In 2013 I wrote this Epitaph-Epic for Tiny Texas Houses. Wii, all the I’s in Mii, put her down in 2016. Start-Up … Still alive!

Massive Mothballed inventories awaiting a great day when our world would see the need perhaps, to build w things this way. Salvaged for 1,000 tiny organic cottages to form 1 day. Ready?

Resurrectionof a dream in Limbo, prepared and awaiting rebirth into the transforming society that will appreciate healthy Earth friendly sustainable solutions to housing, communities that nurture, and grow the ideal child, efficiency and freedom of the mind to focus on solutions in the future Wii, all of the “I”s on our planet will need as fertility has declined precipitously recently. Wonder why? Doesn’t matter, treasure every life Wii , have and next let us create a way home… a solution from imagination. Creativity is God’s gift to you and ingenuity is generally inspired by great need. Guess what? Many are finally inspired to look somewhere other than Wally Marts and Homey Depots for parts to form a better life with when they wake up to what was. It will finally be reality checks instead of government checks as floods, epidemics from weakened bodies, immune systems compromised by floodwaters, parasites, heat stroke, and stress.

By thinking of the world of Salvage not as trash but as Treasure, now is the time to bring the community around the knowledge of the elders left who can teach and the strong young family leaders, parents, and older kids who can rebuild without the government help. They will not be there with Bidon or any other at the helm, especially if war breaks out over stupid people tricks. What sort of world are Wii in and Where are They? Who? And Why are they starting new wars? Instead, crazy, but prepare! As Adam Brad Kittel, my only son and child sang my “Song of Salvage” poem, an epic, long ago… 2011. RIP 2 years before this.

How many hats wii wear that form the Mii I seem to be to all of those who see mii in the role or hat I choose. In time we leave them all behind, a newer, fresher hat we find, and take on what it brings, new life. I put 50 hats down to pick One up!

This is no easy read, but unedited, it was my view then… 2013. Now what do wii see?

Here goes the Original 2013 Epitaph of Tiny Texas Houses that predicted and anticipated this, published without fanfare back in that year no less. Then soon after, that being the second year after Adam passed on, with no heirs, I shuttered down, and waited. Now perhaps, the investors who will take on portions, buy in with time, money, energy, and use the millions in resources to take this to the next level it could not go until the people saw what the Toxic Box on Wheels trend would lead. How much down and how much a month was the real name of that game and many lost the proverbial arm and leg to charlatans who took advantage of the trusting. The $ driven world became one of NO obligation felt for due diligence by seller or buyer has led to massive debt on things not worth the loans within a year of driving them off the lot.

So sad but now… a start-up based on Truth, our Heritage and treasure, the principal that made in America means made to last a lifetime if possible without imported parts throughout or foreign labor so cheap you can ship products around the world at a profit… using prisoners seems okay for some, corps, countries, and buyers.


It is true, you are reading the Epitaph-Epic for Tiny Texas Houses in advance of its planned funeral and wake.  Twas a fine idea expressed in the most exotic of ways at a time when the world was not quite ready for what these were meant to portend.  The future could be built with the parts and pieces that we have, and the children would have all they need, grow up in toxin-free houses, and pass along the home to the next generation rather than throw it in the trash when you are through with it.

Life would be boring to repeat one thing a hundred times. That is for those that want to copy, not create. I think they call them subdivision developers, builders, and other such gentrified names. I am just an artist creating functional House Art and trying to offer what I feel are valid solutions to the society I live in that seems to feel that what we are doing to our children’s future and this country is Okay.

My simplest houses did not seem to get the attention around the globe quite as well as the exotic houses and the point is to get everyone to understand the value. When trying to get that across to a materialistic society, one must prove they are valuable in the currency of the day to seem to get it to register that they are valuable enough to go out and gather the materials to build them rather than try to come up with the money to buy one.If everyone wants one, more people will start building Tiny Houses.  If there is enough profit to make a living from it, more will do it and more will buy. If there is a demand for the materials, more houses, buildings, and barns will be torn down to supply that ergo more work for the public to do instead of gripe or stand in unemployment lines where no opportunity exists, just handouts that make one weaker for lack of using their own skills to thrive.

This collection I have successfully created thus far is unique in every way possible and designed to catch the eye of people around the world who like many different styles.  What is appealing to one is not to another so I am crossing all lanes on the highway and getting targeted by many who do not like my path.  This series of over 70 houses thus far is supposed to be a set of Lifeware Skills inspiring examples for you and others to be able to use to dream with and thus take action to make this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance part of your life.

YOU can join with others to make this possible in your community and build the exact house you like based on those I have created to inspire you with and spur you into action. Now you know you can get others with trucks, trailers, young backs, power tools, skills but retired, young and willing but no skills. YOU can make this happen with YOUR friends and relatives. No matter where You are, YOU will be the one to make a difference if it going to happen because the government and the global corporations will not help you become independent and free, self-sufficient, and capable of living without either of them in your local towns.

There you go, another long response to a simple statement. Thank you for helping me clarify some things.  I am getting disheartened by the lack of response given there are 250,000,000 people in this country alone, and then a few billion on the sidelines watching what we will do to save or destroy the world from our all too powerful position.  As the next month unrolls, we will see what comes of the seeds already planted.  If this has not been enough to get the concept rolling and more to come on board, then the door to much of what could happen will close.

We have announced what I want to do, how I plan to do it, what I have to do it with, and that no other chance for anything like this has ever been done before and put on the table to give this society a chance to help themselves crawl out of a hole we created for the rest of the world.  As it stands, our offspring to pay for when we are gone, though the debt is greater than they have any hope to pay,

Since that is not possible, we need alternatives for the kids of tomorrow.  I had hoped to see everyone adopt a new set of principles to build on and dispose of the past without filling up our landfills and throwing away our heritage.   I imagined people would jump on the opportunity to build houses practically for free.  I may have been ahead of my time again, a problem with past business ventures once or twice, but it took 30 years to open this door to creating the Territories and Villages but it will take more than what I have available to prove we can do this.  I obviously opened the door too early because I cannot afford to keep it open any longer.

 I am initiating liquidating the buildings and land that have been assembled for the Tiny Texas Houses Gonzales operations and will begin selling off the buildings and land in Gonzales that still house the inventory saved for the 250 houses that were intended to be built in the villages.   So there will be a big sale coming in June.  This will be a great opportunity for those who are looking to build regular-sized houses as I have lots of giant doors, windows, and much more that will get liquidated at 30=50% discounts starting in March as I clear out 80,000 sf of warehouse space in Gonzales and sell off the buildings that housed that portion.  See Buildings for Sale in Gonzales for more information if you are interested in some great real estate in a town that is booming due to the Fracing Methane boom going on from there to the Coast.   I will post a page to follow in the next day or two with a video too most likely.

Finally, I am going to migrate back to writing and drawing, finishing some books, and working with Mackey and others to create the books and programs to teach this concept if I can fund it.  If we can hold out and stabilize my financials,  Hopefully, I will still be able to effectively create the website to share the information, but also the hard copy books to take with you in the field.  The videos would be nice too but the funding and time may not be there due to the lack of support financially throughout this social experiment.  I plan on simply enjoying writing the final chapters of this fictional novel existence that I have been so blessed to live.  Regardless of the outcome of the business ventures that I have spent the last 30 years going through to get here, I have learned so much and I am thankful to have the opportunity to make the mistakes I get to make today, and the lessons I still learn from breaking new ground and failing to meet the goals I had set for myself.

We have house orders in place to work on through early summer, and I will take orders that will fill out the rest of the year but unless the houses are going into the villages, I will be done at that point with building for other people or clients.  I will simply be using up and selling the inventory I had on hand for this vision to manifest.  While I have the most incredible hope and desire, the passion to have given all I can seem to muster, I do not desire to be a businessman and build a thousand houses for people.  I am 57 years old and can live as comfortably as I need by myself in my Tiny Texas Temple and find peace while enjoying creating houses on my little patch of Earth for as long as I can.

I have heard the talk but seen that the action gets left out, and the efforts and calls seem to fall on deaf ears for the most part it appears.  I am thankful for those who are open to the ideas I have proposed.  I have no desire to push this on people and cannot afford to create the villages and Territories by myself so it appears like they will not happen as soon as I desired, if at all.  Most of the people who said they might like to change have chained themselves to their circumstances and things, to homes, families, and careers such that we can barely break away to make a sacrifice without jeopardizing the reserves that we believe will give us comfort and security.  There is nothing right or wrong with that, it is what it is, for each of us must go through, whatever stage we must to get to our own place in the end.  While I have judged many in my life for not choosing to help save the world or their children’s world, I do not now, but I will not ignore our problems and remain silent so I shall choose a different venue to speak out about my perception of what is going on as a fiction instead.

We, as a generation, have condoned the worst death and destruction in the history of the world for sake of our greed and desire to have it all.  I am not proud of that as an American and had hoped that others would choose a different path from those that follow during my lifetime.  We are at the worst point of chaos and war in history as our weapons are the biggest threat to the world.  We Americans have been the cause of most of it.  This is my tiny part of the answer if there is one to be composed by the masses if they care to act soon enough.  I can only ask…. what are you doing to this world?  I know there are others who are helping to change this, but it will take many more so please don’t think that your participation does not count.  It does, now more than ever, but no one will really be sure until it is too late to have acted and stopped the results of neglecting responsibility for the survival of our planet and species as a whole.  I do not believe that the elite will survive the hell they are creating with their greed and gluttony, their desire for power and control.

Let us please wake up, join together on some common ground, and implement the simple solutions at our fingertips that we personally can take action to make happen.  This is our reality don’t give it away to the government or bigger forces to control.  Self-sufficiency means thinking for yourself.  Try it if you have not.  It is an amazing feeling to know that you can break free and be who you want to be instead of what you hate turning into every morning as you go to work in order to survive.

This life for me has been an incredible experience and exercise in manifesting an image, a story, a concept, and a love out of what others considered dead houses, trash, and war zone neighborhoods.  I have compassion and sympathy for the kids who see nothing to hope for and remember the times in my life, my attempts to leave life as a teenager who saw no future for me in this angry threatening world I grew up in.  While I admit I have never fit into society well for my lack of common sense and social indoctrination, I have shared a long and fruitful relationship with our species as a whole in my 45+ moves around the world before reaching this place where I dropped the roots of my Tiny Texas Houses and Territories.  I have more things to be thankful for, both the traumas and the triumphs, than most ever get to dream of, and adventures that few ever dare to believe they could go on, let alone survive.  Now I watch the end of the last phase of my life as I seal it off from my future due to the forces at work and the decisions I have made to move forward,  I can finally understand so much that made less sense when viewed at an Ego based level.  Decades later, looking back at the same words 40 years later, the spiritual meaning is clear, the meaning is deeper, and the answers irrefutable.  A time for everything, and everything in its time, for me, this season is changing once more.

I had hoped we would see many people join us to create the SalvageFaire and villages around the core that will feed it with barter, trade, and income opportunity.  Not?  After several weeks of waiting to see people sign up we know that will not happen and we recognize what the response means.  No one really wants to participate in the next steps.  So far, since we announced what we would like to do, there was not enough of a splash to know we even posted a video so it may be an indication that we have about as much fizz as the Kickstarter program.

So, we will revamp again and keep on cooking with a new plan to survive and evolve so as to move forward with completing the orders in place, the books, the design program, and perhaps some design seminars.  We will definitely be selling tons and tons of windows, sashes, doors, flooring, metal roofing, and parts and pieces beyond your wildest dreams.  I am selling all of the inventory I have saved for a day when the people who would come could create a fantasy land for creative minds to bloom in, for flowers of God’s creative power to ignite and release fireballs of energy into our society to ignite the people’s inner passion to survive instead of sink into drone hood without resistance.

Thank you for following these posts and being a part of the dialogue about saving our planet and species through respecting our ancestor’s work, their creations, and their house, and using the parts to rebuild this broken world into a place you can be proud to leave behind.  I still have faith that the people can pull this out of the hat and save this planet from ourselves but as we give in further to the darker sides of our greed, fear, anger, and hate, rather than the love that it will take to fix this planet, I wonder at the darkness as I call out into it attempting to get this message heard.  Instead of the success, I dreamed of, I finally have to face the fact that I may not have a bright enough candle to light the vast room of darkness that we have all crowded into at this point of our species’ evolution on this planet.

I see people awaken every day and believe we have a chance, then watch as talk leads to action for some and gain great strength from that, but it will take more to have an impact and that appears to be more than I can do.  I may be at the end of my role in this movement, if it ever becomes that, though I had intended for this to be more successful in generating a change in perspectives.  I will be focusing more time on this website and my book on Wibblry and Wub.  The Facebook site will suffer and decline as I move the 3400 pictures off there over the next couple of months.  The manipulations of the traffic flow by Facebook, censoring, and cutting off people’s service over what they post is evidence of foul play and the move toward monetizing it to get the word out to people with status updates and such is continuing to reduce the number of people they issue posts to without charging to promote them.  So I refuse to be played much more.  Everyone that follows on Facebook can come to the other site with the click of a button as well so it should not hinder anyone from getting updated pictures if they are allowed on the site.  I have come to like the “Ban” option on the Facebook site and I AM SURE it will still be possible on the site as we grow into members only. (That got obliterated byt hackers in a night)

Share, if you will, again my gratitude for reading these long installments.   The 100 House cap on orders is now in place and there are less than 20 slots left.  Since announcing I have had commitments for 3 more and their deposits to lock those slots in will be in this week.  Once the deposits are in for the remaining orders we will stop taking new orders and cease marketing as we will have no more need to sell houses.  If you are interested in reserving one of the last slots, please email or get in touch.  For those of you who thought they were expensive before, you have not seen anything yet.  As I get near the last orders, the price is going up and will blow some people’s minds when I finish with the last ones.  While someone else may come along to build houses from Salvage when I am done, it will surely take them a few years to reach proficiency with building with salvage and designing for Tiny Houses will develop and others will be created to match my series.  I hope to see some incredible tiny houses be created from Salvage by others as time goes by, but after 8 years of waiting for others to jump on board, there is no apparent rush to do so and thus I am rather convinced that people just don’t want to do the real hard work or pay for it to be done.  It is clear that the bulk of America has sold out to the built-in obsolescence concept and buying cheap rather than the quality we were once known for as a nation.

Enter another campier version that will also take you to the tutorials, seminars of the past, and a house coming down to a Johnny Cash rhythm but Song of Salvage words as a tribute to a hero gone long ago, still heard. John Wayne, Johnny Cash, and other heroes of out past… TV was a wonderful way to create decent morals, no longer that way. Below is the Johnny B and the Apostles of Salvage singing.

Thank you for following Tiny Texas Houses as we have grown and hopefully through to the end when I will complete this collection of 100 Tiny Texas Houses that I hope will act as beacons and seeds to let the rest of the world know what is possible if they want to give it a chance.

With the best of dreams still ahead, I need someone to take this bear after it hibernates and train it then instead, with thousands who will profit by the show it comes to be.

If you want to become a Salvage, Tx supporter, to help grow this ideal, please contact me at.

[email protected]