Will you make an impression on the world before you die? If you think so… why?

What are you doing with life beyond making financial ends meet? Does it matter?

I do think it matters what we do with each hour of our life. Sadly for most people, rather than do great things in service for others or create a business that employs millions, curing people, or leading armies, some have great responsibility and others may never know they could be great too. What about you? Have you ever asked yourself if you are willing to take the chances, skip parties, sports events, watch TV hours each day, and instead chase your dream of becoming one of the people others will want to watch and learn from one day? Once upon a time 3’ of red clay kept nearly all things from growing on this land unless it had thorns, poison, or was bitter to taste. Now it is paradise thanks to a big dose of imagination and dedication, action not found while watching TV.

Why not shoot to be the star at what your passion drives you to do, garden, ride bikes, hike, or create, it is not the competition, it is taking the action to become more alive, happy with the product of your life each day, and looking forward to the next day instead of dreading it each night. Running from facing your life instead of enjoying it means you need to change it, not ignore the opportunity to make more of your life, passing up the chance while alive to make your impression on the future that you can be proud of when you get into your 70s, perhaps much older if you make that your intention. It is never too late to start for this was done by Darby in two months for his 64th birthday present to himself. What did you give you last year?

Once I had a vision of a rock with a great view of the water all around, two other flat rocks of grand size below above the waterline, and I decided to believe I would find it. I had to make an impression on the Earth, sculpt it to create the dream God sent me here to manifest and the world thought me crazy. I found this first rock and became more enlightened, less weighted down by Earthly things oddly enough, and driven instead by forces I had scoffed at in my youth.

Faith took over and my work could not have become any more real to me. After more than 5 years of my life, calculating time in front of my TV before turning 50 years old, this only took two months. “What sort of example can anyone make of the difference in what your human energy and willpower can do than this?” said Darby as he went In-Sany for a few months. (to music no less)

Why do so many people waste their life in front of a TV or watch others live life more fully than do so themselves? Perhaps it is time to change the channel you are viewing by changing your perspective. Suppose your decision to walk the dogs more on trails you have not visited and meet new friends upon the way find out the world has changed into a place you might want to live in, Love again, and nurture dreams you had not thought possible decades ago. Technology has opened the gates to let people learn and do nearly anything they choose… build tiny houses, garden your way into a permaculture paradise that will feed all you loved ones, and many more by using sunshine, your wisdom with plants, and passion to make you love to bloom. Why not get out and let your passions awaken to new action, challenges from learning music to working out with Yoga, CrossFit training, or any other means of getting more active and walking miles a day if you have the time instead of watching TV.

Wake up to what you can do in a few months to change the way you look at the world or the world you look at. See what you have and imagine what you can do with it, not focus on what others say you can not do for no more reason than their opinion. Truly few know your potential or will give you support if you propose to do things they do not think they can do or want to try to do and if you leave, they will be alone… their great fear. So you are doomed to their worst forecast, not their best premonitions and support if it would mean losing your attention, love, or time besides them watching TV, drinking, drugging, or other such habits that keep people from their potential in life.

Get out and meditate or pray, do whatever it takes to reach your higher self, God, or Spiritual Self to find what you want to do to make you happy, whole, and give service of some sort to others which brings the greatest happiness and reward of all in life. Satisfaction with a self-absorption that produces nothing but an unhealthy body is never going to lead to great midlife and old age for it will bring with it unhealthy unhappiness for you and those who love you as you age poorly. Time to stop that clock and get back up, into living, creating a dream… starting with digging that first tiny hole… that first impression on the world. Your impression on others, whether your children, family, employer, or the public is one form of success in life that creates memories and if you produce more, so much Love that the world see you shine… that is the greatest impression you can make in the world if it is for Truth.

It takes many candles to Light up the entire world. You can be one by taking action, doing things, sharing, and being the example of how good all of us can be. Thus the world becomes a better place full of beautiful impressions that each of us can make. My best Earth Sculpting is meant to tell this Quantum Story in such a way that, unlike a book, a video, or a movie… Salvage, Texas will be my metaphoric art piece that lives on long after I am gone… like the books of centuries past.

This story will be one people can visit, immerse themselves in literally, swim in my dreams manifested instead of watching TV for a mere 2 months… and another canyon with ponds a different month, with Endless Creek and a Ship of Salvaged Dreams, caves to scary places and much more, each chapter, many scenes.

Then leave after the dreams one has in houses made from trash, a new perspective few expected that changes what you thought. If I am good at what I do, at what I write now just to you… then others will create their dreams, visions of great things they’ve seen that they might do but did not believe… that is the purpose of this weave. Pictures, words, but so much more, the videos just underscore… a world created, fantasy, a place that you can come and see.

So not just a story that Darby wrote more than 40 years ago, the proof of WUB and Wibblry will be an impression unlike before. Not just a book but a Quantum Story that will be carried around the world by the thousands who have come speaking so many languages, taking pictures in awe, and wondering at how one crippled little child could grow old in such yet not decay.

For those that read this down the road, not now when you might get to go and see the story manifest, the Tiny Texas Houses that passed the salvage tests. I hope you get to read, see, feel, and swim in this amazing story of how Salvage, Texas came to be perhaps someday long after me for I suspect this one impression will last as long as Earth grows trees. See why Darby grew younger as he aged but got to play, to ground, and craft the book he Loved with love for Wibblry though so few ever heard of it before the book was through.