Pushing the Proof of Youth thru Exemplification, not obfuscation, snake oils, or false advertising.

Aging does not have to be a bad thing at 60, 70, or 45 as some seem to think.

What are you doing to push the window of youth out further into the future, staying young through diet, exercise, and breathing is possible, but the kids must be shown, taught how, and be given the chance to stay fit instead of getting infirm due to physical neglect and abuse that ages us faster. People do so many things that cost us our agility, strength, energy levels, and immune system longevity without ever understanding the consequences of eating, drinking, and breathing toxic things by choice in most cases.

Tiny Organic Houses and Cottages… that is the second layer, our vessel we live in is the body first, Spirit in Body, action, and life the result. Use yours wisely, your time on this beautiful planet and help the kids see the potential, empower them instead of cripple them with the desire to question, learn, and know that must never end… you will never be able to keep up with all the new knowledge that often dispels what we learned decades ago was false.

Be autodidactic and never stop learning, sharing, and living to build the wisdom of the ages… each of us being part of that and responsible for passing as much along to the next generation as possible so they will not get lost and forget the miracle that is possible if you will believe and thus… make them happen.

This gentleman and I are 1 year apart in age. He was not tempted to show the grandkids the splits or Chinese fingertip plank pushups nor bending over and kissing his shins instead of just touching his toes.

At 67, his physique is not out of the normal population in America. Many believe this is what we should end up looking like, as I once did. The truth is different. I changed my life by discarding the belief system that mid-’60s was old when in fact it is supposed to be our middle age… through 78.

Once upon a time in tiny houses without big PHARMA, junk food, and TV, people were healthy and working into their 80’s and 90’s as they are still doing in more primitive countries. Curiously, diabetes, cancer, and other problems from stress are industrialized world phenomena comparably speaking.

By walking 5 miles a day, most of it grounding by being barefoot or on leather soles, you will absorb the healthy negative ions to balance the positive ions in the air which allow you to power up your internal battery and fire up the Scalar Wave motors that allow us to do incredible things. You will breathe more, circulate more blood, and benefit in many ways by walking more… swimming, being active.

Engineering the body you want to live in is simply a matter of intention, willpower, and action, even if only an hour a day, the life you get in return is amazingly more productive, energized, and possibly full of life that you might not even attempt to enjoy if you are in pain, sick, or in fear of getting out there and living the best life you can, being the example for the kids and others to use as proof they can do it. This happens through your actions and intentions, not randomly and without work.

My 118-year-old hero for aging well and his 115-year-old wife who is equally amazing as they did their Qi Gong routine, her sword dance as flawless and smooth as his demonstration which proves, at nearly twice my age, gave me an example of what is possible and thus the inspiration to change my path. It works.

If you are able to share your ways of staying healthy and young, of demonstrating to the kids who are being misled into thinking that if it tastes good it is good for you to eat. Clearly the children who are already obese before their teens will not find it easier to get in shape later but much harder than if they had started physical training early in life. Normally playing outside would provide much of the exercise but with covid, kids increase their obesity numbers by 23% which is endangering them, pushing them to diabetic issues before 20 years old.

The proof of what sugars, white flour, junk foods are abundant, even though the grocery stores where the bulk of their food should be eaten in very limited quantities due to sugar, fats, chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and much more.

Please, as a parent or friend, share and encourage others, inspire by exemplifying and showing what is possible so they too will believe they can do something to stave off infirmity, arthritis, loss of mobility, and energy if we do such things as fasting and keeping our brain active, our body moving, and our love flowing. The Truth is so obvious yet many deny the evidence and prefer to believe that there will be a pill or easy path to great health, vibrance, and energy levels.

While it is possible to achieve incredible transformation over 7 years during which you replace every cell in your body and if you feed, fuel, and form it with intention, sculpt the musculature to support the body instead of just flab. You must get off the couch, away from the keyboard, not sitting in a chair at work or in a truck driving much of the day… all of them causing your core muscles to atrophy and thus get weaker. Your intestines can not do their job, food rots inside you, and the problems of a sedentary life will rob you of the joy of our 60’s and 70’s when we have the freedom to enjoy ourselves and help others instead of depending on them for survival.

It is not just tiny houses that you shelter in, it is the body that the Spirit resides in through which it gets to love, live, and share the joys of life. Great healthy homes, simple and small so you have time to be outside, garden, be with family, and not just in debt and servitude paying for things that are not worth your life. Stress kills and living for the passions and people you love allows you to live a healthier longer life. Why not consider that for the next generation now that we have proven what the last few decades of TV and Mass Media education through commercials have done? The health, thus the wealth of America is in danger due to the sedentary life the fear, and the destruction of the ???emic that has been running laps around the world.

Crank up that natural immunity by honoring the vessel by cleaning up your act… thus contribute to solving the many problems, not just one the injections might affect. Fat is still there after the needle leaves and you, only YOU can fix the bigger threat to your health… so please get started down the road to recovery soon.