“Building a great future in a transformative year, with the hope of salvaging a pure future.”

Do you have a plan of action, grounded for traction, ready to move, but can’t find a groove? No surprise. First, Wii have to mobilize who will fill the villages most say they want to see.

What would you build with the same wood, different windows perhaps, even a single tub or shower to have more space? A package of materials is the beginning. The SpaceMagic Designs and human energy, imagination, and creation make us a tiny organic home to live in for a lifetime.

Why do people choose tine mobile homes, thinking they will last as a vintage wood home created sustainably, without cutting down a tree, melting sand to make glass, or creating something with no class, just cheap, toxic imports piled up but not intended to last? Why suffer breathing what new materials outgas, or for that matter, the pollution and waste created from manufacturing vinyl, plastics, and artificial things that make people sick to breathe them in all day and night?

Why not use the energy-saving glass from the past to build faster and easier, using doors for walls or ceilings made a hundred years ago? Save the 1,000 calories of heat per square inch of glass you use on the windows. Two layers 4″ apart equal any “E Glass that will fog one day” in vinyl, aluminum, or cheap wood that quickly decays instead of Cypress from a past century. What drives you to create a house that no one will celebrate in a lifetime when you need it most, to gift to your children or your most important partner when you go?

So many people talk of reducing their trash footprint, plastics, carbon fuels, electricity, and gas, yet they do not downsize their houses or their ass.
What is going on with the logic people use to pretend they care and then dare to do whatever they choose without regard for the tax upon society?

I hope that more will realize that saving the best of the past is the prize. It shows you care and do what Wii must, the “I”s of the planet that does more than just talk by being the examples of what a healthy human wants.

Share the goodness Wii create
by sharing the chance to celebrate
healthy living, sustainable ways
to grow a family
and teach them how to praise
the God that each may find to follow,
the love that families bring to each,
the goodness of what Wii can do
united with a common path to teach.

Loving, caring,
giving, sharing,
helping make the world true
instead of lies
by those who try
to rule both
Mii and You.

Wii can do Better
Without being tethered
by the few who want to rule.
Freedom rings
when World Unity brings
the best that Wii can do
to fix the world and use
these times to create anew.

Here is your chance to be a part of a force that parts from the modern ways some choose. Pick your future, building houses others will use to live without great strife, to thrive instead of lose. What comes will change the world at large, and few will alter the weather or charge the rest of the world with caring for them, or they will soon learn that there is no safety net.

Please create communities that provide support and set you free to grow your food, teach your kids, love your God, and give to this a place where you can live in peace. Suburbs will not be the way for many who want to have gardens and to say no to masks and other ways that some choose to go when the warnings fly; fear makes some cry, and the cities can be rude.

May your path be pure with truth at the core and your future bright to see as you thrive and strive to live a life that you can pass on to the kids, I believe, will lead us one day to living in a way that makes our life a paradise for youth. Blessings to your dreams and visions on this very transformative year, 2024.

See FB Marketplace for some sales and access to the warehouses. Brad W. Kittel