If you had all the parts & pieces… could you build your dream? What would it look like?

If you had all the parts and Pieces to create a fantasy town, the windows the doors to opportunity in a warehouse where you could go? What if the land was there to play, to create the solutions you dream of one day? What day are you looking for that will Awaken the acts that make such a future come true? What are you thinking as time passes by, and the future you think of is not gonna fly as the landscape is changing, your life thus renewed, a chance to become what you will be if True.

Tell me the problem you think is to big and I offer solutions that you to can live. Nothing but action will thus make it so, but if you believe you can do more than grow… bloom and become the Light, then let go. Fly like a lightning bug shining at night. While looking like nothing by day you’re so bright if you just learn to shine with the Light in your sight.

Awake to the sunlight with new dreams to fill. Build your small castle to learn how and then, build them for others and create a new life from the dreams you did not know could come from your Light. Believe in your purpose to share and to grow, not the past that you learned from to be strong here Now! Be thankful for challenges that we have seen, but do not take it with you where you can now see… a future of wonder that will let you Thrive. Believe in the future that you can create and don’t blame the world until you Awake and know that your power is that you decide what each day is part of your life and your Pride.

Remove the old garbage so you can then leap cross the chasm between you last past and what’s You! Leap over all that you once held so dear and you will reach a new level that lets you see clear. Above and beyond, I so hope you will see, enlightenment simply means seeing what’s True. Viewing the world so you can then see the doors that will open with Your Opportunity.

The chance is free, the loss is passing it up because you were not ready, could not decide, and missed the synchronicity of life that offers you all you need, if you will just heed the omens, pay attention, and be willing to change. Grow to be all you can be, Free, and capable of doing miracles if you will do the work it takes to get what you can… if you do the work.

I have eaten out of dumpsters to survive at 25.

I have feasted at the 5 star restaurants and known the finest foods.

I have struggled with great pain and been so crippled, bound to bed.

I have climbed back with a body that I never dreamt I’d have.

I have seen the miracles I need to believe in more than most.

I have lived a life with lessons that few wish they had lived instead.

I have walked away from millions and careers most seek to have.

I have been a father, lost a son, and thus been forced to start again.

I have mastered all the work I sought, left it all to see it rot.

I have lived and thus I thought,

In every moment I have caught new lessons to be learned,

but best of all as time goes by,

the wisdom which I yearned

comes my way and soothes my days,

with visions truly earned.

Darby Lettick

2 Replies to “If you had all the parts & pieces… could you build your dream? What would it look like?”

  1. Hello,
    We have corresponded before…its been a couple of years.
    From everything I’ve seen and read you are a fearless thinker and doer.
    I continue to be inspired by who you are and what you do.

    You talk about the barriers between thinking and doing; acting on the dream.
    I took action by purchasing Less than an acre and a half in the driftless region of Wisconsin. The land is off a one lane road in a steep valley where the land rises on the east and the west.
    There is, per the DNR, a “navigable trout stream” which goes through a corner of the land. The stream is 3 to 6 feet wide and usually 3 to 6 inches deep. The stream is fed by two springs and though it is NOT navigable and never will be, there are very small trout there which, as they grow, find their way downhill to the larger, deeper streams. I have to build 75 feet from the stream though, oddly, I can have a pit privy 25 feet from the stream; something I would never do. I have too much respect for the stream to ever do that.

    Last Fall a torrential rain fell and poured down down the hills to the east and west joining in the stream and jumping the bank. (I wasn’t there but it would have been navigable then.)
    Whereas I had 24 foot wide swath of land to build on before, measuring from the new high water mark, I have only 12 feet now. That along with the steep grade of the land and township, county and state regulations have me at a standstill.
    In addition, I’ve been building a post and beam garage at home and have been having a difficult time. I hurt my back and have developed arthritis in my hands; I’m 68.
    I appreciate finding this email from you and am trying to find a way to build something on this little piece of heaven.
    Back when you were selling your tinytexashouses I dreamt of buy one but couldn’t afford it. You encouraged me to build one myself and I was very grateful for that!
    Thanks for all you do.

    1. Thank you for the update and let me know of your progress. Stilted pier and beam on the hillside should be viable. Can you get down to Texas to pick up a load of windows, doors, and parts to take back? I will sponsor your dream by contributing the parts if you will document your trials and tribulations so as to help others like us, over 60 but not ready to give up. Also, besides diet, get your body and hands grounding more, Earthing, and if possible, your hands into wet clay in the ground for 15 minutes to reduce the inflammation and then get DMSO at the feed store and apply it as you will feel the results nearly instantly. From there, get a trailer, truck, and come visit. 100,000 sf of materials in warehouses, no employees anymore, and helping you feels like a good thing to do, if you can pull your side of it together. Let me know via my email at [email protected] if you can do it, then let’s schedule your visit.

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