My Zebu Sisters may be moving, a chance to own House Art Masterpieces unlike any other…

It has been a decade since they were born, and they are truly some of the best examples of 95% Pure Salvage Building in the world, offering dreams for millions to share, perhaps duplicate? By You?

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter

Would you believe that some of these houses were rarely lived in full time for the last 10 years? Now some of the best pieces of House Art ever created by Tiny Texas Houses will possibly be sold again soon, adopted, and moved to other places, hopefully as a beautiful set? These sisters are known as the Zebu sisters; their owner raised organic Zebu cattle for their passion. The houses went out to a ranch in West Texas but not long after that, the owners moved from that family ranch to another so they have sat somewhat neglected over the years. Now, this rare set of houses is possibly going to be resold and transported to another ranch so as to give them a new life again, this time more occupied and appreciated.

Such creations are intended to be shared, loved, and honored for the trees that were a thousand years old and the glass that was handblown over a hundred years ago. Truly an example of what Wii can create from the past. This is the way to stretch the longevity of our resources or our heritage. Salvage Building is a path to respecting our past, honoring our future generation that will be able to appreciate and know what the world was once like when there was more than the populations of humans could ever imagine using up and running out of, but it is now happening.

No more virgin forests in most of the world, sadly being cut and harvested or just burned to create pastures for cattle or other means of producing food for a man that wipes out the food for wildlife. Will people learn to live with nature again instead of destroying it to create cities, industrial resource extractions, and other ways humans are cannibalizing the most beautiful places on Earth? Perhaps Wii will get to the next level soon, one where humans honor the other Beings in our world who are sentient but simply do not speak Human. Somehow Wii, all the humans of the world who are cognizant, are able to understand that the other Beings have rights too… but it is up to us to decide and do what must be done, not just bitch about all things.

Please consider creating a future that respects the past instead of dispelling it and wasting the wisdom and proof of what is possible without technology and electricity, truly with imagination and human energy. That is the secret of our successful future… respect for and learn from past experiences… not ignoring them. Memories can hold great meaning and be kept alive with pictures of the past few will ever see otherwise. Welcome to one of my memory lanes from houses I built a decade ago. I wish more kids had come to learn how and carry on so this House Art out of Salvaged Treasures catches on to be the fuel for houses to be built that will last a lifetime too. Presently, new construction and building materials ignore classic style, respect for great wood grain, shapes intermingles, and the variety that gives spice to life and homes. I hope you enjoy my memories of what could be done a million times over in the decade ahead as more people realize what is lost and later priceless, not to be found at any cost. Savor the days or if you choose, a daze that helps the world become a better place.

Raze houses with the intention of raising new houses and perhaps the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance will help save much of the past in ways that our children will cherish for life. Blessings to your dreams, day and night.

Brad w. Kittel

[email protected] for more information about materials such as was used to create such houses, all in stock, by appt. only, consultation, and SpaceMagic Design services available.

Side note:

Its amazing how cheap I sold these houses for before the fads of tiny houses on wheels for $300,000 were possible, these were selling for less than $125,000 for the big one and $70,000 for the little Zebu. No one can afford the labor to do that today, let alone the team to get the parts and design it yet the demand is still great for quality instead of mass-produced in a factory box of toxins on wheels portending to be healthy housing. So sad that the media and marketing are allowed to neglect healthy living in the obligations to disclose part of their sales pitches.
When no one understands the damage being done by the toxins outgassed and the bad air due to the lack of air exchangers, few understand how it hurts them until long after the damage is not repairable, like having sleep apnea and not understanding the lack of oxygen at night will contribute to Alzheimers and other mental or physical disorders over time due to hypoxia. Please learn more before living in tiny spaces, whether cars, vans, or tiny houses, oxygen and fresh air are vital to good sleep and great health.