellectual decline.

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I believe that much of this loss of brainpower is due to the addiction to cloud storage off-human in a computer hard drive, smartphone, or other devices instead of doing the work inside their heads to store and retrieve, calculate and formulate conclusions based on deduction, induction, or simply the synthesis of solutions with the variety of options available but not sequenced or assembled so that the public can understand what their potential is, let alone figure out how to tap into that, maximize the impact in a positive way on our world, and thus move humanity toward cooperation and peaceful solutions to upcoming issues that normally foretell of world war.

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The keys to our success are the children we teach today, give the keys to, and open the doors to what is possible instead of convincing the kids there is no hope for success as defined in a way that benefits consumerism, division in society, poverty/riches chasms that bring about violent rebellions and wars over the basic necessities when hoarded by the rich instead of used to better life for all species.

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Once upon a time we built houses that were sent from Texas to the Badlands of North Dakota and all around Texas. Now we are focused on carrying on the work of the founder, BWK, and completing the model of a town that could have been created out of Salvage, called Salvage, Texas. The BnB to see what it is like to sleep, live, and possibly alter the course of your life, your dreams of what is possible, and even your occupation. Become one of the many who reach their success financially through the Salvage industry, producing more millionaires from scratch than any other industry in America. Join the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance!

I pray as we look for solutions that our country remembers how it takes the freedom to create, to solve the local problems with locals and not think the global governments or corporations are going to be looking out for the best interests of the masses, given the profit motive for stockholders is written into law, protecting them from the masses rather than uniting them with the people as if they are one, not opposed instead due to the rich running the corps and government and the poor being the ones to pay for and suffer bad administration of the assets of the people, the decisions to go to war, and the continuation of the Federal Reserve which is able to move the economy up or down with a single meeting and decisions made by the banks, the rich, and the masses be damned.

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If we take the treasured materials used by our ancestors and use it to build a nation of downsized organic hOMes that people could move into as the economy faces the food shortages on the horizon even if we do not go to war as the leaders of so many countries seem to be threatening. The weather will determine if the farmers get to produce food and the flooding has stopped that for millions upon millions of acres, not even over for the season as we enter the hurricane season now. Where is the preparation and warning, the measures being taken to get the kids ready to thrive, survive, or at least help the elders stay alive so as to capture the wisdom, knowledge, and life skills that will slip away as the elders pass. We can do better.

Let us unite behind the idea of empowering the masses to take the treasure and convert it to houses as we salvage the flooded homes, businesses, barns, and use it to build with rather than toss it away as if there is an unlimited supply of new materials to build with and the bigger is better policy of homebuilding in America must be put to death. Please start considering the cost of a new house of massive square footage to be a sore on the Earth rather than a toxic Dream House that will be worth your debt enslavement for 30 years of your life… or more. Now that the real estate bubble is bursting and the elders can not liquidate their prized savings account, their house, due to the issues or the damage from the weather.

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The bell tolls for thee… sooner or later we all have to face the loss of income to savings from inflation, the taking by the banks, or simply the many scams and theft now possible in the cyber world where your identity can be stolen and your credit lost, your life ruined by an anonymous person on the far side of the world. How do you protect yourself and are you constantly afraid of losing all things tangible and digital, like your phone, bank accounts, credit cards, home, car, and other financed luxuries you are enjoying without concern for now?

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Imagine that EMP the government warns of or the internet going down for a month. Could you survive emotionally and for some, physically due to prescription needs thus unfilled, and the social platform shock of loss when millions lose their friends, lovers, and family who were only linked by a phone with all the contact information stored digitally, thus no way to retrieve it unless there is a hard copy. I remember when there was no digital and all hard copies for all things, some I still have in boxes from 4 decades back unlike the many crashed hard drives, virus infected or simply age, once gone, all the pictures, data, and thus life stored on a disk is gone too. Ouch.1

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So the theme of this essay is simply one of waking up to the need to downsize before the rest of the Baby Boomers jump off the Dream Home Boat too. With the average person at 55 years old only having $25,000 of savings in the bank, needing Social Security for any hope of surviving at today’s food and energy costs, the future for the Baby Boomers who lived high on the luxury and debt train for this generation, the future looks bleak. If they do not own a house, rents keep going up. If they do not have a garden, food costs are skyrocketing. If they are sickly and do not have insurance or a doctor in the family, they are in trouble for care after 60 unless the public coffers are opened to take care of the many who are out of shape and in need of constant care, drugs, or other addictive measures just to stay alive, not depressed, or out of pain. Sad times for the populace that is supposed to be the leading society in the world, in their own minds at least. Why are 50% of the people on anti-depressants, alcoholic thriving, drug addiction unhampered in its growth as new forms of chemicals that destroy the human minds are handed out as if to tempt them to destroy their own bodies, lives, and perhaps even souls during this lifetime.1

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What happens when you get to the top of the stairs, the corporate ladder per se, and then find out the house, the rooms, the whole illusion of a big house that will last forever crumbles like the fireplace that fuel fed, gave heat to those within. NOW that is gone! Where are you? Still see the house and dreams in your mind?
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What happens when the stairwell collapses at last?

We can give kids the gifts of a great mind, body, and perspectives that they are able to do so much, fix what is broken in our society, and perhaps create a new millennium of peace and prosperity if we can get the greedy leaders out of the way and find some that will focus on the preservation of the world, quality of life for the masses as opposed to opulence for few who seem to deem themselves equal to kings and gods without regard for the suffering of the animals, people, or planet.

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Indeed the imbalance will inevitably be altered but not necessarily balanced as the two sides come to clash when the resources decline, people starve, get desperate, and drop all formalities of morals, respect, truth, or honor to survive, feed their children, family, and take from any who have what they need to make that possible. If it were not a repeated cycle in history as such weather changes happen and droughts, suffering, and migrations of people fleeing chaos alter the societies in all countries… for none are spared in such global events. Please consider downsizing and altering our course by changing how you live now, preparing for a time when abundance is not the norm, thus you will thrive when others do not want to be alive.

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Salvage your life, your house, your town, your world instead of destroying what is left of the planet to repeat by committing the same mistakes we just spent a century learning the consequences of, and unable to fix most of the problems we as humans have caused that all living being suffer from, pollution, poisons, and people included. I hope you will join me in sharing the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance with others who want to abandon our modern consumerism society and return to a more life-skilled organic and simpler life that is free from the high-frequency chaos from too much electromagnetic stimulation. If people learn that the alternative is possible, how well we can thrive by taking this path, then change will happen naturally as more humans choose a path that will help salvage our world and create a paradise for the kids who will steward our planet next.

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Savor your day, your treasures, and your knowledge so that you may be the gift we need to make the planet a better place to live.

Darby Lettick

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“Downsizing is the Real Gamechanger in America”… want to or not!

I Wrote A Treatise: Salvage Building In 2012: Now Truer Than When I First Shared… “Downsizing Is A Real Gamechanger In America”.

I wrote a treatise: Salvage Building in 2012: Now Truer than when I first shared… “Downsizing is a Real Gamechanger in America”.

The new Mascot for Salvage, Texas … The Ship of Salvaged Dreams atop Miracle Mountain.

When it comes to the idea of targeting minimal energy consumption from beginning to end, it is critical that the resources used to build the houses be of foremost importance. With that in mind, I contend that Salvage Mining and Salvage Building are the best paths to take toward the future of an energy-conscious evolution for housing in America in particular.

The “Inner City Sanctum” ended up in a backyard in Dallas, Texas city limits no less.

First there is the simple consideration of transforming the way we live in this country to bring us back in line with the rest of the world when it comes to the amount of space we use for housing. The most sobering of facts is that 76,000,000 people are reaching retirement age and 50,000,000 are finding it to be a rude awakening. The economic reality facing them is bleak as they realize that they will no longer be able to afford, nor desire to afford, to live in large energy-hungry houses. This Baby Boomer generation is realizing that having “things” is no longer as important as they once were. Downsizing is becoming the new mantra as they face the next few decades of their life and what it will cost to survive.

The Pure Salvage Living Movement is based on the pioneering work done by Tiny Texas Houses in the field of Tiny Portable and Healthy housing built from 99% Pure Salvage. The movement is founded on the idea that we can build energy efficient houses from the best of materials ever produced in America over the last couple centuries when quality resources were easily tapped and manpower was cheap. It results in a Sub Zero Carbon Footprint when the Tiny House is finished.

The 500-year-old trees that were once abundant became houses and buildings across the country and after one use is being thrown into landfills that are now composed of 51% building materials. Why waste all of that energy and landfill space when those irreplaceable resources can be reused in their present form as lumber, windows, doors, flooring, siding, and trim for the next generation of housing? Likewise, the best of all cast iron, brass, and bronze hardware for doors and windows are still functional after a hundred years of use and will continue to work well for the next century while also being repairable instead of disposable.

The carbon savings from a single cast iron sink or tub more than pays for the construction and new life energy requirements for this house for years. This means a gigantic saving in energy and resources from the standpoint of mining, manufacturing, distribution to the market place and the end users. It adds value based on the threefold longevity of the materials and compared with new hardware with built-in obsolescence as a marketing strategy. We will never grow the 300+-year-old trees to cut down again, nor have the access to the skilled artisans and materials that  our ancestors had to work with when the built this country the first time.

With modern insulation like Icynene, it is possible to move away from fractured logic technologies like double paned glass that fogs up after 12 years, which is the time it takes for the payback on the more expensive product. Using old glass also means that we do not crank up furnaces to create new glass every 12 years, fuel to carry it out to the houses and replace the glass, and the oil-based vinyl used to hold the glass in place until it fails again 12 years later. Storm windows for colder climates and window films to block harmful sunlight allow people in Tiny Houses to have utility bills in the summer of less than $50 per month with the AC blaring in the South, thus dramatically reducing the need for disposable windows.

Furthermore, going back to designs where natural ventilation of the heat out of the house, natural cooling through air flow and placement of the houses to minimize heat gain all come together to reduce the energy needs of each person over their remaining life. This makes it viable for people to be able to afford to stay in their tiny house until the end of their lives because they can pay the utilities, taxes, maintenance, and share a smaller footprint on the ground thus freeing up land to grow their garden on. The concept of Tiny Texas Villages means people can live in groups with other like-minded people on land that would normally be consumed by a single larger Mac Mansion.

Yes Mam, we can get that out of your way in no time. Thank you very much.
It looks like a hump back barn to me.
Little or big, if it is given to you for free to take away using only human energy, say thank you over and again.
You would be amazed how hard it was to get that house to fall down. It was determined to stay standing for another hundred years.

Pure Salvage Villages envision 10-15 Tiny Houses of up to 300 square feet on the main floor, plus lofts and porches. This could fit on an acre of land with 10,000 square feet of gardens for food, green space for trees and decorative plants. It would include a common meeting and eating-house in the middle for a large kitchen, some group meals, and entertainment. Wind generators and solar panels could power the whole village, which would have a minimal power consumption footprint because of good uses of shade, insulation, and planning. Water consumption could be minimized through grey water separation and filtration for reuse in greenery as well as operating toilets, and non-potable functions. Shared talents in each village would provide opportunities for ageing people or young people to grow food, do upkeep and maintenance, drive to the stores in groups to shop, cook together to minimize food waste, and to enjoy companionship with a like mind group that shares the village grounds.

Tiny Texas houses are built from the best materials and designed to last for centuries rather than decades as has become the norm. They use quality wood unlike most new housing built from trees grown in 19 years that are mostly soft cellulose and destined to decay quickly or be great candy for termites and bugs to eat. Using salvaged wood that has already cured and paints that do not outgas means providing a toxic-free environment without plasticizers, VOC’s, sheetrock, or glues that outgas to add to the toxin load that the Baby Boomer generation has already absorbed and can interfere with good health and our immune systems. For young families, it means a clean environment for children to grow up in and stay healthy.

By using LED lighting, low energy consuming appliances like induction cooktops and minimizing the size of the houses, it will be possible for people to live longer healthier lives. Lowering stress levels by reducing the financial burdens that come with maintaining more house than they need and having a community to share the challenges of ageing together with will also be healthier and delay or eliminate the need for moving into assisted care or worse, old folks homes. For the young, it means never becoming a slave to the burdens of owning big homes and expensive depreciating non-performing toys.

These are the principles that are going to be important to the Baby Boomers and the planet as a whole if we are to preserve the future for the next generation. If we lead by example, then perhaps the younger generations and the rest of the world that seeks to follow our lead will also see the logic, and the change in behavior, and likewise settle with being happy in their tinier houses, targeting a 0 carbon footprint instead of demanding giant houses that exemplify the excesses Americans have mastered more than any other nation in the world.

This is not a figment of the imagination because the proof that it can be done is before anyone who chooses to look and see we can build this way.

(For proof, www.tinytexashouses.com or Facebook . There are enough Salvageable Building materials sitting on the ground in this country right now to build the next generation of housing without ever needing to cut down another tree to build a house with, mine new ore for making hardware for doors and windows, glass, or mining copper for more wiring. All it will take is human energy, which given the high unemployment rates we are experiencing, means that jobs can be created at all levels, from Salvage Mining to Salvage Building, that cannot be exported but rather used to teach skills to our youth and provide a future for the masses.

This Pure Salvage Living solution unleashes a trillion dollars, possibly much more once the true value is recognized. 

The impact to our local economies will be multi-tiered as employment is created from salvaging the old and the new houses that will be built will last for a century to insure the fabric of the community, the people that live and work locally, will always have energy efficient affordable, off-grid potential houses that they will be able to live in for the rest of their lives.  

It is a treasure trove of invisible wealth in-the-form-of a commodity viewed as trash. This vast reserve of sequestered carbon is preformed, cut, baked, smelted, mined, and transported to the local area already. These troves of building materials can be tapped to create work and housing without using carbon or energy that is being wasted for construction now. We can make the new technologies blend with the best materials and products we ever created during the industrial revolution in the last century when we were known for making great products and re-task, reutilize, and revitalize our country at the same time. Best of all, we can build healthy houses for our families without imports that send the future they should have abroad. Individual choices change what happens every day.

If it works like I expect, we can reignite a pride in craftsmanship, simplicity, conservation, ingenuity, and preservation that once made us a country that was proud of what it created. I am afraid for what will happen if we waste what is left when there is nothing left to replace it and don’t pass on the knowledge or the tools to the generation that will inherit what we are leaving behind.

I hope this inspires people to think about the possibilities of changing their worlds in a new way they had not thought of before. Please ask questions, get involved, and stop the waste before it is too late. Let us start building our future out of it now, while we are still able, individually, physically, and joining together.


Better still, in the growing of this new paradigm, we may enable people to survive on the little savings that most of Americans now have to live out the rest of their lives with as they face retirement. Bartering, local shared resources programs, education about life skills and the incentivized opportunities that are a natural means of maximizing productivity and yield at any Salvage Mining site. I believe this has the potential to provide hope for the younger generation that will have to pay for the excess and taxes from wars and bailouts that have brought this country to its knees economically.

This is not just about saving electricity or fuels. it is about saving resources, tapping and maximizing the potential of human energy and imagination, and reigniting an American pride that is going to be lost if we do not pass along the knowledge of the baby boomers to the young as to how to build with our hands, create housing that will last for our grandchildren, and save what we have before it is all gone to rot in the landfills, never to be seen again.

My vision includes the bonuses of not just American profits, as in giant American companies, it means on a local level across the country where all the resources lay in open sight available for all to use. It is the treasure trove of resources our ancestors left to their children, not to be squandered, but saved and used to house the generations that would follow.

Pure Salvage Living is a natural non-violent way of revolutionizing the way we live in America that promotes individual choice as a solution. This is not a radical right wing or left wing idea. This movement is a local community solution that works to save the country from the bottom up by helping to rekindle and reknit small communities by joining to save not only the houses, barns, and trees, but the knowledge from the elders who built, lived in, and loved the many houses and buildings we are taking apart to reuse. We are promoting the simplest of solutions at the most local level to teach the kids the life skills they would need to survive if the 100-year reign of electricity should suddenly end modern society as we know it today.

Tiny Houses are not new in the rest of the world. The energy efficiency and use of small spaces have been mastered elsewhere but not in America for the most part. It needs to change right now. Tiny Houses can be built from salvaged materials and designed to last and to be energy efficient by combining the best of the past and present to create a home that everyone can enjoy. It means saving more energy and resources than most people presently imagine exist. When we wake up and see what we can do to teach the young kids how to build this sort of solution out of the strong bones of the industrial age of abundance. They have a future of Salvage Mining and stashing it away in community warehouses, Salvage Outposts I call them, to open the pipeline and meeting place with Salvage Builders, Salvage Hunters, and Salvage Miners. We should take the many abandoned global corporations buildings where the jobs have been moved overseas. Then we should use them to warehouse the resources we could tap to help keep us from needing any of the stuff those corporations will build in those factories the build overseas. No more IMPORTS than absolutely needed.

It is hard to believe that it could take so little carbon and money from the world to make it all happen. Working together to share knowledge, tools, trucks, trailers, and all the resources sitting around underused, going to waste when they could be facilitating the transformation of our country. How many giant empty abandoned global corporate buildings lie vacant that could be used for storing the treasure left to salvage and save for the next three generations to build. Taking what is wasted and using it rather than tearing it down unnecessarily or wasting what we could retrieve.

This manifestation of a solution that benefits so many will need donors and mentors who are not doing it for the 501c3 tax deduction but because they want to help make change happen, not just talk about it. Passing along the assets and knowledge it will take to the new generation that needs them is wonderful. But with the incredible hand tools and possibilities we give, more essential is the knowledge of how to use them. This is part of what the mentors will do in the big picture. They, with the donors, will help us pass along to the next generation the tools and knowledge, as well as the materials it will take to rebuild this country from the bottom up.

We have so much to pass ton the next generation before it is lost, especially about how to farm the land organically again, living together to use that on a local level and share when in abundance. Our generation that has seen the old homesteads deteriorate into obsolescence. Please don’t let them be wasted when they meant so much to so many for so long. They made this country possible by housing our forefathers from the weather so they could settle here.

We have the same forests around us now, except they are already cut up and ready to use. Bricks are formed, beams, windows, doors, and so much more, passed to us with the best of dreams and hopes that we would use them and appreciate the hard work and human energy it took to make them.

Thank you for sharing, considering, and possibly joining the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance.

Nearly everything is here. Please join me in trying to save as much of it as possible and transform it into one of the many solutions needed by the people on the planet, the people of this country, an those immediately around us, locally first. It is something we can act on in the morning and start changing it in a positive way rather than dread the worst and not take action. Please join me in thinking and being part of the dialogue about a possible solution in a world of many different problems. Each idea here in covers many needs and is more credible because it does not use methods, resources, or regulatory linked subsidies like those proposed by government and big corporations that just make us more dependent on them and coming back for more. It does the opposite, it empowers people, incentivizes their work, and frees them to make the decisions about the future of their homes and community rather than waiting for someone else to come save the day.

Awake to the world of Pure Salvage Living my friends and fellow Earthlings. There is an incredible future at your front door. This is but one step of many ahead if we are going to prepare for the next stage of evolution in our species, the evolution of our psyche, our universal consciousness and the retooling of how our society lives. This is a natural friendly path to that end. Thank you for thinking about it.

Darby Lettick

Ghostwriter for BWK and Salvage, Texas.

[email protected]

Imagine a Collector Playing Card series to teach you how to be a Salvage Builder or Salvage Miner, & thus create your Riches and hOMes.

Imagine: The Salvage, Tx. Collector Card Series For Tiny Texas Houses W/ How To Board Game Coming Soon.  Help?

Imagine: The Salvage, Tx. Collector Card Series for Tiny Texas Houses w/ How To Board Game Coming Soon. Help?

I think I see it on the horizon… at last… Wii can come together to finish manifesting a dream!

There a possibility that Wii, (the “I” known as Darby and all of you “I”s too) can join together to create somewhat of a Sustainable Organic Cottage building game that teaches Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, thus a style of living toxin-free and organically in one’s unique home.

Better yet, a miniature coffee table book/card deck that I hope that will bring into the average person a new picture of how to build, to find a place to put the home, and the issues, code, deed restrictions, and other problems much like a game of Monopoly teaches real estate investing, this teaches about becoming millionaires in the Salvage Industry. I hope to bring into popularity through the gaming, the imagination, the ability to exchange tokens for real products in the warehouses at Salvage, Texas so that when you play poker for chips, you in real stuff.

It will open the doors to imagination and careers in so much as the game of salvaging and building the houses using the cards, creating the dream tiny houses, being in the business, and using parts and pieces from the many well known tiny houses I have created to guide people, as well as to begin and venture from planning, visualizing, and building the tiny dream cottages many now yearn for. This could be done by so many of the kids and adults looking for housing, and without much government assistance, just places to store materials, assemble and set up houses. Human energy, ingenuity, imagination, and perhaps a few elders to help teach the basics of carpentry, electric, and plumbing enough to create tiny houses for all you love… as well as a career.

Join us in this adventure of creating a game that will teach all, inspire the kids to imagine their tiny organic cottage and know how to build it one day. We can teach with the tools of knowledge that hold the attentions of young and old alike. To create games, flash cards, and the urge to merge trash and treasure coming from the efforts of the ancestors and us working together. Mother Earth will cheer us on as we unleash the power of the imagination instead of stripping the last of the resources still virgin on our world.

Never let the lack of support from others keep you from chasing your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem to others, they may still be achievable for you.

I have a globally recognized style of Pure Salvage Building from the Tiny Texas House series that is sustainable, beautiful, and organic as well as unique so that following globally has inspired me to create a series of card sets as playing cards in the business card size. This collectible series of decks will range from My Tiny Texas Houses Series using exterior and interior pictures as coffee table books, but come apart, fit in your purse, and we can also use as playing cards but going much further as I can use the windows, doors, floors, beamed ceilings, kitchens, baths, and other angles to create the decks used for the game board.

From the Rubble comes the Riches if you know what to look for… but then again, who would not call this find a treasure?

The first series of decks will be based on the best 30 houses which range from 67 square feet to 360 square foot first floors with many rare and unique windows as in the Arched Zebu and her sister Vicky Zebu which can be found online still I think in picture form.

The “Love House” 12′ x 21′

The goal is to create a collectible series but also have them be playing cards, a deck with every book and if possible, the magnetic binder to hold them all together, allow them to be used, handed out, looked at, and reassembled knowing you have a full deck each time… and making the cards lost, quite collectible.

The backs of the cards will have pictures and my information for promoting Pure Salvage Living what I wish, but also the series will be good as flash cards to learn the types of woods, cuts, milling from shiplap, sidings, floorings, doors, windows, antique hardware, stained glass windows identification, sinks, tubs, and much more so as to teach the language of salvage to millions with a game. Keep in mind, more millionaires are made out of the salvage business than any other on the planet.

Next, having been a magician as a child, card tricks are my favorite form of easy entertainment so each deck will have some cool secret features using the shaved deck features, sticky card tricks, and other ways to give each deck a few extra selling points at no virtual extra cost.

Given this series, I am also looking to pull a publisher to help market it possibly rather than do all of it in-house, even with the modern internet tools, mainly due to the clout of someone like your company joining me in creating a globally collectible, fully language compatible and with my global following, newsletter, and other aspects of my career on TV, online, and successful serial entrepreneurship.

The decades of my many occupations included sales of many things, the most novel by far, the Pet Crabs (1979) in my younger days… I spread them from Florida to Texas, Boston, Chicago, and even up in North Dakota. I spread the Crabs until they became the best selling the highest volume novelty product sales the year after the Pet Rock. I do understand the novelty gifts sales cycle and realize real success will require deep pockets to supply the millions of cards this will lead to with huge capital required.

February 2007, the first two which can still be stayed in for a night at Salvage, Texas as our guesthouses… and museum pieces of Art you can sleep in… Salvaged Art Houses come to life.

I can launch and do much alone, but my goal is the impact the cards and concepts can have on children being born today to create with salvage, with trash rather than rape the world of its last resources, ship them around the world and throw away the great treasure we still have which I have built houses from that nearly all people see as sensible. 
Now to inspire the younger generations to help the older folks downsize in creating sustainable and healthy non-toxic houses that will form tiny villages for elders and kids one day.

Questions for the publishers are yet to be answered and the question comes first to me: Could we do this in-house, with the support of our following, an in-house Kickstarter? What do you all think? Would you buy a coffee table book that would come apart, be a deck of cards, or board game, collectible, and some decks could show you how to build your dream house, from framing to finish out, plans and all… in a deck of tiny business card sized cards. E-book and downloads for those far away too possibly to save on postage, print out locally. Thoughts anyone?

IF you know anyone and want to invest in such a crazy new idea, based on a known demand, a product line with a global following, Are you up to publishing the first of the series at my cost, then possibly helping ramp up and joining me if you see what I see on the horizon to compensate for food costs going us, house sizes will go down and new ways to live will come, playing more cards being one of them if I do this right.

Oh yes, did I mention the tokens or chips that will be convertible to real buying power for salvaged materials in my warehouses? Imagine a Playing chip that could be converted to real things to build a dream just like the cards shows could be possible?

I Hope someone sees this message who realizes who this is, what Tiny Texas Houses are, the following, and the potential if you do consider lines of cards that you back now and then. I own a treasure trove of pictures and rights to use them and more, go back now that the owners have personalized them, as well as build more and document them as we do, for a new deck each time we build a new house for the BnB where people can come stay in the house, the deck of cards that is their dream tiny hOMe for the future. Thanks for taking the time to move this through the channels fast as I plan to pick a partner by the 22nd of this magnificent May. Are you too slow?

If I just order through a company, I am not sure you can compete with the new little guys that do not have the overhead of history, people on retirement, big salaries, buildings, etc so I will fully understand if you can not compete in price on the 10,000 card order but the long run is why I am contacting you rather than writing off the stalwarts.

While I have loved Bicycle playing cards from my childhood magician days, young adulthood, and even when I lived in Las Vegas… so the partnership at this time as a writer, yes there are books besides the cards, the idea of writing these tiny books like Lloyd Kahn did with my “Red Mascot Under the Rainbow” house shot on the front of his book on “Tiny Houses, Simple Shelter”. He created a tiny 1 1/4″ x 2″ book for the book launch in NY city and the novelty book was so cool, especially with my house on the cover and me on the first page, but too small for this project. The kids loved them so much he printed more just to hand out to them. Mine will be Business card size and playing card thickness as my goal.

If you would like to support me, to perhaps become a part of this in the many aspects if it goes big such that it could then make investment income for you as well as fuel the dissemination of so much information that many would benefit long after I am gone as it will solely fund Salvage, Texas being manifested for all to visit and grow from in the decades ahead. Pulling from the past to create solutions for the future based on what BWK spent his last decade researching and promoting before shutting the operations down to take a sabbatical from the business world. Will he come back. Don’t know, but till then, help me create a cool game, collectible educational and fun card game set, and perhaps inspire others to create their own sustainable organic cottages one day too.

Darby Lettik

Trinity, Sweet Trinity, to help you find your way.

So join us and let us know if you can or want to help finish what BWK started years ago and left for us to finish into what he knew Wii could.

Darby Lettick


[email protected]