What is a Pure Salvage Living Outpost? Why the concept is needed now!

A Co-op where elders bring the tools and wisdom, knowledge and experience, to share with those who wish to learn to build with our salvaged treasures from the past.

Tiny Texas Houses1 hr ago7
Just imagine all of the materials that could be gathered after the storms that could create new houses for so many who need them and will not get them any other way.

So sadly, but finally, there is an impetus to force people to consider the salvageable resources that have been scattered across the center of the country as if the culture or religion had no bearing on the level of destruction from city to town, this is a wake-up call for all people in America. There is no common theme or reason for the disaster other than the storms, likely more ahead yet unimaginable, mark the turning of a global weather tide that will return deserts to being jungles, and the global breadbaskets now will go into deep freezers. It is a cycle of grand proportions written into historical records and now coming into fruition as predicted by so many cultures in the past. Sadly, it will take events like this and those that follow to convince others that the time has come for change, regardless of your desire for it, radical changes will follow the loss of electricity, water, and meds. We can prepare and thrive if people work together through these storms and rebuild with a truer picture of what may lay ahead… not what we will surely leave behind.

Rebuilding locally is going the be the fastest path to getting up and running, yes with outside help, but those that live there are the only ones that can stay indefinitely, others will need to go back to family homes, ranches, and take care of that as more storms follow into a record-breaking winter. Preparation and recovery will be local so these outposts are intended to get a home base where generators, electricity, tools can be gathered as found in fields and piles to put them to use in group settings where others can help teach, do, and create solutions. No global corps or government can match the local passion, desire, and need to make it happen as fast as possible, 24-7 for the next year or three.

This will not end fast, nor without further damage as rains follow, flooding, and more. Some know you do not need fire for it to appear like you are in Hell on Earth. My prayers are with those who are in strife. Please let us know how we can help with plans, sending some materials to start some Outposts with, and training if you can get some out here to learn quick, take home parts, and get Grandma and Mama back into tiny houses as soon as possible. Kids and elders need help fast and building big spaces to crowd them into is not a solution. Please consider salvage building tiny cottages and houses out of salvage now! No interest loans for packages of materials to build houses without imports and toxins during these times of need. If people local can help move them there, put them together, solutions will certainly follow that all can benefit from together.

We will provide the means if you have the energy, the help with screws, nails, house wraps, and insulation, you could be creating houses in a few weeks that will last for lifetimes in clusters where the people could help take care of each other and regrow the community tinier until you are able to grow bigger, if desired, again. For now, it is most important to have warm small spaces where people can sleep, eat, share ideas and energy to create and implement solutions with the elders helping guide thanks to their upbringing and knowing how to get by in hard times. Kids will be lost to this sort of catastrophic loss of the internet and all things social to them, work will be their future for a while, and what they will learn, what will come of it will make them incredibly stronger throughout their lives if we can make the experience as positive as possible with our intentions for recovery.

Please join me in promoting more Pure Salvage Living Outposts to grow, the concept of a place to meet, build, and organize with the help of elders and kids communicating for Unity and solutions for all. Prayers to all of you. May wii salvage as many dreams as possible from the wasteland that faces many now. Micro-funding, donations of windows, doors, and more for those who wish to join in the campaign to make a place in each community where recovery becomes a matter of repeating the examples of success and empowerment that we can bring into play during these critical times.