If I could provide you an Opportunity to Thrive; to lift your life, family, or town up from hard times to grow in Unity…


Would you share that chance? Would you help others? $5,000 to change our world through you; to ignite, fuel, & grow our passion to create hOMes, Communities, & solutions thru Salvage.

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

This beauty is coming back to Manifestation Bay, where it was created more than 10 years ago. She will be joined by her sister, Vicky Zebu to be painted and restored, then? If you want to help and learn, this is one of the projects lined up for starting months of 2023. Do you want to be Part of the Plan?

I am proposing a path for those interested in changing their lives, the path of their offspring, town, or local society. Yes, a way to do this without great expense and with the support to assure success to those willing to do the work and find the support locally to build a platform that kids and elders can share. It is the concept of a “Pure Salvage Living Outpost”, a Co-Op for Sustainable import and toxin-free housing. That means creating wood-framed houses without cutting down trees and creating new glass, hardware, or plastics for homes intentionally constructed to last a lifetime. It means using metal for roofs, siding, and other parts of the house without ever mining iron, smelting steel, or using any form of heat to shape it later.

How can builders be developed to grow a million tiny houses with a proven method of constructing using healthy, portable cottages and cabins instead of tiny or giant houses that turn out to be toxic? I propose a collaboration to create viable solutions on a local basis that add jobs, small homes to transition elders to as they downsize, and a way to grow the community without increasing utility demands, taxes on the locals, and, better still, creating an industry that is healthy for the community.

The Elevator pitch is simple: $5,000 to come for two weeks, work, study, and build a tiny house that will then be your blueprint for building the one you are sent home with the part to create. Yes, the course, a tiny house to live in for a while here, learning the tools methods, and seeing the components you will use, helping put them together, then going home to recreate it with friends, family, or others who want to see a Pure Salvage Outpost in our town.

Suppose you or the protege you send for your community to bring back opportunity can complete the work to create a tiny house locally. In that case, we will help to sell it to an investor so that you make a profit and can pay for a package to build another, even have a credit line for parts to create more once you prove what you can do. With the help of friends and family, the local elders, and youth who want to see the town or community grow, this is the best chance you could ever find. Why is that great? What will you do with this chance?

Most will not have even read this far to get an idea of the opportunity, but also understand the great reasons why, the demand for this, and the possible future that a Pure Salvage Outpost (PSO) Co-op could do for your life, family, town, and future. Please consider joining with others, selecting a great person to sponsor, send, and bring home a package of materials, knowledge, skills, and perhaps a grandchild or two that can do what the elders need locally to help the town succeed instead of receding into oblivion as it shrinks and dies. Ghost towns happen because there is no opportunity locally, the kids go to the city, and the elders are left alone or go to old folks’ homes instead of tiny homes created just for them.

I am creating a program for 10 people for 2 weeks, living in Tiny Texas Houses, hands-on work 20 hours, 10 hrs classroom time, and 10 hours of extra opportunity to work on, create, and prepare to take home a building material package to manifest the same style of Gypsy Wagon Cottage style structure locally. You can then sell it, take a profit to fund your Outpost, and go into business with a credit line from us for the parts to create more tiny organic cottages for locals where you live. A community-based Pure Salvage Outpost only takes one person to Inspire, lead, and soon prove what is possible to create from salvage here and there, as I have done for an example at Salvage, Texas.

I have watched the Tiny Houses on Wheels industry boom without constraints or, logically, concern for the health of those who buy into that scheme. It is not an excellent financial move given the cost to park an RV and the limitations based on their age, indicative of their 15-year projected lifespans; it is stupid. People have accepted creating hypoxic boxes for living environments that cause mental and physical problems most people do not even know can occur. Ignorance is not bliss, but rather a state of buyer beware with a keen understanding that the manufacturers don’t care. Thus, the time has come for thoughtful study and decisions about the health of a generation raised in such spaces and for people concerned about aging well, staying youthful, and growing a better brain and body as we age gracefully.

The alternative for not paying attention in advance is instead a potential life of pain and suffering from self-abuse over decades. I propose that many of you are looking for something better than a job, a career in an industry that does not challenge you or push you to be your best, rewarding you accordingly. Once the damage is done to many of the children who are growing up without enough good air at night, inhaling too many chemicals from the materials used to create housing, few understand cause cancer, but unbridled, the horse has run far without anyone asking the right questions on the TV shows that drove them.

I have developed a method to create houses for others that you can be proud of for life, the healthy life you can give others instead of toxic boxes sold as houses that are no more expensive than Recreational Vehicles with 15-year lifespans. Why not create jewelry box houses for elders and younger people who are catching on to the healthy living renaissance instead of the extremes that Big PHARMA, the AMA, and our government have taken with dictates in cities which are proving to be unhealthy instead? Building codes and other such dictates are built and forced upon the public at their expense but simultaneously at great profit to the corporations and politicians who force them upon the public. It is not for the benefit of the people but for the corporations who now write International Code and lobby the politicians they own to pass it upon the people.

It is easily proven that life is about quality rather than quantity of distraction or material wealth. Thus there is proof to show the cost of toxins, and electromagnetic radiation from various field generators, whether cell phones, wiring in the walls, Radio, or sound frequency generators that are outside of our sensory range such that we understand it could be hurting us. Microwaves, TV, cell phone towers, high tension electric wires, or even low energy such as in the walls of the house next to your brain at night. Building codes have built-in flaws that cause many physical ailments that are not obvious to those living full-time in small enclosed spaces, which are unhealthy. You do not need to be in a subdivision conforming to such rules as the NHO acts like governments to take away your rights.

If you create portable buildings outside the codes, they could last for 100 years, be healthy to live in, and be sustainable because they do not cut down trees yet use the best woods in the world. They have handblown glass, but it was created 100+ years ago by our ancestors with coal before “global warming” was even a meaningful word sequence. Hardware made from the best of brass, copper filled back when it was cheap, crystal knobs, decorative door plates, and even doors made long before 1900. Why not build with such incredible things and have houses that can be moved if ever there would come the need? No outgassing plywood, plastics, vinyl, or formaldehyde but more importantly, full of oxygen with healthy air to breathe at night with wood, not sheetrock or particle board walls. No electric fields in the walls to inflame your pineal gland while you sleep and cause it to produce serotonin instead of melatonin in the night when you should heal, deflame, rest well, not fight. Yet many do it no matter if they know; they think that headboard makes it all right!

Once upon a time, Wii gave away a tiny Essay Contest Prize known as the Essay House. Part of the program will be to give you the plans to create this and others once you complete the short class or others later to expand your potential of houses to build. From the Cowboy Cabin to the Arched Zebu, or Vicky Zebu, you could help work on it too. This is a chance for a limited group, perhaps a crew, to learn this art and make a great living if they do for the demand is so much greater than the people who can do. Please share and help grow a nation of Pure Salvage Builders with the next generation who will love the life skills instead of keyboards as they see what they can do.

If you read this far, have a plan, and want to see it go farther where you are concerned, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at [email protected] or get on the chat line to me so we can set this up for you or someone in your family, or community, or locally. I want to sponsor honest people who want to grow the paths for kids and elders to solve problems locally instead of depending on the feds to save the day. 512-636-6756 or preferably to open the door for a good call, reach me if you are serious, as there will only be ten slots open for the first batch of kids who may get to come, at any age over 18, to learn more, be more, and create more than they may have ever dreamt possible. Stay here, learn, return, and change your part of the world in a tiny sustainable way. What do you say?