$alvage $uddenly mean$ more! Tornado torn citie$ will realize, $ee cost$ $kyrocket: Prepare!

If Americans do not save the best of the past, instead make landfills rich, where will they get building materials from? Wake up time yet? You can help!

A tiny organic cottage created out of the salvage from our past is far better than a mobile home or toxic box with imports from afar that may never get here, or cost much more than treasures at our fingertips. Please consider Salvage Mining, Building, and hunting for the answers right before our eyes.

Sadly, the storms, tornados, devastation that breaks all records… the resulting destruction means this is time to think of building smaller, better, and with a plan for the material shortages in the future due to already broken distribution and supply systems around the world. If this is not already anticipated there will be a disaster after unless the groups consider what happens next and how it gets paid for when there are shortages of all things needed to make this happen fast. Salvaging all we can make it easier if we can use that to rebuild with as these examples show is possible in a beautiful way. Why not?

From the simplest of things, such as plastic to package things, rubber tires, parts for trucks now off the road needing maintenance, not to mention airplanes and other machines, supply chains, restaurants w/o food, furniture stores without inventories normally imported cheaply, just now reaching critical supply levels, before the storms, are causing massive supply chain problems. These will not be resolved faster with the destruction of a gigantic area of tornado ravaged states, entire warehouses, postal systems, utility systems all crushed, not just broken a little, but damaged as if a bomb was dropped, a series of bombs that wiped out entire towns.

We, as a nation, can send enormous amounts of salvage during the next two or three years it will take to rebuild. People need to organize under the supposition that this is NOT the end of the storm season. It is not, sadly, even close, so please let us start planning for worse and look at all that can be salvaged and sent to rebuild when everyone figures out the big box stores will not be able to keep up.

This will take unity asap. Yes, this is time to work to help others… and hopefully the proof wii, all the “I’s together may be able to do what no government can unite. The “Song of Salvage” as sang by my son Adam before he passed on, is one of hope and prayers for all to find a path with the help of our ancestors and past.

Resources will need to be spread out thin and thus tiny house first, then grow them to the sizes of the recent past if the economy will support that in the future years. As it is there has been a shortage of labor and this will not get better. We are talking about the elders needing to go back to work for the rest of their lives just to survive in any comfort whatsoever given the loss of so many homes that will not be replaced in their lifetimes.

At this time, the health will not be fixed by a jab nor will all be fed with EDS cards when there is no store even standing for miles, no cars to get to them, no fuel stations open to selling badly needed fuel. What comes next is not within the imagination of the average person, and certainly few will be able to recover from this alone. Community, now more than any other time is going to be what saves many, keeps crime down, and allows people time and help to recover life, though nothing like what they had a week ago, a path that may give them a chance to find happiness again. There is no going back to normal soon.

This is a time for faith, for unity, for communication, and thus if truth can be the binder, community redevelopment that is focused on the benefit of all of those in the areas impacted. If not, chaos will soon ensue which will not lead to good places.

Please consider building back using salvage by getting codes revised to allow for that.

5 houses worth of roofing, siding, flooring and more from one old barn barely used anymore. Why cut down trees and import more when the best has yet to be reused?

Please get your local leaders to allow for smaller houses to replace the big ones until the material shortages prevent the poor from rebuilding due to the rich using all the materials to rebuild mansions first. Share the wealth that is available, the human energy and spirit that will create new opportunities all can share in rather than watching the poor exploited in these dire times.

I will offer plans, consulting, and all things I can from a distance with technology to help make the salvage and building of the future for these towns easier if I can by offering methods and ideas I have spent 30 years developing for building out of salvage to create better housing than anything being built with imports, plastics, and outgassing modern building materials and this is a great time to apply it to the reconstruction that will follow.

Zoning, house sizes, on or off-grid electric to insure going back to the energy-efficient perspectives that could allow us to save instead of waste the lessons of our past and the changing culture that makes tiny houses gathered together rather than big apartment houses or homes. Let us integrate the wisdom into our future instead of disregarding it now that the opportunity to do better is forced upon so many.

Please help make the choices based on what is best for the people, the planet, and leave out the greed and good old boy policies of the past for there is no surplus to skim off. Keep it honest, truth comes with transparency, not through deceit and obfuscation.

Freedom to make choices is critical in these times, with a unity from communication and human energy focused on intention and positive outcomes.

Now is the time to reconsider how Americans will rebuild our country in a time of needs that can not be filled through normal channels and in the volume needed immediately.

Why not help drive the dialogue to consider changing the codes to allow for tinier houses, salvaged materials to build with, and getting people in the shelter as soon as possible rather than stall it due to the systems that would normally be there is gone. Rebuilding faster, better than what was there, not a mobile home bought in a rush that is going to be hard to create fast and build healthy normally, let alone during supply chain issues. Join me in calling for the liberation of salvage mining and salvage building so a to help many get through this calamity as quickly as possible and not force everyone to build more than they need the next time, going for the masses getting housed first, then the luxury versions took care of when it comes to housing and rebuilding these towns. This version of the Song of Salvage shows how people join together having fun razing a home that will build 4 new houses later. How will your town regrow? Who will help, hinder, profit, or do it for the service to the community instead? Soon all will see the heroes and hopefully honor them when this is all over.