What is a memory but a thought one reprocessed over and again? A picture with a story before and after, but to most, just a picture without time or place, a story without a trace or an end.

Sometimes what our imagination can do with action is amazing, recorded, then just a memory for life… or if real, a bit more.

The Gold Rush of the 1800s is at our doorstep as the price of lumber quadrupled, building materials become scarce, and prices skyrocket… yet salvage is still near free but not for long.


What is a memory but a thought one reprocessed over and again? A picture with a story before and after, but to most, just a picture without time or place, a story without a trace but this. What do you do with your life that, when done, has a record like a picture that records the fun? Is there a product that lives on from your life you spend each dawn through dusk to build a dream or two, or just to work, pay bills, subdued?

What are you doing to create the things that you will celebrate when old and looking at your life, perhaps as a happy man and wife, that you will smile and share together when you are old through any weather? A tiny home you can maintain, off the grid if needed, plain, and simply built to last a lifetime, not a few years’ worths of nighttimes.

Get ahead of what is coming. Prepare for changes without running into all the problems soon as inflation takes firm hold of food. It is not the house so big and grand with taxes and utilities that leave you money still for food if something goes wrong with the world. For years the warning has gone out to prepare before the things go wrong but few will see the path ahead if war should happen or the loss instead of jobs and peace that we have known for generations here at home. Alas, the time is coming soon when salvaging will come to boom for global systems have collapsed. The giant ships are anchored down and things aren’t moving soon you’ll see, so building houses won’t be free but depend upon such things as these.

Windows, doors, and fantastic lumber, things to build with put asunder into landfills now you’ll see, are still worth millions and for free. Well they were, but now the people see the value and are moving to take down the treasures hiding all around, I think, at last, the reasons found. Lumber has gone up in cost more than gas, gold, silver, and even oil has not tripled or quadrupled in price. Lumber will rise and fall but never back to where it was because the transport and the cost of labor just keep going up. Take your time, don’t sell right now, and wait until the others run to dump the houses far too big to pay for when the banks cave in.

Savor the days, the choices, and the changes. May your downsizing be exciting and empowering as you leave the anchors behind and find yourself, the best part of your life, and focus on getting healthier while aging gracefully, getting better day after day.

If only more would consider what is possible with the imagination, action, and the best of our past. Truly this is the chance to Reset in a way that makes sense for all of the people locally, not focusing on being a net importer dependent on China for survival, for materials to build homes, cars, and more. The inflation is going to happen as the supplies dwindle and our import-dependent economy hits the wall.

I pray more of you see salvage mining, building, and hunting in your future so that locally, thriving and growing food, taking care of each other is possible, just like it was a hundred and fifty years ago when most of these parts were created. Why not use the best to Make America Great Again instead of just talking about what can be done, support America by salvaging the best of it, not throw it away like the kids of today seem to think is fine.

As elders, we are the last of the generations to appreciate the past and we have failed to teach respect for the past, for wisdom, for the elders and now the price is being paid. Kids with no skills, no idea of what to do, and expecting all of us who might have the ability, assets, or the means to take care of them to do so as if it is our job. How do you teach them to be empowered, independent, and able to survive if the imports and global addictions suddenly stop, cold-turkey not more anti-depressants but lots of Fentanyl… seems like an interesting coincidence that creates a burden on the society from within. Read the Art of War and know, that this is not a coincidence.

Please awaken to the potential of salvage and breaking free of the prescription drugs, semi-conductors, rare Earth metals, and what are we going to do soon. Our greatest treasures must be seen to be appreciated but most can not see past the broken-down old houses they burn, crush, and haul to the dumps instead.

Please get the International building codes out of your head and build tiny portable Loopholology homes you can live in and love for the rest of your life… then hand them off to loved ones if you care for them right. Respect the past, savor the present, and the gifts that come with imagination, ingenuity, and human energy.