Has anyone proposed to you lately? I am!

I am proposing you become a loved hero in your family or community, perhaps even create the future full of solutions that locals will never forget.

I don’t suppose you have had a proposal quite like this in a while. Why not consider being that great Light to follow, to love, to respect, to honor long after you are gone for all the great things you may yet do?

Yes, I propose you have the power to accept a proposal to step up to the altar of Humanity and Be the Guiding Light as an example others can admire and follow to find solutions that will make their life better? No, not an invitation to pretend to be perfect or a god but for you to shine that Light from within so bright and do such great things that others, the kids born today, will seek to learn, want to grow more like when they get older. That is the job of our elders and leaders, not to create tax burdens, wars, and bigger overbearing governments. Somehow it may be up to the communities to create a unity that will allow us to thrive locally regardless of the world political stage but the times are a-changing so a good plan is great to have.

Without getting into any religion, without joining a club, fraternal organization, or political party, I propose you become the leader others will want to emulate, the example of what kids will aspire to become when they grow up. It will not take a great wealth you might make in the financial world, for real success will be generated from your good works and leadership skills, a reward system that can take many forms depending on what you seek.

Success is determined by peers and priorities but it is different from culture to culture. Thus if families sheltered, fed, loved, and grown-up healthy is a goal, those who succeed are the richest in their clans. When you measure by material things and money, not behavior and health but wealth by dollars, the gauge of success changes dramatically, and family may indeed be valued differently, even jettisoned for wealth in society or married for political and financial reasons rather than love.

Ideally, your motivation to succeed is not for the money but for what it can do for the world, a form of service to the world that also makes an income to support the life of giving back and paying forward. I want to see more people become that beacon and propose to help you if that time to illuminate your part of a darkening world has come. Is it your time to ignite hope, passion, and the means for locals to thrive, to unite the energies of the community around salvaging the best of your local resources to create solutions in housing, jobs, and unleashing hidden treasures to pay for it all?

This is the sort of empowering information that can get you thrown into some jails… FB Jail most likely, but it is legal, totally, not to mention a path to a wonderful life of Loopholology if you like that sort of valuable reality twisting techniques. How to do what you want to do legally, save people money, give them careers that will pay for a family to thrive in the midst of global problems, to have shelter, food, and protection from all sorts of storms, social or from the sky. This is about becoming a leader using your skills, carpentry, painting, roofing, or other life skills such as gardening or raising children.

Most people do not understand that if the proposal were made, your wisdom sorely needed to save our country from a brain drain through the loss of knowledge that no computer, no cell phone can replace. I am speaking to the ability to grow our ingenuity, to push our imagination into action that takes our society forward in positive ways, perhaps simpler ways that lead to happier and healthier villages, towns, even small cities that are not trying to increase 5G, TV, and the misery that too much distraction can lead to, as proven by our social experiment in America. Some say only sex sells nowadays but how do we mix that with building tiny organic cottages, houses, and villages?

After 25 years with computers in front of our children, more recently carried by billions to communicate as well as remember most of the critical information the under 30 generation needs to survive. Phone numbers, bank accounts, people’s names, and information as well as the avatar names they have on the internet which have no eyes on human equivalent which would be lost if the internet went down and never came back up whole… all stored in clouds that could all be destroyed by a solar flare of grand proportions. What happens after that? Is it possible that the distraction of what we might dream of but never have is better than the real thing? When I went to college nearly 50 years ago and took advertising courses, dress for success, and marketing, it appeared like sex was the best way to sell all things from cigarettes to alcohol, bed, and so much more. Why not the sexiness of building with Pure Salvage bodies, dreams, and visions of what could be? Use your imagination.

Not about that part silly, about the building tiny houses for the people you love out of great vintage toxin and import-free materials? Hehe. Hope that got your attention. It might even get me thrown back in FB Jail for showing too much skin in the game… but these are vintage pictures so they should not count. Thanks for sharing the idea if you like it. 35 years ago when I was a kid in Austin, wouldn’t you know, I thought of modeling once. The price of success was too high so I went down other paths to find success and raise a son, create several successful businesses, and be a dad for a couple of decades. Now that he has passed, the youth I was sees the world differently and hopes that you will too. Please, let us create a great place to be a kid in the decades ahead. Be the example and the guiding light for those who want to learn how to create a wonderful life on Earth that is compatible with all life in the world and beyond.

Darby Lettick December 2021

Make your 2022 incredibly bright as you Light up the future with Delight.