What does it take to create a Teeny Tiny Texas style house? Vintage House Parts & Your action. These are Not RVs!

This is not a doctoral thesis or journeyman-level construction requiring more than a few days to learn. Why don’t more people do this to grow future home or community to thrive together?


I would think that more people would take up such a simple hobby as building teeny tiny houses for their children and parents as they need more space instead of bigger houses. Why not separate master suites for the kids as they grow up? Perhaps to take away one day, they have a home instead of just a room to stay in for life. I want to demonstrate the possible paths for people who do not wish to conform to the shitrock housing standards that modern building has fallen to in the successful profiteering at the buyers’ expense. Cheap materials that look good for a few years break within 11 years by design, or less, have made buying a modern home a losing proposition.

The future maintenance costs are going to be higher than the house payment within 15 years due to the intended lifespan of the systems it uses to heat water, condition the air, or for siding, roofing, or lighting fixtures, nothing is intended to last for a lifetime as it was in the early 1900s in America. Quality building expectations now hinge on the buyers being ignorant of what poor construction looks like. Why so many people want a copy of the same model of a house that you can haul down the road but rarely do bewilders me as a financial investment that drops in value, unlike an actual tiny house built to last a lifetime and can be moved with a semi-truck and trailer if ever truly needed. If you find the right spot, why leave often? By renting spaces, a person is still a captive renter, but worse, if the tires are wrong, you can’t move them! If the rent is not paid, the landlord will own your RV and your home in a THOW (Tiny House On Wheels acronym), and throw you out! Yes, you will go, but not your show, held for rent owed, then storage fees until you go away and leave your RV for those who will rent it until it molds to Hell and is gone.

Yikes. Why not get out on some shared ownership or long-term lease spaces to settle in for a while instead of getting kicked out of the RV park when the new owners take over, raise rents, or your RV gets too old to get into the RV Park anymore? Most limit newcomers to less than ten-year-old RVs to qualify to get in full-time rather than short-term parking. Storage fees for unused RVs are insane these days due to their numbers as they get zoned out of the driveways and back yards, along the curbs in neighborhoods with expired inspections, tags, and thus also insurance. Where do you go to create a village of tiny houses instead of a mini-trailer park to live?

That means now, with the new laws and inspections on anything over specific capacities, which RV trailers fall into in Texas, I just learned. Even cargo trailers at 14,000 lb capacity must go through state inspections now in Texas to get a tag, which means insurance for the truck to pull it to the certified inspection stations regularly, too. Are you ready to comply?

The public is getting tired of the homelessness crisis showing up in the form of raggedy looking RVs, tents, and cars they are living in as they migrate from the places they are being chased from, but not leaving their drug habits, crime to fuel them, and memory of how to steal, siphon off the local freebies, and soak the locals for donations at every place they stop at, gas stations, corners with stop lights, and even in parking lots of grocery stores and restaurants. Some camp out at the entrances and hope for the gifts of others to support their habits of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and unemployment. What does anyone do for such people as they grow in numbers and cross over many generations to be examples of how our society has broken and lost so many to the streets, committing suicide, fast or slow, doomed without hope. What will America, Europe, and other supposed modernized industrialized at one time countries that are not doing well these days.

Immigrants were disappointed in the results versus the dream they were fed to draw them to America and many European countries, all wrought with frustration and no way to get home even if they wanted to return, as many do now that winter is setting in. Homelessness in the Northern USA this winter will mean frostbite and suffering, death, and indeed a horrendous rude awakening to how much they will regret the baited propaganda fed to them by Soros, the UN, and our enemies who send their troops in advance of a known war ahead. Sleeper cells are growing and fed by the frustration found once they learn how hard life is as a poor person in America, no matter what your color, age, or education. Sadly, many will resort to living in many forms of shelter from the weather and rain that will not be healthy for them or the community that has to care for their sick or watch them die in agony and without help. That seems to be a growing problem as more people give up and others choose to take advantage of others in all ways conceivable. Scamming and stealing from others no longer being a dishonorable occupation but simply a survival method adopted by a growing society of the downtrodden who have given up. How do Wii, those who chose not to indulge in all things self-destructive, from:


drugs by legal PHARMA rules,

street drugs,



statins instead of diet,

healthy instead of diabetic,

on dialysis,

or needing care daily due to:

a body morbidly obese,

broken due to self-abuse,

and totally dependent on the government

tax dollars paid by others, not you, to stay alive,



and medical care.

Who wants to take care of those who do not take care of themselves for any length of time? If you do not care for others while you can, why should others care for you when you can not? Do you have any right to expect anyone to care for you? Did you earn it before you needed it?

This is how a society collapses, and a need for healthy immigrants causes the government to give up on their citizens who are no longer fixable and advertise, bring in new bodies to work, to fill in where Americans are falling out, turning into zombies by choice instead of miraculous and prosperous due to all of the opportunity at our fingertips. How do Wii instill in the children born of this new age to honor truth and respect others’ freedoms in order to have theirs, and find a way to live well and prosper in unity rather than a battle as is happening worldwide. Societies do not integrate well without common languages and morals, an understanding of heritage and culture, and respect for others to keep their views on God or life without persecuting them for that belief. Can Wii, humans prone to war over peace and cooperation, break free from tyrants willing to wipe out all opposition with force rather than consider peaceful settlements? Historically speaking, cycles of peace and war are part of how changes come to society, usually due to abusive rulers pushing the limits of what the people will tolerate and finally being overthrown. Sadly, the new rulers seem to fall into the same traps of power and greed, of insanity that comes with absolute power, yet the addiction to what it gives them seems to be the test most leaders fail, or their evil peers then assassinate them.

I created my Chasm at the Fringe to exemplify what one old man could do alone, with nothing but a vision, faith, and 2 months of hard work solo. From no water to an Earthen spring fed pond with rains that proved what could be done… no more.

Will Wii, the many sentient “I”s of the world take away control from the megalomaniacs and tyrants in this next round of wars? Who are the Wii, the World Union of Light Beings that hope to illuminate the evil world with transparency and Light of the Heart that can finally bring the evildoers to global tribunals for all to see and thus finally trust in our ability to cleanse the swamp and make the world a better place when the dust settles from these final battles of good and evil in the world.

I hope to see you all on the far side of the Chasm at the Fringe, where I have lept from so many times, positive disintegration of the past to reach heights of relative potential so many others may still find instead of going blind in the distractions of the “Dayz.” Savor the great times of change when Wii can truly make a difference in the world that will last for the next millennium. Gratitude for sharing in the positive potential that lies ahead in the age of Aquarius that Wii came to manifest.