How do Wii Unite Beings who share a planet?

Wake up to a world full of hope, fun, and a great breakfast in bed. Savor the moments that form the memories of tomorrow in case the days are not as bright then as now, for today is what makes your life incredible as it paves the path to your future. Salvage, Texas is a place where people can come to dream, see the unlimited potential in themselves to heal, and grow a vision into a great life.

Ah, for the bright morning in our youth, the days bright and a future ahead full of excitement, promises, and hopefully fulfillment and happiness. To be young, to be positive, to hold onto your dreams, that is what Salvage, Texas exemplifies, the chance to dream and live to fulfill them to create memories you can cherish, as will others, long after this life is spent.

From the worst looking houses, barns, buildings, and lives, the most incredible things and futures can be constructed. By using the toughest parts that survived the hardships, weathered it out, and this can survive what comes if you construct your home, your life, with the best of parts, the Truths, not lies. Actions stem from thought nurtured in what world… as you perceive it to be… thus the need for perspicuity seldom found in our society.

Wisdom requires experience, yet so many young, barely out of home, think they know all things already. Stay open to learning and be autodidactic. Be positive in the way you see the morning and day evolve and you will find better memories when they are done.

In 11 evenings with no nails, a dream manifested upon a hill, a place to think, to see afar, to look and know just who you are… alone, high upon a hill made by your own hands, a pile of memories you will one day call your life. What does your Ship of Salvaged Dreams look like when you are done living the life here down below?

Thank you for sharing our world of dreams manifested, salvaged from the dreams of others, many fulfilled and lived out, then the creators, the actors in the play of life, moved on. Wii are here to salvage that past many of us want for in this transition from a past no one can return to as Wii move into a World Union of Beings or a prison planet with few choices made freely and everyone wearing masks, social distancing, and throwing millions of masks into the ocean day by day until suffocation follows.

Can you get under the gate when it is locked to the normal person unprepared, to fat to fit in tight places when the time comes to move? Why not prepare for tomorrow today?

It’s time to climb under the gate, get out of the traps of our society, and create a new future, a new America based on the original plan, not the modified plan that communism brings with it. I vote for another stab at democracy without the elite writing all the rules in their favor, sort of like the original constitution allowed for, and was modified accordingly to prevent the abuse of power. Let’s enforce that now and get rid of the corrupted version put upon America in the 19th century. It is not our Truth!

My sister had the hairdoo, my brother cowlicks, and me… geeksville glasses. The drugs were working for mom and life was special…


Don’t just be a shadow on the shoreline of life. Make ripples dive into the liquid crystal pool of experience, action, and memories to carry with you long after life is spent.


Understanding that each of us creates our own challenges to overcome in life, the Spirit’s obligations or purpose in life requires forced change sometimes. Wii are all One and the pain as well as the bliss is not distributed evenly but is available for most to choose from, based on their own decisions, perspective, and actions. Wii can empower people, even cure them of disease they have caused themselves, but enabling bad behavior will not stop it… so they have to learn some things by themselves, and then get out of the cold.

Bath in alkali water, breath from the belly, charge the battery at the root of the spine and fire up the Chakras, scalar wave engines that make miracles possible through a vessel Wii are instructed to honor in order to benefit all Wii meet on this journey through life. Grounding with bare feet or leather soles will allow you to move the energies through you and form the flow to create a reality Wii would like to manifest rather than be a victim to the one which others create with the intention of controlling us.