What does it take to create a Teeny Tiny Texas style house? Vintage House Parts & Your action. These are Not RVs!

This is not a doctoral thesis or journeyman-level construction requiring more than a few days to learn. Why don’t more people do this to grow future home or community to thrive together?


I would think that more people would take up such a simple hobby as building teeny tiny houses for their children and parents as they need more space instead of bigger houses. Why not separate master suites for the kids as they grow up? Perhaps to take away one day, they have a home instead of just a room to stay in for life. I want to demonstrate the possible paths for people who do not wish to conform to the shitrock housing standards that modern building has fallen to in the successful profiteering at the buyers’ expense. Cheap materials that look good for a few years break within 11 years by design, or less, have made buying a modern home a losing proposition.

The future maintenance costs are going to be higher than the house payment within 15 years due to the intended lifespan of the systems it uses to heat water, condition the air, or for siding, roofing, or lighting fixtures, nothing is intended to last for a lifetime as it was in the early 1900s in America. Quality building expectations now hinge on the buyers being ignorant of what poor construction looks like. Why so many people want a copy of the same model of a house that you can haul down the road but rarely do bewilders me as a financial investment that drops in value, unlike an actual tiny house built to last a lifetime and can be moved with a semi-truck and trailer if ever truly needed. If you find the right spot, why leave often? By renting spaces, a person is still a captive renter, but worse, if the tires are wrong, you can’t move them! If the rent is not paid, the landlord will own your RV and your home in a THOW (Tiny House On Wheels acronym), and throw you out! Yes, you will go, but not your show, held for rent owed, then storage fees until you go away and leave your RV for those who will rent it until it molds to Hell and is gone.

Yikes. Why not get out on some shared ownership or long-term lease spaces to settle in for a while instead of getting kicked out of the RV park when the new owners take over, raise rents, or your RV gets too old to get into the RV Park anymore? Most limit newcomers to less than ten-year-old RVs to qualify to get in full-time rather than short-term parking. Storage fees for unused RVs are insane these days due to their numbers as they get zoned out of the driveways and back yards, along the curbs in neighborhoods with expired inspections, tags, and thus also insurance. Where do you go to create a village of tiny houses instead of a mini-trailer park to live?

That means now, with the new laws and inspections on anything over specific capacities, which RV trailers fall into in Texas, I just learned. Even cargo trailers at 14,000 lb capacity must go through state inspections now in Texas to get a tag, which means insurance for the truck to pull it to the certified inspection stations regularly, too. Are you ready to comply?

The public is getting tired of the homelessness crisis showing up in the form of raggedy looking RVs, tents, and cars they are living in as they migrate from the places they are being chased from, but not leaving their drug habits, crime to fuel them, and memory of how to steal, siphon off the local freebies, and soak the locals for donations at every place they stop at, gas stations, corners with stop lights, and even in parking lots of grocery stores and restaurants. Some camp out at the entrances and hope for the gifts of others to support their habits of cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, and unemployment. What does anyone do for such people as they grow in numbers and cross over many generations to be examples of how our society has broken and lost so many to the streets, committing suicide, fast or slow, doomed without hope. What will America, Europe, and other supposed modernized industrialized at one time countries that are not doing well these days.

Immigrants were disappointed in the results versus the dream they were fed to draw them to America and many European countries, all wrought with frustration and no way to get home even if they wanted to return, as many do now that winter is setting in. Homelessness in the Northern USA this winter will mean frostbite and suffering, death, and indeed a horrendous rude awakening to how much they will regret the baited propaganda fed to them by Soros, the UN, and our enemies who send their troops in advance of a known war ahead. Sleeper cells are growing and fed by the frustration found once they learn how hard life is as a poor person in America, no matter what your color, age, or education. Sadly, many will resort to living in many forms of shelter from the weather and rain that will not be healthy for them or the community that has to care for their sick or watch them die in agony and without help. That seems to be a growing problem as more people give up and others choose to take advantage of others in all ways conceivable. Scamming and stealing from others no longer being a dishonorable occupation but simply a survival method adopted by a growing society of the downtrodden who have given up. How do Wii, those who chose not to indulge in all things self-destructive, from:


drugs by legal PHARMA rules,

street drugs,



statins instead of diet,

healthy instead of diabetic,

on dialysis,

or needing care daily due to:

a body morbidly obese,

broken due to self-abuse,

and totally dependent on the government

tax dollars paid by others, not you, to stay alive,



and medical care.

Who wants to take care of those who do not take care of themselves for any length of time? If you do not care for others while you can, why should others care for you when you can not? Do you have any right to expect anyone to care for you? Did you earn it before you needed it?

This is how a society collapses, and a need for healthy immigrants causes the government to give up on their citizens who are no longer fixable and advertise, bring in new bodies to work, to fill in where Americans are falling out, turning into zombies by choice instead of miraculous and prosperous due to all of the opportunity at our fingertips. How do Wii instill in the children born of this new age to honor truth and respect others’ freedoms in order to have theirs, and find a way to live well and prosper in unity rather than a battle as is happening worldwide. Societies do not integrate well without common languages and morals, an understanding of heritage and culture, and respect for others to keep their views on God or life without persecuting them for that belief. Can Wii, humans prone to war over peace and cooperation, break free from tyrants willing to wipe out all opposition with force rather than consider peaceful settlements? Historically speaking, cycles of peace and war are part of how changes come to society, usually due to abusive rulers pushing the limits of what the people will tolerate and finally being overthrown. Sadly, the new rulers seem to fall into the same traps of power and greed, of insanity that comes with absolute power, yet the addiction to what it gives them seems to be the test most leaders fail, or their evil peers then assassinate them.

I created my Chasm at the Fringe to exemplify what one old man could do alone, with nothing but a vision, faith, and 2 months of hard work solo. From no water to an Earthen spring fed pond with rains that proved what could be done… no more.

Will Wii, the many sentient “I”s of the world take away control from the megalomaniacs and tyrants in this next round of wars? Who are the Wii, the World Union of Light Beings that hope to illuminate the evil world with transparency and Light of the Heart that can finally bring the evildoers to global tribunals for all to see and thus finally trust in our ability to cleanse the swamp and make the world a better place when the dust settles from these final battles of good and evil in the world.

I hope to see you all on the far side of the Chasm at the Fringe, where I have lept from so many times, positive disintegration of the past to reach heights of relative potential so many others may still find instead of going blind in the distractions of the “Dayz.” Savor the great times of change when Wii can truly make a difference in the world that will last for the next millennium. Gratitude for sharing in the positive potential that lies ahead in the age of Aquarius that Wii came to manifest.

“Building a great future in a transformative year, with the hope of salvaging a pure future.”

Do you have a plan of action, grounded for traction, ready to move, but can’t find a groove? No surprise. First, Wii have to mobilize who will fill the villages most say they want to see.

What would you build with the same wood, different windows perhaps, even a single tub or shower to have more space? A package of materials is the beginning. The SpaceMagic Designs and human energy, imagination, and creation make us a tiny organic home to live in for a lifetime.

Why do people choose tine mobile homes, thinking they will last as a vintage wood home created sustainably, without cutting down a tree, melting sand to make glass, or creating something with no class, just cheap, toxic imports piled up but not intended to last? Why suffer breathing what new materials outgas, or for that matter, the pollution and waste created from manufacturing vinyl, plastics, and artificial things that make people sick to breathe them in all day and night?

Why not use the energy-saving glass from the past to build faster and easier, using doors for walls or ceilings made a hundred years ago? Save the 1,000 calories of heat per square inch of glass you use on the windows. Two layers 4″ apart equal any “E Glass that will fog one day” in vinyl, aluminum, or cheap wood that quickly decays instead of Cypress from a past century. What drives you to create a house that no one will celebrate in a lifetime when you need it most, to gift to your children or your most important partner when you go?

So many people talk of reducing their trash footprint, plastics, carbon fuels, electricity, and gas, yet they do not downsize their houses or their ass.
What is going on with the logic people use to pretend they care and then dare to do whatever they choose without regard for the tax upon society?

I hope that more will realize that saving the best of the past is the prize. It shows you care and do what Wii must, the “I”s of the planet that does more than just talk by being the examples of what a healthy human wants.

Share the goodness Wii create
by sharing the chance to celebrate
healthy living, sustainable ways
to grow a family
and teach them how to praise
the God that each may find to follow,
the love that families bring to each,
the goodness of what Wii can do
united with a common path to teach.

Loving, caring,
giving, sharing,
helping make the world true
instead of lies
by those who try
to rule both
Mii and You.

Wii can do Better
Without being tethered
by the few who want to rule.
Freedom rings
when World Unity brings
the best that Wii can do
to fix the world and use
these times to create anew.

Here is your chance to be a part of a force that parts from the modern ways some choose. Pick your future, building houses others will use to live without great strife, to thrive instead of lose. What comes will change the world at large, and few will alter the weather or charge the rest of the world with caring for them, or they will soon learn that there is no safety net.

Please create communities that provide support and set you free to grow your food, teach your kids, love your God, and give to this a place where you can live in peace. Suburbs will not be the way for many who want to have gardens and to say no to masks and other ways that some choose to go when the warnings fly; fear makes some cry, and the cities can be rude.

May your path be pure with truth at the core and your future bright to see as you thrive and strive to live a life that you can pass on to the kids, I believe, will lead us one day to living in a way that makes our life a paradise for youth. Blessings to your dreams and visions on this very transformative year, 2024.

See FB Marketplace for some sales and access to the warehouses. Brad W. Kittel

Proof of concept w Pure Salvage Living methods to save crops in our gardens as weather freezes past Waco to Wacko!

How many people need to come up with a new plan for the snow, freezing rain, and storms that are coming upon an unsuspecting population that believed Al Gore?


JAN 17, 2024


Yes, the global warming that is too thick to shovel has fallen upon America at a time when there would be no more snow. How has the global warming story that took me in so long ago until I had to learn more to know it was bull cookies made to look delicious to believe? Computer projections of what will come to be by people who have no idea of what to put in to see how the weather and the sun will cause the world to change or be hot because of humans as if anyone could thus perceive. How do such elementary school thinking lead to conclusions worth putting taxes upon unless you are a politician looking at how you would gain? Stop the madness of man causing everything you see going on from the sun to the Earth. The planets are affected, not Earth alone, yet the people follow fake news like it was proven to be true.

No wonder when the proof is put before the eyes of those who could use such things as salvaged wood to create a better house. Gardens that could last through cold because someone would be so bold as to use the trash you throw away when you tear down the houses of the past in cities always to be found. Why not join together to create the ways to grow the solutions that wii need to save those homeless without hope? Salvage all Wii have on hand to create the fuel, the food, and the jobs it takes to create the places people want to stay. Create the villages and towns that feed upon the treasures found in buildings and the past resources waiting to be converted. Gather bricks and wood to use, glass to gather light, and lose the thought that if it is not new, it is not good to use to build a future that Wii can choose finally.

Don’t be a victim when such wealth stands before the eyes of many a man. Use your ingenuity and action that, as you can see, quickly solves the problems you see as they pop up, with perspicuity, a word you should learn to grow from opportunity. What is stopping you as you see the world change? you know that if you leap and act now, you will thrive while others watch and study you. Once you prove that this can be done, and people see you are also having fun, they will help, even copy you. So why not get started so that you can reap the many benefits of salvage mining too. Build your future with a family business to create those greenhouses for others who may have less. Show what Wii can do by helping take down a house or two and create a community garden that a group of you can do that no one person could alone, thus a community grow too.

Be the example where you live to take the windows that others might give and form a community garden, though it may start so small as to prove what’s possible so that others too can solve the problem with the cost of finding healthy food for all. Create the chicken coops and gardens in co-ops that focus on the salvage that you can do as salvage hunters, salvage miners, and salvage builders. Be the source for solutions from the experience and the wisdom of elders and the sources you can find online, much like you do here. See the TinyTexasHouses.com site or if you read without your political glasses keeping you from laughing as you see the craziness and how Wii can change what comes after the end of the madness that wii see each day in a world where it seems Wii have little to say.

Be the example as you recreate the world locally where Wii can play some factor and help all. Join in salvage building the solutions that Wii need to be the country. Yes the nation that Wii really ought to be. Savor all our freedoms and preserve them all, or else they will be lost for a century, and the return of them will be hard fought. It is better to refuse to give up what Wii thought Wii had as a world of believers in the chance to live life fairly. Share the truths and the solutions with an open mind to the forces of both good and evil working all the time. Will you fall into a trap and never get out of the gap between the ones who stand up for the truth or those who destroy it all?

1,000 sq. ft. of salvaged glass to create healthy humans using trash, saved 12,000,000 calories of heat.

Using windows of the past to create a garden for the future when the groceries may not be as good in stores as grown organically on my homestead. Why not live truly sustainable & healthy too?


JAN 15, 2024


This is an excellent test of our ingenuity on the fly. As you might not know, three nights under 32 degrees in Texas is not the norm in winter. Anticipating that the weathermen did not know how bad it would get, I started on this project a week ago in my head, then faster as the weather got colder ahead. Not over yet, and more to come, but I am learning and having fun. YOU?

How many people lost their gardens in this freeze? The flowers and perennials, the palm trees are nearly gone. You can not tell just yet, but there is death still frozen about that will thaw and show the rot of all that most had thought would grow. Did you consider this fine salvage miner hack that allows you to close in a garden to save the plants you love? Imagine on a porch where you could glass it up like this or have the screens to put plastic on and still create a nest. A place to heat and cut the wind, to let the plants have a chance to win in a battle with the cold that will kill man and beast if they lay still. The time is right to think about the plans you have to grow food or stop the weather that will get stranger still unless you think of things to sustain the life you want to live.

In this case, all you have to give is a chance for old windows to go on and live as greenhouse gardens for all to enjoy who help you create it, no need to employ. Please share in the riches that one might find by salvaging a house or building instead of crunching them all the time. Stop the demo, save the wood, save our salvage if you could, and build a future for the ones who may not have the bucks or some who do not know what you could do if you get together and create like I do.

Please use these examples of how easy it can be to create a garden of your own that you can then watch grow. Do it with the blood and sweat of those who lived long ago instead of wasting all the work and coal it took to melt the sand and get it down. Don’t waste past treasures that could become your solutions fast like these did for mii in a pinch to save our crops and feel richer. Treasure is what you can use to make like great, not beautiful but full of healthy things to show that God is Great for those who know and see the treasure all about that Wii can use to build out then the promised lands some talk about.

Savor the chance to help create a new world that Wii can celebrate instead of getting orders from the few elites who wish to rule the world and telling us what Wii should eat. Stop the madness by example of what some might think is ample. Use your logic and good sense to build a village, something less intense than the greedy social circles where the richest live the best and the poorest are left homeless due to the taking by the rest. How do Wii now inspire those who took all they could get and failed to share it with the world by creating what was best? Their turns to lead are spent and lost, the consequences come in the form of great tribunals seen in the reflections if you dare of the windows to the past that foretells what will grow instead once the ways for us to stop the cold and grow a best future. Join my campaign to bring back the ways to live simply yet live well by respecting all the best of things still here that could still last and use them to create a future that will sustain nearly every test to prove it is sustainable for a lifetime of deep rest. A home should be where hearts can find a dream and share it with the ones you love and want nearby instead of all the rest, the millions of city dwellers crammed into spaces without trees, and seldom nature can be found for the humans there to see.

See the greenhouse with the windows into fantasy. See the plants growing before becoming a human, Mii, all the organisms sharing this skin that speaks out free to tell the others in the world: By Example, may you see what can happen when you truly live what you believe. Be the Light, the leader, the example of what a great leader could be if the world ever decides to live free.

Create sustainable warm spaces for food to grow in wintry weather w Salvaged Storm Windows.

Use biofuels to provide heat and CO2 so they can grow to feed you.


JAN 15, 2024

I seed through ideas for veggies from Salvage-Formed Greenhouses that is a fast, economical, Earth-Friendly way to go.


Suppose a house was to be torn down but had windows that could not otherwise be found for free. Would you take them out with care to form a greenhouse to share all the food that could come from what would be trash? Yes, the wood you get free and the windows will be a way to feed your family and your friends.
Would there be someone who might help you donate sashes that will amount to a way to create humans out of what you grew within, from peanuts to cabbages, strawberries, tomatoes, and potatoes? All will blend to grow the people and our animals from what was dead. Houses die when unused, or the land is needed for a bigger house.

Why not use the best Wii ever had to create a better future than a landfill that is nearby? Turn the trash into treasure and tell the tax man when he comes that it is simply art, a pile of trash that has no value once its end is determined by the way you demolish the houses. So no tax on it. Grow your chickens and your veggies with the parts you find in the millions of old homes that do not house anyone and will need to be demolished for some space to grow some more.

I prefer that they will build tiny, not just houses but villages too. Groups of common-minded people who want a community, not just one, in the village that will share the work of growing gardens and the fun of having many critters who help to balance nature where we spawn our ethos for a simpler life lived healthy, near off-grid. What drives those who do not want to live in the middle of the Electro-goo? The EMFs and smog show what abuse the body can go through and have proven most would live much better without the stress that comes with living in the city. The cost to make a living of a standard that gives everything the people want is changing faster than most thought. Food and shelter are becoming more than most can afford without going in to live with others who can share the cost of the basics to keep from being homeless like millions have had to do.

RVs, cars, and van life are near the same as homelessness. For the nomads, life leaves little for the American Dream once provided for a carrot that called to all the youth. Out of reach for lack of action by those who want, but most lack the hope or will to do the work that must be done to break free from the hurts. The lessons learned from living large, deep in debt, or deep in drugs are paying back now in a major way by taking from the people without them getting any say. The leaders sent our wealth abroad to wage great wars from way too far to justify a threat to us, causing our kids to be sent off to die. This is once more a corporate war that will ignite and not settle any scores, but the winners will be, as they always are, the banks and the weapons makers, not the workers on the farms.

Who will feed the world today as the cold sets in and food disappears? With Ukraine fields that once grew grain filled with mines and the bombs we sent for free, who thinks that did not warm the world nearly half a degree? What on Earth do the people believe that pass out that Global Warming Schtick when they also gain great wealth and power by feeding the wars with their unrestrained power?

WHEN DO THE PEOPLE RULE? Such cries go out and show that the people on the tractors, in the trucks, and the mills are not supporting war machines that grow on evermore to make the richest of the world more powerful Wii know, but the “I”s around the world are seeing all of this exposed thanks to the whistleblowers and their finally being shown. Tell the people what you see through the windows I bring from the past where some thought was lost, a sight of logic at no cost. See the best of our great history and save it before the next big blast of war machines that will insure the best of the past is lost for sure.

Please stop the madness with metaphors like a garden built from the sand on the shores that was melted into glass with the coal from the mines that our ancestors went crawling down as children to bring up. Save a thousand calories it took to make one inch of the glass that could create the food to grow again. Please don’t throw away the work and energy of human beings who were ancestors who gave their lives and worked for their families. Respect the labor, love, and homes they built to raise the kids and hope the world flourishes with all God could give. If they did good, it was understood, they would be rewarded too, when they left this life and ventured on to see their God, its true, most believed in a God to be their guide and thus be used to manifest this destiny that you are about to lose.

Freedom to believe and love, to grow your dreams but not push or shove the others in the world who share the planet, which requires care. Let us join as one big union of the people who see the proof that if the greed and evil leaders were taken out, they would be replaced by purer people who would care for all instead of just enriching themselves. I do believe it can be done. The World Union of Beings as One great proof that our humanity can stop the warring and still have us be free. This is a fantasy that I dream of when I create another garden on the Earth as evidence that you could take the past and grow a community where you live now. Join together to share ideas and the parts of the past for free. Create a path for many to share that no one person could ever dare. I will help and hope you see the logic in Pure Salvage ways to enrich the many with plenty to see and share the work so that all will be better off for the blessings that you all will see.


Help Wanted by Society Elders: Jobs w/ leadership, local connections, lifeskills: unlimited rewards.

Yes, the time has come to take your wealth of knowledge & time, your savings in many forms, treasures both, to reinvest into the future of our Country, our planet Earth. Help Wanted: Over 50 preferred


JUL 20, 2023

Are you one of the few who knows what to do? I need help, and it may be you to do what must be done locally, not here with me. Can you work out there in the real world, the rural towns and places where I need help to grow a legion of Pure Salvage Outpost Co-op Administrators. Great potential to change the world locally, before your turn here to share your wisdom, skills, special knowledge that others need to know before you go on. Now is the time to shine, and to get involved.

I could wear my suit and tie and let you see what you feel I should look like as a successful millionaire. I became that at an early age, in my mid-thirties on paper, then more to really be if I were to cash out. Then I would have to pay it all to the Bribe-on team. Instead, I have a plan to share. How about you? You could look like a millionaire and be one, but that is not what determines the truth or character of a man or woman. It is your truth, honor, and respect for what is right, how to help others, and to do so rather than hoard wealth at the expense of all others on the planet. Time for change starts with You and Mii.

Bet you don’t see many Help-Wanted Ads like this. Not many applicants in our modern world, but Wii only need a dozen or so to change the world locally. Then more will see too. Is that you?

Life does not end at 60 or 70 but can be of high quality long after that. So can your life after and the one when you return. Foresight is better than hindsight, and being in the moment incredible for a moment or two till in the past again. Foresight is what is necessary to not run into problems or obstacles, to identify with perspicuity the goals, and to reach them without breaking any toes. Who knows better than the leader who calls and tells you from the inside, no walls, that you have a mission now and there is no time to stall? Get out and take actions, not just words, and talk about what you can do to help us through these times of change and awe. Don’t be struck down by the challenges now; exemplify how and teach the kids why. Never give up, and do more than try. Succeed through tenacity, hard work, and honestly earned pride.

Don’t waste life by not learning, stuffing your Spirit with all sorts of memories to sort and savor long after you have finished your work on Earth. Savor the days, do what you can to make them phenomenal, and youth until the day you go on to the next round.

Job titlePure Salvage Living Outpost Co-op Leaders

Company nameTiny Texas Houses Job locationUnited States (Remote)

Job InfoSettings

Job description

This is a leadership role with unlimited opportunity dependent upon your desire to grow your version, morphed to your local area rather than one model applied around the world as if it would work in all places. Pure Salvage Outpost Co-ops (PSO) territories are now available for the right leaders to grow.

This is about integrating your knowledge, connections, and ability locally where you can impact your community or vision of a community you want to help intentionally create.

Several criteria will make you a candidate for the funding through all materials, to create 90%+ Sustainably built tiny organic houses without imports, toxins from outgassing new materials, building methods that teach Loopholology, the science of creating without codes or restrictions, excessive taxation, and various legal Loopholology tactics that can save you BnB taxes, income taxes, and create income streams that will last a lifetime without ever having to buy lots of land or rent houses in the city.

This is a call for elders, too, not particularly the under 40-50 crowd, who may be good candidates but not have the other skills one would want to have to run a facility that takes the tools of those who are managing the Pure Salvage Outpost as a Co-op that provides the materials to build tiny organic houses, as well as directions for those wishing to tear down the old and rebuild homestead for the new generation. Old farmhouses have a functional life, partly based on our lifestyle changes over the decades.

No longer can four generations live peacefully under the same roof. In my opinion, it is better to have many master suites, such as bedrooms, a kitchen and living, a meeting house, and lots of work to keep all busy creating food and solutions to thrive in hard times or good. Still, despite media hype, more kids are living with parents and people on the streets homeless since the depression. There are ample solutions, and that is what PSOs will share.

The ability to gather others, elders, teachers, mentors, parents who want to care for more kids, and a village of teachers to share the job of creating good leaders 25 years from now. I am looking to sponsor all the materials to build tiny organic houses for communities of people with a common mind and intention to create housing that will last a healthy lifetime. I want to see leaders who will get paid based on the many avenues of income that will come from building tiny houses at a facility that could be locally sponsored to start. The city, Economic Development Corps, or benefactors could supply space to launch the local PSO, where we can ship materials and plans, do seminars, and have Zoom meetings weekly to instruct on the many ways kids can create a business from taking down houses and barns, creating chicken coops, dog houses, and even their own bedrooms out behind the main family home, perhaps to take with them one day when they move away.

I want to find a dozen high-quality people with heart, knowledge, and a youthful spirit that is positive and hopeful about teaching generation skills and confidence to build a town intentionally with elders and youth united to create success for all involved. Many need the help of a common meeting ground, with instructors to mentor, micro-funding without interest to build, even for the houses to live in once done, all thanks to programs the Co-op and you, as their leader, manage. Ample income from selling houses, materials, packages of windows, doors, and floors, especially once the local salvage miners start producing parts and pieces that can be used and transformed into more houses faster than taking them apart to the board, denail them with NailKickers and rebuild from scratch. These methods are what will make this possibly the most profitable launching port for kids and families that want to work together, locally, to create a better society, a place to Be instead of want to move away from.

The plans in 3-D on Sketch Up to build this with the materials the examples it and has been done. You step into this picture and create more, with help, and then they create more for the many who still want them. I had my turn to prove it could be done. Now I want you to spread the word and PSOs that make it possible locally too.


The responsibilities of running a Co-op can be shared as teams, thus the income that they can generate to compensate for the administration, the profits that will come to share with those who come here to create and sell what they find to be a new occupation for many, and one that is in high demand… organic sustainable toxin-free and import-free, Locally-Made not shipped to me… that is what many people want to see. I want the people or teams that can make this happen locally. Not all need to be in one person alone. Understand that creating 25 tiny organic houses a year is enough to generate a million dollars to pay for the things you need, especially since only 25-35% will be the cost of materials and tools, utilities, and operations which can create wealth for all to prosper locally, instead of sending it overseas. China will get over it, the Americans who benefit, the elders who must downsize, the towns that need to clean up, and the materials will create a wealth that few know little of. More millionaires are made from salvage, yes of plastic and metals, but more of wood, windows, and doors that could open the opportunity for more with variances in the code and let us be a bit bolder. We can design the things Wii need, all the “I”s that wii need to see in houses and living healthily. You can make a difference and not move away from home where you want to help and make a future for the elders and the kids.


While I have described many of the qualifications in the other sections above, the job of creating the Pure Salvage Outpost is going to take people, perhaps not just one in an area, for the hats and responsibilities are many, to help find the space, the support, the people who are willing to share time and knowledge, teach skills to the kids who do want to learn what Grandpa and Grandma have to teach. These are the few, not the many, and the best would be the ones who can also find financial support locally. I can supply all the parts, the doors, floors, windows, walls, and roofing to get started for a dozen houses. Still, the growth of this idea of the Pure Salvage Outposts, PSOs, is to fuel locals to join in Co-ops that will inherit tools from elders whose widows will also benefit and support them. They will become local hangouts for the younger generations that want to contribute and know how to work and give service, as the elders will demonstrate is the right way to be.

We must create the forces of Light and Opportunity, the places to mentor and fuel that. I have $10,000,000 in materials, enough to get the first 400 houses built and a select couple dozen PSO leaders on the way to creating many millionaires, careers, and solutions to local rural towns dying or drying up for lack of ideas, resources, and reasons to grow without the added costs of utilities and other things that Pure Salvage Living Renaissance ideas and methodologies could help solve. Ingenuity is born from need and inspiration due to hardship. I think the stimulus is on the horizon, and sunrise will blind many. I am looking for those who know where their sunglasses are because they need them when looking in the mirror.

Shine bright, my friends. Join me as a Pure Salvage Outpost benefactor and local hero one day.

Employment Type

Screening question

Must-have qualifications

  • Are you willing to undergo a background check in accordance with local laws/regulations?Ideal answer: Yes
  • Do you know if your intent is solely for profit potential? If so: answer Yes. If profit 2nd & ability to invest time/money to create & profit, do service, and help people thrive, sustainability 1st. Say NO!Ideal answer: No

Preferred Qualifications

  • Do you have a valid driver’s license?Ideal answer: Yes
  • Are you comfortable working in a remote setting?Ideal answer: Yes

False Teachings, Deception, leaders lies seem to dominate world agenda. Is there a chance for Truth to win?

A war of words, of people led there by those w/bad intentions, leading to violent wars that kill innocents, for sake of money, power, & control. Human trafficking abounds.


JUL 8, 2023

Time for the bright lights to glow and light a path to other ways to go. The leaders will be changing soon and that is sure to show but they may not be leaving without resisting the facts show they must GO!

When you get into these later years, my 60s are nearly spent, and the world needs much to heal and grow in a way that will be good. It’s hard to figure out what all of us elders can now do to make the world a better place before our time is through. How about you? Copping out before it’s over or getting ready to provide the cover the kids will need to survive what comes due to the ignorance that rules now?

Can Wii, the sane and loving humans who seek to do the right things in life, share, help others, and live in family service, loved ones, and your God? If wii are free to do that, to help those who need it, and to create a healthy home and life for our family, then most believe that peace will follow if wii make that our primary goal. Wealth and power are not to be held with a pure heart unless the mind is healthy, the body strong, and the will to stop evil in its tracks to create the paradise on Earth that most think can not be found unless you die. The false assumption, as you can talk to many people who do consider their life on Earth a Heavenly experience, filled with love and happiness day after day.

How do Wii, the many “I”s of the world that are still able to discern, act willfully and able to help make change happen in a positive way. This means offering up solutions that could actually work without the government controlling the actions of the people based on their corporate interests. Yes, many governments support and promote the policies that grow government, and make it stronger at the cost of the freedoms and rights of the people. This creates a conundrum that leads to governments having to fall and start over once they collapse from internal decay.

What is the difference that allows some to live in that perspective that they live in Heaven while others look at every day as a living Hell? Perspective is only part of it, for if you are in pain, suffering emotionally or physically, there is pain that can not be anesthetized or ignored. Life is full of challenges and reasons to strive to succeed, to have goals and to reach them, attain success, and move on to do greater things if those around us help make the best life possible. On the other hand, those around you are constantly knocking you down when you get up to walk or run to test your abilities and limits with positive support to build confidence instead of doubt in your potential. It is the perspective you are taught, given from childhood, that will allow you to be stronger, more confident, and thus more able to succeed when challenged later as an adult.

What path do you lead others down when they ask for guidance, for a way to find happiness and bliss in this lifetime on Earth? Are you leading to a place that is positive, potentially able to open doors for many instead of accumulating only for yourself? Being a good leader means being a great example for others to emulate, to promote instead of making the rich, powerful, or beautiful the focus of children so as to believe that happiness depends on things, wealth, or beauty. That is a lie.

Children must build up their abilities, knowledge, and confidence through success and failure. The Failure to be the best, and to find success at every turn, is what creates character through trials and tribulations that provide a comparative worldview. Suppose you never are challenged, forced to do what you did not think you could, and succeeded at the task. In that case, you will likely doubt your ability to perform at the highest levels to reach success and goals others will not even attempt, solely due to your belief in your ability to succeed. Is it true, or are you telling yourself lies daily and choosing to believe them instead of the facts? The proof that upsets those who chose to refuse to accept the truth to live by, living lies instead and wondering why they can not be happy, and only changing behavior, habits, and likely those you hang out with will make their life better.

That is the inner drive, will, passion, and desire expressing itself through action, through your ideas about manifesting dreams, visions, and a feeling of purpose in your life. Suppose you do not have meaning or purpose in your life. In that case, you will likely develop a feeling of worthlessness, of not being of value to the group or society you are part of, and others may feel the same. Most of us, the social group wii attach to, will feel that wii do not deserve to be benefiting from being part of our social group without contributing anything to the betterment of the society wii choose to belong to and depend upon to survive. People can survive but not necessarily thrive alone in the world. Most of us need help to create a home, keep food coming to the table to eat, a house over our heads to protect from storms, and find ways to stay healthy to work and live well from our daily efforts to master the world, to become a success.

The definition of what success is ultimately is an individual determination as being rich, consequential, or beautiful does not in itself assure happiness will follow and stay intricately connected in some way to success. In the day of the internet, being an influencer that will guide others to copy, grow, and develop the ideas and potential to make the world a better place to live. Sadly, many who are successful do not find happiness but depression, instead leading them to commit suicide in many ways, actually taking their life intentionally, or in more cases than not, slowly, painfully, ignorant of the fact that they are eating the poisons, killing themselves slowly without even knowing what they are doing wrong. Unlike sheer stupidity, which is defined as doing what you know is wrong, consequential, and could hurt you. They were never taught to eat well, take care of their body, and grow their future body with intention instead of simply eating and drinking what tastes good, feels good, or appears to be addictive due to the ingredients you can not see or understand will hurt you. Are you one of the ignorant by choice, refusing to learn how to act better and treat your body kindly and with the intention to be healthy?

First and foremost, you are responsible for taking care of yourself so that you can then help take care of the world and make it a better place to live. If you feel your focus is simply making your own life better for your desires to be fulfilled, regardless of whether it takes away from others’ potential to be healthy, happy, or live free too. If you take from others and do not care, love, or return the gifts that come into your life, you will lose them and pay a horrible price. Your health, wealth, and happiness are not assured by wealth, power, or fame. The truth is, oftentimes, those are the very things that cause the depression and angst that most people seem to be suffering from, taking medications to alter their moods, dietary issue, or pain due to not having appropriately cared for the body they are experiencing life through.

Create with your hands, your mind, and your thoughts being the foundation of what the future will be created from when your imagination and actions become part of what will be our tomorrow. Join me in creating the solutions to empower the masses of kids who will need life skills as well as coping skills that come from being tested and failing or succeeding to learn persistence and faith pays off.

Stop thinking you are weak, unable to survive without PHARMA to save you, doctors to drug you legally, or self-medicating your sadness or madness away. Stop the addictions to the things that make life Hell instead of Heaven while on Earth. You, not one other person on the planet, can change what is in your head to chart the course to inner peace and happiness. NO One can give that to you. Get up and do what it takes to change your life for the better now. Don’t be a zombie on the side of the road waiting to die a horrible death you cause yourself. Start thinking about creating a new life, a tiny house, a community, a way to be the best that you can be while you can still change the future to be the best one possible. Share the ideas of becoming independent and having a group of tiny houses that share a big house for kitchen and gatherings, and stop wasting money having too much space, more than you can easily afford in a future where money is in question to afford to live in the luxury you are accustomed to for the rest of your life. Life changes… you must, too… or you will be left in a hole that will fill up with unhealthy goo.

Accidents and factors beyond their control have damaged some, and they will spend a lifetime learning the lessons that go with this experience that teaches us on many levels, human and spiritual, if you choose to see the world in this way. What you do with the challenges, the tests of your will, ability, and love will be many in life. Still, do your best to achieve success every time you are challenged. You will most likely succeed often and become an example for others to follow from their beginnings to a fruitful life, one that is fulfilling while also being productive and full of love given as well as received. That is the ideal in life, to grow up with friends, family, and people that love you and that you love in return. Sharing the lives wii live, the benefits wii share and the dreams wii grow to hand off to friends, family, and members of the society you choose to live in is what makes life excellent, worth living with pride, and rewards that make our experience on Earth wonderful, that Heaven instead of the Hell that comes from a life of hate, self-destruction, and neglecting to love and give service to the world you live in… a lesson many never learn.

Is this the time for creating your Heaven on Earth, simplifying and focusing on the things you can do in service with the gifts of talent or skill you have to offer? If enough of us decide that this is the priority in life, to take our wisdom and abilities to make the world a better place before wii go on to our next life? If wii create a paradise, why not consider that reincarnation will give you a chance to reap the rewards from childhood to your next life as an elderly person who did indeed get to live in a Heaven created by God through Mankind, helping manifest miracles and a place Wii all want to come back to and live again instead of focusing on leaving, never to return. God’s greatest reward to us is the gift of life, and the quality of what it will become is up to us, daily, working to create a dream in common that will benefit all who come to this holographic world wii call our reality while incarnate. Truly Wii are all blessed with an opportunity to build the future and be rewarded in many ways that are not material. They are in our minds, hearts, and Spiritual bodies that few understand are the most important aspects of our existence. The final battles ahead are in the minds and hearts of mankind. Will yours be strong and beneficial in the coming times, or the problems manifested by other humans will destroy our chance to create a paradise for all who come in the future seeking it, yet allowing those who seek self-annihilation the space to fulfill their dreams to but without hurting the rest of us with their bad behavior. Some like it in Hell.

There will be zombies and dummies that can not be saved or given a new life. Wii can not save all beings or things, nor should wii as some things are doomed to perish. The cleansing ahead of the many who chose to be dead, taking poisons they realize could kill them but taste good, feel good, or peers convince them that it is the right thing to do. Sadly, many do not think for themselves but let others who do not have their best interests in mind rule their lives. How do you wake them up? You can’t because this is your free will at work, to your benefit or decline, it is your choice. Pick well or go to Hell on Earth as a path that many choose, lose, and die unhappy.

Time to be Reborn into a world Wii will create. Celebrate the Mother Of All Rocks give birth to Darby.

Who you were versus who you will become is a very separate Being. The past is but the prepping ground to prepare us for these days when you can shine as the example for the kids today.


I remember when I was young that old people started at about 61, and then they were no fun. People talked of where to put them. Aged parents retired, doing nothing but getting fat and needing care. Why would one rush ever to get there?

No one wants to age poorly, and so our generation sees that others have lived long to see more than a hundred years and done it while still living on their own without doctors near. What is the great difference twixt them and others who look like they should be in boxes planted before they are 62? Is it diet or the booze, the cigarettes, the burgers they choose? Does the doctor help when prescribing drugs that hide the symptoms well? Repeat offenders who can not stop poisoning the body with crap with eventually destroy the helm, the brain that runs the body well. Why do most forget that the food they eat determines what they get? Exercise and what we do shows God and others our respect. It’s true. If I gave you the gift of life in a bag of water with some clay instead and said that if you treat it right, you can live as long as you do not fight and damage your bag of vital fluids, that lets life happen for you too. You can destroy it fast and lose the lifeblood to snooze away your life so that you lose. The best part which is at the end when you fully mature, wire the brain all in. That takes 50 years just to set it up. If you make an effort, it can be great stuff.

So what will you do with the life that you can see through a body that you shape and form? You can make it last for a century or wear it out like a battery that won’t recharge like mine does for mii. Why wait to learn till you are 68 that you can do this if it’s not too late and, like the guy at 118, do a Qi Gong routine rather flawlessly? Learn from the master, from gurus, the shamans, and priests who spend their life learning so they can unleash the power of the Cosmos through a filament of Light that wii often call our body with a name on-site. See Mii as the “I”s I can be, a father, mentor, free to speak and share so you can see. Wii can work with all the treasures to create a place for all. I envision if Wii could succeed, communicate so all are free, and thus find a unity that wii can call our Peace and Prosperity. I suggest wii try for a millennium until it falls apart again, cycles yes, its true, my friends, this is our turn to shine, for you and Mii, a new beginning and the End.

With Gratitude,

Darby Lettick

Honor thy vessels of body & home. Both can age gracefully, salvaged to the bone, to become the incredible poem.

Wii, all the “I”s of the world that forms the symphonies of you and mii, the eyes that look, the minds that see what is going on to be the future if Wii can stay Free.


JUN 26, 2023

Your home for the Spirit to do work in the world from a tiny house to simply espouse the healthy ways and show that there is a great alternative to the common ways to grow older and still youthful, getting wiser as you go. It’s not the house. It’s the body you put in it that needs care and love to become then the best “YOU” wii can see. Exemplify to “I”identify for those that still must see that what you eat and what you do determines what you’ll “BE!” It’s True.

After nearly 70 years of being stabbed in the back, lifetimes in the past, with a spear and knife, Wii learn through life after life, forming the “I” that becomes the Mii, to be strong, prepared, and never give up. Wii live to thrive, to do the work while alive, and to give service to our cause. Honor thy vessel, thy home, the life you live to give service to our maker, our Source of Spiritual Energy, and the chance to be… Human once again. Honor your journey and, with gratitude, savor the lessons learned to become strong for these exciting times ahead.

Ten years ago, this cost me about $38,000 to build using workers on my team of 19 guys and gals. I shut the business down not too long after that, having found my peace and healthy life, what more the need for stress. The money was not meaningful. My only heir had passed, so I started living like each week would be my last. I found a sense of peace within my heart, my head was then at rest, and I found the thing I had in store would be my biggest test. My namesake and heir had already left here. Adam Brad Kittel had lived to sing clear, a song for the ages, a poem that is dear. The Song of Salvage lives on as a testament to those who have Autism or Aspbergers or are gifted with them. My works will live long after he and I have sung out songs in the hopes that others will be able to salvage more than most from the treasures that lay all about, the wisdom and the tools to cut, to form a future with less glut and sustainable for those who will live a hundred years or more once they learn what science now shows. Wii can live a hundred years in good health, have great minds, and go for a future world built on truths and love instead of wars.

How do wii youth our way back to the time when passions seemed to rule our goals and dreams before the world said no to all who heard our claims? Wii can do so many things that others don’t believe, but not if wii allows them to destroy our dreams with words. Ignore the ones who say you can not do the things you dream of, and if they do not stop, then you may find that you will have to leave. Has your calling now come up?

Spread your wings and leave the nest of doubters, one and all, to rise to heights and see the world from afar. Be the best that you can be by flying high up where you see that there is little that can’t be if you will go along with the chance that God has a special purpose for you after all. Your life was crafted to give you what you now will need to break away from those who say you must be nuts to think that you could get youthful, healthy, and stay that way till 90. Never believe the quitters but pay attention to the successes that light the path younger people can follow if they do not want to age poorly if they want to thrive, while lowly people bite and attack others who leave from the bottom where most choose to stay. Honor thy vessel, which will honor you in return with rewards of energy, mobility, and productivity, as you can see, and a body like a kid.

Take a break from being average and become the best you can, which will open up new doors for you, I hope you understand. Don’t let others hold you back in these quickly changing times so that you can get ahead and thrive with more than just my rhymes.

No excuses left, except I just do not want to do the work to make my dreams come true. It is up to you. What will you do? Buy a tiny house and stash it in Salvage, Texas, just in case you see what is in store and want a place to go where you and others of such ilk can share, teach, not cry. Be the heroes, be the stars, teach the others what you are, a leader for the kids to see, to mentor them so they can be the leaders of the future that wii truly need. That is our greatest treasure to salvage now, the children born into a world that is full of such decay that their minds and hearts could be soon broken and never fixed again. Stop the toxins, poisons, and the things they stick into their arms. Honor children, not cut them up until they are old enough to know what their path is, and who they are. It’s not their sex that makes them a star. Stop the madness. Let us be as human as wii can without atrazine and other things screwing up our blood. Please consider communities without poisons in the water and the foods we are giving all the kids.

Just a fantasy of what could be if people could free the salvage of the past for what they could see as a future for the kids to be pollution free. Imagine that, and you will see what my life is supposed to mean when it is over… a quantum story of the older generation and what they dreamt could be. What it turns out as… Wii will soon see. Stay Free.

What if you could just fly a tiny cottage into the woods where you could run to escape the city life?

To get away to a space where trees, paths to wander, critters to see, to pick food from your garden, and relax with tea. Do fantasies exist to be near enough to your city?


Some dreams have to fly high to clear the trees and land in the midst of the paradise you have not yet found, not have the time to tend to once you create it. Why not buy into another paradise where you can simply park a house for life instead?

Finding places to store the houses you wish to have one day is more complicated than you might think until you try to buy land for this dream. First, there are restrictions in the deeds or county codes. Then the cities have their own rules to ensure they get the most… taxes, services, and things that pay for the giant system to grow more significant that way.

Do you want to get that place out in the woods where you can race to on a Friday night to be out of the chaos, the big city?

Do you want a trailer park to be the place to park your dream home to be looking at the other dozens all lined up like they were cousins?

Perhaps you would prefer the trees to shade the house and hold the birds?

A breeze to cool, a view to soothe, a place where you could quietly snooze, then race back to the city for another week of abuse in a crazy system that seems to lack any use for the spiritual value, the quality of time when wii are racing to a future that few understand is “Time.” Savor hours of life as if each one is so divine that you spend life at the moment. Drink it like a wine that deserves some time upon the tastebuds before going past that line. If you are part of a community, you can come and go there to unwind or to let it make you money as a BnB to find the write-off for that business may just fit your life so fine that you do not need to own the land just the house that sits so fine in the middle of the paradise others keep healthy by design. Help create a place to go in case you need a break but also an example of what others could partake in and thus see what is possible, not just dreams gone when awake.

Though hard to imagine, the porch roofs fold down on old barn hinges still hanging thereabouts, around the time you need them, you will see why this can fly down the highway to a great new space where you can spend your nights.

Yes you could buy an incredible home and plant it in the trees, have water, power, luxury, or be able to go off-grid. To have a place that you can use and makes you money to pay for it too, there is not much you can lose if you ever want such dreams to come true. The question always asked, it seems that varies based on where you choose and which house so as not to confuse if you could buy such dreams and have them to live through your life, and share them so others see. Can you find the path to such a place where you could go swimming and kayak, meet with friends, or escape where no one knows? No one can get back to this paradise hidden here so well in a place called Salvage, Texas that could be that place for some. If interested and capable, with money and a dream, a way to have both things in life, nature, and the city. Let me know by subscribing here and send me a note soon so that wii can plan your space together with one of the houses shown.

I can imagine this flying back to Salvage, Texas where it was created, born to be a legend but seldom seen where it ended up, the House of the Rising Sun needs to come home to some Love again.

While the Retreat must get finished and the Zebu Sisters moved, you could have one for your house in paradise if you can afford the path out of the city that few ever know or hear exists for exceptional people who like privacy not fear. Yes, if you come to visit or to live one day and see the Ship of Salvaged Dreams atop Miracle Mountain made by mii. Imagination reigns here as wii seek to find more Lights to ignite the imagination with the action that glows bright and expands these great ideas round the world as if by night, seeding dreams and thus the actions of the kids who see these sights. You can own an Art Piece, not a picture on the wall, but a house that kids can learn and sleep in, dream of making for them one day. This is the gift of dreams and skills, the motivation for the deeds that others still could do to make salvage the next “Thing” that can help create the houses for the changes this year brings. Do you want a beautiful point to rendevous with others who might think like you from Austin, Houston, San Antonio… they are all nearby but far enough a way that all could meet here for a truly safe date. Subscribe for more information and your possible space, very limited on 18 acres, maybe 20 people will get this chance so if not for you, please share and do what will still make our lives best by creating a place for a space where you can come rest, come dream here too.

[email protected] for more information but also many articles, hundreds with pictures of possible solutions for you to do anything with salvage that you can imagine, yes its true.

Please consider growing your own Outpost to share your skills and grow a tiny village for the ones who want to move. Create a Co-op for the transfer from the elders to the kids who do want to know how to create such things from wood. Use the parts of ancient trees and houses that are here to prove to others what wii can do if wii unite to show it’s true. I ask for other elders to step up in these great times when the changes need solutions that I believe Wii all can find. With all the “I”s together, United for a cause, to make houses for the elders, for the kids, and thus the jobs, as well as what it takes to build a country back without imports, toxins, cutting forests, and shipping too much, too far, over and again. Stop the madness by doing what it takes to prove its true that only Wii can save ourselves instead of what media tries to do.