What happens when California Redwoods meet our dense Texas Long Leaf Pine & Tiger Oak? Add Rum… & See!

Tiny Texas Houses Mixing society and woods for a new view.2
Are you looking to build upon your Ship of Salvage Dreams to create an incredible future?

As we begin to blend cultures through migration, many are questioning how the two worlds will blend together. Here is an example of such beautiful texture with style…

From Texas to California, people are seeing the value of salvaging the best of our past to create imaginative future constructs. How about this view?

The theater was long closed, the floor laid over the old floor to create a flat one that was walked on for years. One day a remodeling job exposed these theater seats still attached to the floor below the store and removed them all. I still have a few but what life and how many early motion pictures went before these were hidden under the floor in Austin Texas on 6th street many decades ago.
One can not help but wonder what the rest of the story was, what sort of movies might have shown in the speakeasy days it was said to be open for.

What happens when California Redwoods meet Texas Long Leaf Pine and Oak? Conflict or Peaceful intermixing? Bruce has genetic roots in Texas but is a California-raised guy with a flair for salvage design. He created a Rum Distillery in Gonzales Texas by hand and has a great space to meet at and taste his wares, along with booking gatherings which will be full of rarer things to see than most get in life… all in one space.

Pretty peaceful and artsy, a true Salvage Built entertainment venue in Gonzales, Texas of all places. 1880s cast-iron lintels to carry rock or brick across a gap for a door or window, or Pizza Oven deluxe in this case.

Bruce is doing incredible work on the property I once owned that I certainly would have been proud to put there one day myself if I still owned it. Hard to top what he is doing anywhere, but If you are considering it, I have all the materials such as he used from the fences to the windows, and he has the slabs of Redwood.

Remember that package deal for materials to build something really cool. How is this for ideas? From the old theater seats used for benches with stair treads for seats and back that all date over a hundred years ago.

Imagine what you could do, then get in touch about a package of metal, wood, and other decorative things that would create a special place on your ranch, restaurant, or home. 125,000 sq. ft. of materials with a very special sale going on for larger packages. 50% off for the last weeks of April, paid out, stored till you need it. How many people will it hold for an event? If the right people, just enough.

[email protected] for more information. I take my rum in Apple Strudel form. Yummy… taste but no alcohol. The Immortal 32 brand is delicious.

Coffee and Apple Strudel with a cooked in alcohol free chaser.

Quartersawn Tiger Oak Stair treads from 150 years ago in Buffalo, NY, shipped down 14 years ago & stored away. Rough sawn Long Leaf Pine round saw cut posts that are from trees that were a thousand years old when cut in 1880 like the Barnwood in the background, Theater chairs for the sides. Then you see the imported California Redwood cut, and Bruce carried back from California just for this project at the distillery where the exclusive space for guests to the party will open one day. Stage coming for bands next.

Get to Gonzales much? Check out the right places first… As a coffee drinker by nature, I can attest it tastes good, I just do not tend to drink much of it. Lovely place, great guy.

Not bad for old guys over 60++++++ and going strong for like