Space Magic Designs by Brad Kittel are focused on creating space in the mind.

The Reality of size is not based on its true size but how the eyes interpret the lines, colors, and shapes in a scene, real or painted, video or picture, each offering different perspectives. In real life, the mind can also be tricked into thinking spaces are bigger or smaller than they really are through the use of techniques that take advantage of what the brain expects normally before analyzing what is really before you to decipher the reality of the moment instead of the past memories you are building upon as you gaze on new scenes.

Paisley or light colored, the difference is interesting in the study of Space Magic Design. One can feel smaller or bigger, feel softer to look at or more balanced and thus fit in differently.

Just a view or two of how the Kidd and Blue Moon look after a cleaning in preparation for new guests escaping the reality of the city to hear the birds, frogs, and other critters of the country… yes others too. Don’t expect to not see bees, bugs, birds, spiders, ants, scorpions, turtles, fish, chickens, ducks, Loons, Cardinals, and so much more, hopefully no fear in case one gets in here… you will be fine.

Live a life of adventure… not fear.
Darby in Salvage, Texas