Salvage Mining for treasure to create Pure Salvage Jewelry from a Kayak? Yup!

  • Only your imagination can define what could become of these treasures on the shore, hidden in the woods and from the view of common men… or women. Come see, take away, and create if you wish. By the pound take away and you get to stay in the Tiny Texas Houses at Salvage, Texas.
  • Creating a sustainable future from an incredible past full of treasures we can never replace. So let us re-use them with respect so they will be here for generations to come.
  • I can offer my dreams manifested, not a perfect person, life, or plan, but a path that has led me to great satisfaction and hope that others will benefit from my exploration outside of the box.

Imagine if you can, exploring in the shade, extracting colorful bits of jewels from the past industrial works from decades ago. Stainless Steel #3, Cobalt 5, Cobalt 7, slags, iridescent glass, and sand casting rocks that all have to be handled carefully for sharp objects and dangers abound. A Salvage Safari, on Kayaks, if you like, or by foot too… whichever works best for you.

Treasures by the pound to be found and taken away to form into art, as well as to return to sell in the only Pure Salvage Living Market in the USA. Truly a step in the directions no one would think in order to find out where the top of the box is, the Loophology of how to get out, and WOW… what is on the other side once the imagination is Freed.

  • Once an empty grotto that led to the river, then the interstate highway crossed its path and killed the land… with the help of man and a foundry, but let’s make Lemonade out of lemons. Loophology is how to have fun with your passion and get out of the Matrix doing it. Live life fully, and Love without measure.
    Darby Lettick
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For more information contact us 830-875-2500 or by email through [email protected]