Windows, doors, floors, & a loving pride: a home is where our hearts reside. Honor the body, give it a good home.

Honor the body, give it a good home. Honor the mind, w/ truth to hone your future by, not lies.

Retitled: doors, windows, & home you live in do not protect the body from threats outside home created & forced upon those who must conform. Break free, tiny if need be, to stay healthy.


Homelessness is a far-off and distant problem for most Americans in our country. Still, a growing percentage of people, women, children, and the elderly, are facing homelessness soon due to the collapse of the economy due to inflation growing faster than the incomes of the average American. How do people thrive in a world that seems to be diving into war and depression? Change the way you see the world, act to alter the course of your life that was set up before the COVID interventions that have caused more deaths than the flu did by itself. How much proof does there have to be to get the governments to abandon the reckless policies that are driving the government organizations to force people to take a vaccine that is deadly to many?

If you are thriving during the suffering masses, be thankful and continue to do the healthy things that keep you happy while others are not. What can you do to be healthier and ensure you will not be caught up in the traps of toxic food with mRNA in it? If people do not understand that the Spike protein is dangerous, it is actually damaging the heart, brain, and immune system and causing clotting in the deadly blood. Stop the madness of injecting vaccines into the people you love and replace shots with exercise, a good diet, washing your hands regularly, and doing all you can to stay healthy naturally. What are you doing to get into better condition? Are you setting an example for the children and others looking for answers? Why not?

The proof is in those of us who did not take the vaccines and are healthier than the millions who did. Wii, the “I”s that think before diving off a cliff with no water or soft spot to land, Wii are the examples that others must pay attention to if there is going to be a way toward healthy living again rather than living in fear, in the belief that God will not save you but the needles will, a well-proven falsehood that is promoted by Biden, CDC, and governments around the world that are run by people who are profiting off from this massive attack on humanity. What are the courses available to stop such evil people as Wii, the masses watching, get rich, and act as if there is no shame in profiting from the death of millions? How do you fix the leaders who would sacrifice their people for riches they will gain, a power they will use to defeat the good people who resist their dictates for death?