Superdcolds, organ failure, epidemics due to acts from fear. It is not the tiny organic houses, but the quality of bodies you put in your hOMe that counts.

The country is now being hit by a super-cold epidemic, or so they are calling it, a new wave of sickness causing much worse than normal reactions in many people, even forcing them to go to ER rooms and even packing hallways as the hospitals face a new and different crisis. Is this a novel cold virus, like the novel flu virus that causes the world so much grief? Or is it the consequence of the human manufactured RNA introduced into the blood of millions with spike proteins that modify human immune systems and leave them vulnerable to such illness and diseases that would have been easy to defend against before the immune system was artificially modified? Are you taking the precautions necessary to be healthy naturally instead of through synthetic production that might include toxins, contaminants, or other nasty things that God put skin on humans to keep out?

Add to that the extra alcohol being drunk by so many people while trapped in their homes, to relieve the stress, the cause of so many to have serious liver issues, the sort that requires a transplant. Suddenly it appears, in the last year, massive evidence is arising to indicate that liver disease is becoming an epidemic problem. Livers are becoming the newest demand that supply means someone may have to die to get the parts to keep others alive thus putting a value on organs that is greater than the social value of the humans that are being sacrificed to supply the organs rich people need. China has given us a great view of what is coming, people being imprisoned and tagged for organs to be taken as the orders for transplants come in and they match. NO choice is given to the person that is sacrificed or sacrifices the organs. People are being killed and their organs were stolen… and the demand is growing… thus the consequences will grow, not shrink.

Is the monster on the roof, or in your body? Is there something haunting your home?

It appears the compromise that comes with developing artificial short-lasting protection is that you may lose your defense against many other things that can kill you after that instead of just making you sick. It appears there are worse mucous development in the lungs, as well as fevers, painful muscles, and other much worse than normal and the evidence is accumulating which supports the cause being damaged from the mandate goals, hard as it may be to consider, yes, the shot that may well have got the world sicker than they ever could get on their own. People are drinking more, instead of less due to the idle time most have since unemployment is rampant too.

Are you bending over to social pressures or to pray, honor God, and exercise while you are honoring the gift of life, our gelatinous shell we call a body in which our Filament Lights us Up, gives motion to a potion of embodied love.

What is the newest addition to the mass populations that would trigger the changes so fast? What is causing the immune systems to falter more easily than in the past? It appears that we are under stress, anxiety being a destructive factor to our immune system, stress kills. So what do people do if they are part of a family of drinkers, or if your friends all drink or do drugs, smoking, and other habits are best shared with other addicts who condone, support and make one feel normal when practicing such behaviors. What is the responsibility of the public to take care of those who damage themselves through such behavior that is sure to hurt them, damage organs, or ruin their lives because of the economic and emotional harm from the behavior that follows?

The public taxes go to cure, to transplant, to fix the problems for the many who do not take care of themselves and expect society to fix the problems from their own bad behavior. If you are one of the public dependents who can not cover the costs of their own care then you are a burden, you are not an asset to the population and if things get tight, no care will be available as the system will go broke. This is going to be due to the growing demand for care and the declining health care workers’ supply, facilities, or money available for poor people.

What will you do when you go to the hospital and there is no room to fit you in? This is because so many now have compromised their immune systems, blood clots, myocarditis being rampant where it was rare, and other such recent explosions in health issues that have grown since the mandates and experimental injections were begun. Is there any logical explanation for the increase in so many deadly health problems such as the growing obesity… most kids and adults in America now being in the obese class, and morbid obesity had grown as well. There is no good outcome from the increases in liver problems, blood clotting causing strokes, amputations, and now the colds that become super colds based on the compromised immune systems many of the people are suffering from since getting their mandated needles pushed through the protective layer designed to keep poisons out of our blood. Volunteering to sacrifice your protection from your God-given shielding called skin and allow it to be punctured and force man-made experimental formulas under the skin, from the poisons and hazardous metals, preservatives, and questionable additives like squalene, aluminum, thimerosal, or other such toxins and elements found in the world but not in humans naturally.

Prayer, meditation, care in what you eat, what you think, learn, or do each day. Savor the moment with gratitude and give so that others may share our happiness and path… if they wish to know more than the government narrative being espoused by the mass media.

So as the hospital emergency room staff are pummeled once more with enormous patients that pack the hallways on stretchers. Many do not have the insurance or ability to pay for the best care, but even if they did, the staffs are tired, overworked, and the hospitals full of potential for cross-infection. After a year of CV causing the demands on the hospitals, doctors, and nurses that survived, many have now left the system that is demanding they take an experimental liquid into their body that could kill them, maim them for life, or alter their immune systems for life. They have that right and so many in the health business are choosing that, like the military, the police, and others who will fight to stay free, healthy naturally, and keep freedoms for others to choose even if they decide to join in compliance with the mandates that are questionably safe at this stage. ‘

For those like me that have spent enormous time and effort on staying healthy naturally, keeping a rock hard immune system that keeps us from getting sick, or if so, only a mild version of what is killing those who are overweight, out of shape, stressed, and doing things that damage or compromise their immune systems. Why should the healthy hard-working people in the world who are not in danger be forced to suffer such assaults when we have a much better ability to handle the impact of one more problem taking over their life? Why require others to risk their lives when they have natural immunity, are not at high risk of being affected by a disease others are susceptible to? One man’s fear should not be another’s burden to bear when the cause for the extra susceptibility is their own failure to take care of the vessel they occupy, the fat body they do exercise properly, that is effectively a human Petri dish that grows more virus, colds, and sheds them worse than thin people do, thus increasing the chances of the public suffering in greater numbers due to so many obese people in our population creating so much more virus contamination to contend with… yet they are not punished, the healthy people are instead.

Prepare for the day, Love in every way, and never fear what might come our way.

Is this the trend of the 2020s that began with CV and grew with the V-worded solutions being mandated by those who claim to be in power? Time will tell us more quickly if they do not censor the news, the information, and if the stats are actually collected once the reality of the experimental drug’s damages to organs and immune systems is fully documented. That is a growing body of information that is being controlled and censored, confused by the failure to have a dialogue instead of a narrative, and mandates the refusal to address the evidence in the real world which says… whoa… slow down. Are you waiting or rushing to join in an experiment that is showing too many negative results for a smart gambler to bet their life on? Why gamble unless your odds of winning are 99% in your favor? That is the odds of surviving CV if healthy without any shots. I got that bet. You?