Did you know the biggest Heart in America is Pining away hiding & nearly forgotten?

Yes, sometimes several feet across and 135 feet high, the Heart of a Long Leaf Pine tree is unlike any other Pine in America… or other living things for that matter. Before the Heart starts to really grow it has to be 185 years old… yes… adolescence takes a century and a half, then the Heart grows on through forest fires that burn the branches off down below or storm, but the Heart and top of the tree with its crop of branches bearing 1-foot long pine needles and 2-foot long pine cones that shades the critters of the forest, sheltered with love for centuries.

What would you do with wood if you could? Create a great house for a family of one?

Look at the windows, see all the doors, opportunity knocks, but which door to explore?

Did you know the biggest Heart in America is Pining away hiding & nearly forgotten? Few can imagine a heart 3′ wide, but even harder to consider, it is 135′ tall. How is it you never learned of a Heart so big that it truly pines me to share the sad story with you. Once, before the Europeans came to America, giants, with shadows that covered the Earth so well that creatures would thrive in its shade from high up in the sky where they would nest in its hair of foot-long needles, indeed, the Long Leaf Pine was an ancient of the grandest measure with the finest Heart of any tree East of the Rockies… if not the entire USA.

What remnants of the giant hearts of old stay mostly hidden and forgotten, rotting somewhere never to be known or admired for the millennium that they were alive and thriving before modern man showed up and chopped them down. No true respect for them ever came into the human consciousness until most of the giants were decimated, forests cut to the ground without a heart in the men that did it, sliced, diced, and shipped it away from its home for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Those who stood up to defend the trees, the giant forests where incredible birds and other creatures roamed, the native Americans who resisted the slaughter were in turn, slaughtered too.

This was not a great war, a fair war, or even one that most were aware they were part of… and soon it may come to an end, Mother Nature and her giant emissaries to our planet that created the oxygen-rich air, tilled the soil deep and gave shade in the harsh sun of the South from Atlanta to nearly Dallas long ago.

When people complain about CO2 being a problem, stop using up new trees and let the giants grow once more as they do make a difference… not to be destroyed without a planetary price… they produce oxygen… shade, break up the soil, rocks, and Earth to help fill cracks with water and thus new life.

Please respect the great Hearts of Giant Long Leaf Pines slaughtered long before the Treehuggers of modern days pounded spikes to stop the saws. Salvage Build with materials that will never be formed again while 10 generations of humans live out their lives before one tree would be close to maturity, let alone beginning to grow a Heartwood that will take another 500-800 years before it reaches full maturity, a sight few humans behold. Those that did kill the greatest of the trees… just to prove they could.

Let us respect trees, Mother Earth thus Mother Nature, and not forget to salvage build our future to prove we can do better than the last century of globalization has proven. While humans do not determine the big things that the sun and God have control of, polluting, trashing our society or planet is wrong, and thinking you have the right to is selfish but then talking about others who are changing their lifestyle, simplifying, reducing their carbon footprint, even if they have the money for a big house and lifestyle, it is the choice to live a Pure Salvage Living example that changes the world.

When you do it we get one person closer to the herd mentality, the peer group sizes, and the positive reinforcement it will take to downsize the housing and make it organic, non-toxic, and of a quality that will last for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing this message of hope as we begin figuring out where to go now that normalcy is definitely not in the near future as we knew it, likely never I suspect.

Have a great new Aquarius Life, it has finally begun.


That is my size 14 on a 24″ wide slice of life, dormant cells that took a thousand years to create.

Hope you liked the view.

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