The Monte Grand Victorian, never lived in by the sweet owners, patrons of the Art House Proofs of Concept, a limited series for your perusal, consideration, and more.

SpaceMagic Designs for self-cool sustainable houses that are naturally efficient to create exceptionally Coool results!

What is hidden in an old front door, floor, kitchen, or bath… created from imagination and Trash?

95% Pure Salvage Proof of Concept houses were the goal for Tiny Texas Houses. Once completed, the goal is to get more to build them now that the need is clear.

A home created with an incredibly artistic owner, never lived in by them, sold with all the decorations included. Life changes and with it so do dreams. Savor the beauty of this dream manifested as one more Proof of Concept that 95% Pure Salvage SpaceMagic Designs will last a lifetime, as memories for the minds of those who get to see them. Art Houses to prove what is possible. Please prove what you can do too!

The illusion of the height, the size of the image imprinting in the brain with so many lines to contend with that distort the view in ways most can not understand… called SpaceMagic Design by yours truly, the only 95% Pure Salvage Organic Cottage Builder in the world. I sold these beauties for far less than anyone would create one today, and most have more than doubled in value since they left Manifestation Bay in Salvage, Texas years ago. Import and toxin-free, 95% Pure Salvage-built proofs of concept for your pleasure and hope that you will copy, create, and master the art of SpaceMagic Designs and Pure Salvage Buiding in your future.

Some could be bought and moved I imagine, but the buyers and owners would have to meet and so many of the houses are far from being seen by the average person that they will never get the chance to see them, let alone sleep in, buy, or hope to ever own one. These are Art Houses big enough to live in for life… a good healthy long life.

Bet you can’t find this in another common THOW, not from this house I show here in… but bigger.

So many ways to detail with salvage materials and a creative mind. This was the most elaborate kitchen I ever created with nooks and hidey holes that would hold a few pistols, ammo, and other delicate things that one would not expect to find in all the right places. Yes, we are 2nd Amendment advocates and believe that no one should find your goodies in a tiny house but you.

So grew one of the stories that few could imagine, and somewhere this house sits now as a cottage for a wedding venue in Texas.

Some stories are strange, twisted, never-ending tales that can go on for a century or more, like this creation from Tiny Texas Houses as a Proof of Concept example of what can be created with 95% Pure Salvage and Spacemagic design that breaks away from all the architects are taught in school, what code requires for wood to build a new house with, and how to build it so that it gets you great tax write-offs that will last a lifetime or more.

What are you doing to plan for the future when things like this might be unaffordable to anyone for the price of good wood? Most do not realize that what you see is seldom found anymore instead of speed-grown trash or sadly imported Virgin rainforest cuts, this sort of house can only be created out of salvaged materials. Because it is, the wood is cured, hard, and nearly petrified for the crystalline sap in Long Leaf Pine ages harder with time. Bugs do not like Cypress or Long Leaf Pine, especially termites. So use the best while it can still be found and have a house that will stick around without poisons and toxins emitted to breathe in a house you will live in to finally be Free.

What are you doing to downsize and create your jewelry box house to live out the rest of your life in as young as you may choose to become again? Do you realize that once that time to be a kid again arrives, you must take action and retool “you”. Some call it retirement, I call it retooling to get younger again, savor the days, and create a future wii can all be proud of. You?

Youthing works inside the head and heart first, then the body if you apply the discipline and willpower, the imagination and faith, the belief system that shapes who wii (all of us “I”s together) become each new day. What are you dreaming of or planning for the best years ahead? Hopefully not just to be dead!

Enjoy the pictures and if you want the pieces, the design work, the long-distance consulting, guidance for your contractors, and even zoom meetings as a lead designer and contractor advisor consultant, I might be able to help. I also know where to get, mostly in my warehouses, some of the many beautiful parts it takes to create such masterpieces for your paradise too. Get in touch if you think you can work with Pure Salvage Living as a path to your healthy future too.

[email protected] for more information if you are serious and able to change your life now.

Brad W. Kittel