Inducing Stockholm Syndrome finally gets tested on a nationwide scale. Yes, it can be done.

Who proposed, initiated, controlled media, trapped, masked, fearful, homebound, & feeling helpless people: a test to break under pressure, then love their captivity?

Imagine if a transparent analysis of what is happening by the leaders of our world. It may be an eventuality, as if the grand computer and our hacker population decide to distribute the Truth to all humans and let them determine their future, without war. Instead, what if we try global communication, negotiation, mutual respect, thriving populations that work to preserve a quality of life that takes care of all life… not just humans?

Is it possible for a global population to be true to a common morality needed to for eliminating the destruction, the negative future that is clearly within the reach of Humans if they do not unite under some common boundaries… common agreements? We can rid the world of the ugliest of affairs, human trafficking, sacrificing the environment for parking lots instead of simpler living that uses new technology and live with the right ideal, cultures, and goals. The masses must agree though which is a problem due to so many having issues, anger, sadistic tendencies, and much worse who are part of the masses. How do we separate the hate, the greed, the people who would kill, steal, and go to war for power, control, and dominance that lets them get rich?

Now more than ever, things once obscured, being opened up for nearly all people to see, if they want to that is when the lies and greed keep so many in a hypnotic trance of material over mindful living. The distorted view of the world, the perspectives are thus mixed even though the goals may be the same, the path to get there varies greatly.

What about all of the people who would not want to see the Truths of Power exposed? Those who would be held responsible for human decimation beyond tolerable bounds by the masses who would have the chance to judge for the first time, globally, with the push of a button… they do not want to see such a global unification of the people. How does one take the most powerful sociopath and psychopathic people out of circulation where they can cause havoc in countries around the world.

What would the internet capacity for many to view at the same time, to be the judge and jury of the leaders who did wrong? What sort of show if all who watched could vote, and everyone had the option with no rigging of the votes? Sounds great for some but what if you could rig the perspective of the voters, limit the evidence they saw? Not allowed at the penalty of death for conspiring to deceive, to alter the way a loving Being should believe, such as with the Falun Gong, or with others for so many reasons. Those who perpetrate the acts should be tried and judged by those they harmed and the world that sees such results to perhaps return to a social balance from the decisions which are shared by all people in the world.

Indeed, in that case, the death penalty would mean absolutely that… but such seems like sci-fi fantasy. What if this has already been a cycle, perhaps on a faraway planet, but not on Earth’s past some wonder. Yet, we will know so much in the near future that like so many things, it may not be just a story, in a fantasy book. Has such a book been written yet? Some say yes, some say it is indeed being written in a new format, the Quantum Story that forms from the minds and spirits of those who help write it into reality. Is the future predetermined? The mind can be tricked into believing many things, especially when under stress. It can also be shut down for most logical, rational thinking processes if in fear, high stress, sickness, pain, and social isolation. Healthy environments that lead to happiness require certain things which have now been virtually extracted.

It is through these imaginings, the younger computer wiz-kids will soon devise the means to do such a global vote without hacking it. A secure Global Voting System would revolutionize the speed that communication and community can be established with dialogue instead of narratives or war. Mandates can not be used to rule a world peacefully. Thus I look to the day that Wii, all the I’s in the world will be able to set up the global court and audience that would make this cleansing, Global Courts for Crimes Against Humanity and Earth… possible soon, a Nurnberg Trials version 2.0 that would alter the course of the future for demons, dictators, and perhaps… Democrats. (oops, that is a joke kids, heheh)

Soon the changes in the world economy and food situation is going to trigger radical new ways of solving problems, and perhaps as we take over the power now with Techno-Oligarchs, we will be able to set this up with the very platforms they have used to attack those in power, censoring them, or worse. Truly the icing on the cake of the solution is that we use the poison of the snake to kill the snake with as the Hopi said would be the time of reckoning, the Snake Tribe and the Turtle Tribe. One travels in Tiny abodes they carry with them and become a new society. The other is those who can use the words, the video, the forms of magic that make the minds of men go mushy, a tactical war that is being used to make all fearful, and thus the Stockholm Effect kicks in. Soon many will love the mad masters… relieved by promises it will get better in spite of the evidence.

At what point will the trigger pull, the rubber bands snap, and the balloons filled with lies pop? Much sooner than those in charge want for once it does, even a few links of Free thought take hold and the damns burst fast. The divided masses suddenly unite against the master puppeteers that have controlled them through fear before the poison is fully in place… flowing in the blood of all as the new binge of Super Colds and other things crafted for post mandate times with hopes of over 80% being swiftly eliminated. No one would be so hateful, cold, devilish would they? Some say yes, others no, and others say they just don’t know.

What bothers the controllers most is that this dialogue might even exist. Bakhtinian Dialogism is alive and well, in spite of having cast the idea into Censor Hell, we will not live by narrative alone in this day and age, so let us have a global conversation, a jury, and a judgment that will lead to the peace the people want, not the wars that are used by those in power to hold the masses down. Smile, be happy, think positive, and have faith that we can salvage our planet, our societies, our Freedoms, and create the World Union of Beings it will take to solve the Global Problems and create a mutually agreed upon RESET instead of a mandated one where Wii, all the people, do not get a vote. Why not give us a vote?

Viva 2022 as the Break Free from the Propaganda Past and open up the doors of Transparency, incarceration, elimination, and do a true RESET that gets rid of the bad guys at the top instead of the masses at the bottom of the economic food chain alone. If this does not happen soon, the newly created format called psychological warfare will have been fully implemented before the victims even know how they lost.

Be part of the solutions generating people in the world that helps us create a better version of the world in spite of all the calamities and misguided leaders in office at the moment. Exemplify what it will take and share.

Darby Lettick