I will supply the parts to build a home for those left behind… as if they were my own family. Will you help?

Adam’s birthday passed by quietly,

though tears were shed once more.

The Song of Salvage sings to me

as I look at what’s in store.

I wonder as I watch with knowing,

having seen this long ago,

in prophecy, it came to me

Just like when he, my son would go.

In Paris of all places,

In the year once told to me,

that I did not understand meant him

in spite of warnings, meant to be.

I raged in anger at unfairness,

at the injustice of the world.

What reason does one use

to justify when your son’s killed?

I can not offer anything

to fill the hole one feels

when your child is taken instantly

your emotions all unreel.

I wish that I could come up with more,

then just love and empathy,

for the soldiers and the families

who had fought to keep us free?

Tiny Houses can be your master suite, your special bedroom with a tiny bath, a kitchenette, a bit of home you own.

What little I can offer,

for all that I believe,

my desire to help with what it takes,

to house the ones they leave.

Please let me know what we can do

as if my children, I’ll help too.

Create a home for the loved ones left,

full knowing it’s not all that’s due,

it could be the parts with

some help from you.

I’ll give the windows,

the doors, siding, roofing,

even floors,

the parts to build a life,

safe haven,

from what is left…

this can be your store.

I can not offer much but share

Please let me know

how to help them fare or

to let them know we truly care.

I can not answer for the leaders

or change the way they choose,

but After this damn war is over,

the others passed, no wins, all lose!

I Pray for peace… as well as a way

to Care for those still left behind,

help the families of the soldiers

who did not come back…

dead or alive?

How do we salvage dreams once dead?

Where do you house the kids still left?

How does the family find a home

when their parent left them all alone?

That is our job America… for the families

I commit to help if I can

and I hope and pray many out there will too…

if I give you the parts, can you assemble a dream?

A home for a family, though tiny,

from me to help them move forward

to grow up and live Free.


How do we salvage a life after such a cost of war.