Does Beauty require perfection or excellence… and is it a curse?

Here is a point that I wandered off on but should be considered in the world we look at now, with child trafficking and thus the value of a pretty face.
The response to the post on hair, and the comment on cutting it off so I could be pretty again. That brought this perspective some may not consider to mind. I have lived and seen what I speak of here…

In our youth we can be candy for the eyes, for the fantasy of the mind if beautiful, is life easier?

It’s your head and your face. If you want to grow it all to your knees ( and are ,lucky enough to be able), then go for it. Sad but true, people do tend to respond more positively to those considered very attractive, be they male or female. It’s weird, through little of our own doing, at least initially, we either get blessed with good looks or not. We can enhance or detract from what “fate” dealt us but cant take credit for the “gift”. Good points, of course. Would that we took less interest in physical appearance and more on quality of character. ☮

Darby for
Tiny Texas Houses: Is it important to focus on being pretty?

So many lose the quality of character being most important and looks simply a distraction that can delude the possessor more than those possessed by the desire for what they see, like eye candy, arm candy as it is called when old guys have young beautiful girlfriends as an example. Pity is, many think they are special and use their looks for money, greed, control, and gaining trust by taking advantage in so many ways. Good looks are not always a blessing but the curse that one has to deal with as ego will seek to take control as others flatter and say nice things in order to taste or own the candy they want and see, in the shallowest of ways. No one sees the intellect in beautiful people before they see and judge many things based on the cover of the book. Muriel Hemmingway is a great example of having survived where her sister did not.
Deeper but not better…

The best looking little girls face the highest chance of sexual abuse, as with little boys that is talked of so much less, the problem is the adults who can not deal with pretty without getting sexually aroused and follow their perverted fantasy. It is then that one understands the curse of being pretty in the wrong place at the wrong time and with the wrong people. Once understood in that light, darkness can fall on a pretty little girl’s or boy’s face and no one knows why which is so sad as I have known many, and thus in silence, the pretty kids cry.

Life is not what it appears for many, and the great color wrapper, what appears on the outside cover of the book does not tell the story of what is inside. Like advertising does not sell the truth but the desire to possess, people who try to look beautiful as their primary goal in life, to look great and use plastic surgery, makeup, jewelry, and clothes to make up for not being able to stand proud, naked, jewelry and clothes free, no big house or car to make one look important, just naked in a line of millions. Typically, like advertising, wig off, falsies gone, temporary teeth caps off, and makeup washed off, girdle left by the bed, and OMG what a morning can bring. But beauty put together for an hour before the date does not always look the same when piled up and washed off to a cloth, eyelashes on the sink, jewelry on the bedstand.

Get simply and live real. Tiny can be beautiful, simple can be the solution.


Oh boy… what a short meaningful one-night relationship requires is not so much trust in the obvious, but the powers of observation in dim light, with alcohol, and desire instead of a brain to recieve the signal with that fires up the candles of “LOVE” at the bars. Covid will at least curb that part of social decline I would hope… so that hook-ups… as I hear it called, to touch and hold the beauty seen online for a few minutes, then off to other shallow distractions. Sad society.
Can you stand proud and know all you need is within, not a phone, thing, or story with a title? Tiny Houses cause one to look within rather than out for contentment and happiness. To find the healthiest place in life one must have a healthy mind, heart, and body… or the turmoil of one will effect the others.

Get right on the inside, clean house, throw out the historical trash and blaming others to take responsibility, get past the illusions of beauty being the most important thing and focus on character, action, performance and intention. Thus will you find success and happiness, looking outward, not at a mirror and admiring self, but helping others instead. Looks don’t really matter then.

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