Creative Carpentry Teams needed to fulfill demand for toxin-free tiny houses & cottages.

Start your own Tiny Organic Cottage building business to thrive in the coming times. No imports, toxins, or exorbitant taxes to live freely, creating solutions for people, & be proud of results.

Yes, I am seeking to inspire thousands to take up the call to create tiny organic, sustainable houses for the masses who want them instead of the giant subdivision toxic “shitrock boxes” called houses. The demand is there; the need for tinier housing that can be assembled into intentional villages is growing as more choose to bail out of the city and get back to nature and gardens. A peaceful future away from the broken, Woke cities that seem to be in accelerating decay mode. Why not go into business for yourself to create a new generation of housing designed to serve the changing demands of a home in a world where fuel, food, and living costs will force many to downsize their living quarters to afford to stay healthy and free?

As the housing bubble bursts in many parts of the country, prices decline following the increase in interest rates and drop in demand, but the need for housing is growing, not shrinking. However, the cost of owning a home is rapidly getting out of reach for the average person. What will the rental market do but keep going up in price as long as the demand grows too? People who are homeless suffer from many problems, among them the greater difficulty finding a good job once you do not have a permanent address, car, and means to get around the city where the jobs are most abundant. How will we help these good people realize their need to change their lifestyles and downsize before they end up homeless? So many are on the brink of losing their homes. Yet, the media and government do not seem to be coming up with solutions and, in fact, seem to be ignoring the extremes that are being seen in LA, our borders with Mexico, and many cities that are now overrun with people living in the streets, drugs eating away at their society, no solutions in sight.

Use your imagination, salvaged parts and pieces, windows from a century ago, and so many things to make a house unique and full of color. Be creative instead of bored with code and standard features that are sold to most as if they are special, but the truth is that they are meant to con you into paying for a house that is not meant to last for more than 15 years. Then you are in maintenance mode, spending as much as the payment for fixing everything that got old fast and broke, like, the roofs, carpets, AC, and much more. Why not create a tiny house that will not break your bank account and leave you free to work and play instead of in debt to your dying day?

Imagine your team of friends and family creating houses to sell so that you can see the world get better one house at a time; villages form with a plan as we climb from the recession that’s coming, a depression some see, that will create so much new opportunity. Yes, there is never a downturn without some who succeed by not being a victim, instead being freed to go out and do what you would never do if the job you had done your life once consumed. Why not take a chance and believe in yourself, in what you could learn, and thus prosper and grow when others panic and have nowhere to go? Why not be the leader who brings those in need to find the solutions instead of their greed? Why not help others form the future, to unite by design, made intentionally? Not by Klaus Schwabb or the Gates family, but by building your town back focused locally, not globally, thus immune from their activity?

Micro-loans of materials as a package to create a home, buyers all about to keep you growing strong as a tiny cottage builder who is fulfilling dreams that call. Yes, I turn away from building 50 houses yearly and no longer running crews. It is time for you all to step up to the plate and create if you will, the tiny houses that so many still want and need still. Please consider the path to becoming a great hero who creates the solutions that are clear from the old stuff that makes millionaires from salvage while others may starve from not being ready to change and take charge. Don’t be a victim, a suffering fool, when the chance to do better is within reach. Consider the path proven for you; Pure Salvage Living is a way to be true to the concept of sustainable living and, more, a chance to create a career you’ll enjoy. Be the one who can give those who demand a tiny cute cottage that they can be sold and thus have solutions that few can provide without imports or toxins; you can complete them with pride.

Please consider sharing with the kids you know, the adults willing to teach and show the kids who are challenged, can not build or design, for the schools are broken, they are breaking their minds. Please help to teach life skills to the local kids now so they can help salvage the future, to be found in the treasures left by ancestors so easily found. Tis the salvaged materials that you will get for free that can transform a town, and the people then freed to build tiny houses from the old buildings and homes that will make you all wealthy, healthy, and known.

For information on setting up a Pure Salvage Outpost to build tiny organic cottages, with help, materials, micro-funding of parts and assistance to learn how to create houses from salvage and help the world as it grows. [email protected] for more information or to register for some of the coming classes and opportunities to grow your Pure Salvage Outpost Coop in a town you live in. Thousands are needed. Thus I hope you can help too.