What if when your life was over you could be thankful?

What if at the end you get to say…?

The chance to live is free, 
the loss is passing it up 
because you were not ready,
Or simply could not decide, 
and missed the synchronicity
of life that offers you all you need, 
if you will just heed
the omens when they come.

Pay attention, and be willing to change.
Grow to be all you can be, 
Free, and capable of doing miracles
if you will do the work it takes
to get what you can… 
if you do believe until the end.

I have eaten out of dumpsters to survive at 25.
I have feasted at the 5-star restaurants
and known the finest foods.
I have struggled with great pain
and been so crippled, bound to bed.

I have climbed back with a body
that I never dreamt I’d have.
I have seen the miracles 
I need to believe in more than most.
I have lived a life with lessons
that few wish they had lived instead.

I have walked away from millions
and careers most seek to have.
I have been a father, lost a son, 
and thus been forced to start again.

I have mastered all the work I sought, 
left it all to see it rot.
I have lived
and thus I thought,
In every moment I have caught
new lessons to be learned, 
but best of all as time goes by, 
the wisdom which I yearned
comes my way
and soothes my days,
with visions truly earned.

Darby Lettick

When do we get the keys to knowledge, to understanding, to figuring out how to be thankful everyday for the bliss of life itself?
As a child of two, before the broken back, the many trials and tribulations life would bring to give foundations for wisdom if it comes… the key to Life is all we really needed… and the best of the rest is Free.