Imagine a Collector Playing Card series to teach you how to be a Salvage Builder or Salvage Miner, & thus create your Riches and hOMes.

Imagine: The Salvage, Tx. Collector Card Series For Tiny Texas Houses W/ How To Board Game Coming Soon.  Help?

Imagine: The Salvage, Tx. Collector Card Series for Tiny Texas Houses w/ How To Board Game Coming Soon. Help?

I think I see it on the horizon… at last… Wii can come together to finish manifesting a dream!

There a possibility that Wii, (the “I” known as Darby and all of you “I”s too) can join together to create somewhat of a Sustainable Organic Cottage building game that teaches Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, thus a style of living toxin-free and organically in one’s unique home.

Better yet, a miniature coffee table book/card deck that I hope that will bring into the average person a new picture of how to build, to find a place to put the home, and the issues, code, deed restrictions, and other problems much like a game of Monopoly teaches real estate investing, this teaches about becoming millionaires in the Salvage Industry. I hope to bring into popularity through the gaming, the imagination, the ability to exchange tokens for real products in the warehouses at Salvage, Texas so that when you play poker for chips, you in real stuff.

It will open the doors to imagination and careers in so much as the game of salvaging and building the houses using the cards, creating the dream tiny houses, being in the business, and using parts and pieces from the many well known tiny houses I have created to guide people, as well as to begin and venture from planning, visualizing, and building the tiny dream cottages many now yearn for. This could be done by so many of the kids and adults looking for housing, and without much government assistance, just places to store materials, assemble and set up houses. Human energy, ingenuity, imagination, and perhaps a few elders to help teach the basics of carpentry, electric, and plumbing enough to create tiny houses for all you love… as well as a career.

Join us in this adventure of creating a game that will teach all, inspire the kids to imagine their tiny organic cottage and know how to build it one day. We can teach with the tools of knowledge that hold the attentions of young and old alike. To create games, flash cards, and the urge to merge trash and treasure coming from the efforts of the ancestors and us working together. Mother Earth will cheer us on as we unleash the power of the imagination instead of stripping the last of the resources still virgin on our world.

Never let the lack of support from others keep you from chasing your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem to others, they may still be achievable for you.

I have a globally recognized style of Pure Salvage Building from the Tiny Texas House series that is sustainable, beautiful, and organic as well as unique so that following globally has inspired me to create a series of card sets as playing cards in the business card size. This collectible series of decks will range from My Tiny Texas Houses Series using exterior and interior pictures as coffee table books, but come apart, fit in your purse, and we can also use as playing cards but going much further as I can use the windows, doors, floors, beamed ceilings, kitchens, baths, and other angles to create the decks used for the game board.

From the Rubble comes the Riches if you know what to look for… but then again, who would not call this find a treasure?

The first series of decks will be based on the best 30 houses which range from 67 square feet to 360 square foot first floors with many rare and unique windows as in the Arched Zebu and her sister Vicky Zebu which can be found online still I think in picture form.

The “Love House” 12′ x 21′

The goal is to create a collectible series but also have them be playing cards, a deck with every book and if possible, the magnetic binder to hold them all together, allow them to be used, handed out, looked at, and reassembled knowing you have a full deck each time… and making the cards lost, quite collectible.

The backs of the cards will have pictures and my information for promoting Pure Salvage Living what I wish, but also the series will be good as flash cards to learn the types of woods, cuts, milling from shiplap, sidings, floorings, doors, windows, antique hardware, stained glass windows identification, sinks, tubs, and much more so as to teach the language of salvage to millions with a game. Keep in mind, more millionaires are made out of the salvage business than any other on the planet.

Next, having been a magician as a child, card tricks are my favorite form of easy entertainment so each deck will have some cool secret features using the shaved deck features, sticky card tricks, and other ways to give each deck a few extra selling points at no virtual extra cost.

Given this series, I am also looking to pull a publisher to help market it possibly rather than do all of it in-house, even with the modern internet tools, mainly due to the clout of someone like your company joining me in creating a globally collectible, fully language compatible and with my global following, newsletter, and other aspects of my career on TV, online, and successful serial entrepreneurship.

The decades of my many occupations included sales of many things, the most novel by far, the Pet Crabs (1979) in my younger days… I spread them from Florida to Texas, Boston, Chicago, and even up in North Dakota. I spread the Crabs until they became the best selling the highest volume novelty product sales the year after the Pet Rock. I do understand the novelty gifts sales cycle and realize real success will require deep pockets to supply the millions of cards this will lead to with huge capital required.

February 2007, the first two which can still be stayed in for a night at Salvage, Texas as our guesthouses… and museum pieces of Art you can sleep in… Salvaged Art Houses come to life.

I can launch and do much alone, but my goal is the impact the cards and concepts can have on children being born today to create with salvage, with trash rather than rape the world of its last resources, ship them around the world and throw away the great treasure we still have which I have built houses from that nearly all people see as sensible. 
Now to inspire the younger generations to help the older folks downsize in creating sustainable and healthy non-toxic houses that will form tiny villages for elders and kids one day.

Questions for the publishers are yet to be answered and the question comes first to me: Could we do this in-house, with the support of our following, an in-house Kickstarter? What do you all think? Would you buy a coffee table book that would come apart, be a deck of cards, or board game, collectible, and some decks could show you how to build your dream house, from framing to finish out, plans and all… in a deck of tiny business card sized cards. E-book and downloads for those far away too possibly to save on postage, print out locally. Thoughts anyone?

IF you know anyone and want to invest in such a crazy new idea, based on a known demand, a product line with a global following, Are you up to publishing the first of the series at my cost, then possibly helping ramp up and joining me if you see what I see on the horizon to compensate for food costs going us, house sizes will go down and new ways to live will come, playing more cards being one of them if I do this right.

Oh yes, did I mention the tokens or chips that will be convertible to real buying power for salvaged materials in my warehouses? Imagine a Playing chip that could be converted to real things to build a dream just like the cards shows could be possible?

I Hope someone sees this message who realizes who this is, what Tiny Texas Houses are, the following, and the potential if you do consider lines of cards that you back now and then. I own a treasure trove of pictures and rights to use them and more, go back now that the owners have personalized them, as well as build more and document them as we do, for a new deck each time we build a new house for the BnB where people can come stay in the house, the deck of cards that is their dream tiny hOMe for the future. Thanks for taking the time to move this through the channels fast as I plan to pick a partner by the 22nd of this magnificent May. Are you too slow?

If I just order through a company, I am not sure you can compete with the new little guys that do not have the overhead of history, people on retirement, big salaries, buildings, etc so I will fully understand if you can not compete in price on the 10,000 card order but the long run is why I am contacting you rather than writing off the stalwarts.

While I have loved Bicycle playing cards from my childhood magician days, young adulthood, and even when I lived in Las Vegas… so the partnership at this time as a writer, yes there are books besides the cards, the idea of writing these tiny books like Lloyd Kahn did with my “Red Mascot Under the Rainbow” house shot on the front of his book on “Tiny Houses, Simple Shelter”. He created a tiny 1 1/4″ x 2″ book for the book launch in NY city and the novelty book was so cool, especially with my house on the cover and me on the first page, but too small for this project. The kids loved them so much he printed more just to hand out to them. Mine will be Business card size and playing card thickness as my goal.

If you would like to support me, to perhaps become a part of this in the many aspects if it goes big such that it could then make investment income for you as well as fuel the dissemination of so much information that many would benefit long after I am gone as it will solely fund Salvage, Texas being manifested for all to visit and grow from in the decades ahead. Pulling from the past to create solutions for the future based on what BWK spent his last decade researching and promoting before shutting the operations down to take a sabbatical from the business world. Will he come back. Don’t know, but till then, help me create a cool game, collectible educational and fun card game set, and perhaps inspire others to create their own sustainable organic cottages one day too.

Darby Lettik

Trinity, Sweet Trinity, to help you find your way.

So join us and let us know if you can or want to help finish what BWK started years ago and left for us to finish into what he knew Wii could.

Darby Lettick


[email protected]

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