1,000 sq. ft. of salvaged glass to create healthy humans using trash, saved 12,000,000 calories of heat.

Using windows of the past to create a garden for the future when the groceries may not be as good in stores as grown organically on my homestead. Why not live truly sustainable & healthy too?


JAN 15, 2024


This is an excellent test of our ingenuity on the fly. As you might not know, three nights under 32 degrees in Texas is not the norm in winter. Anticipating that the weathermen did not know how bad it would get, I started on this project a week ago in my head, then faster as the weather got colder ahead. Not over yet, and more to come, but I am learning and having fun. YOU?

How many people lost their gardens in this freeze? The flowers and perennials, the palm trees are nearly gone. You can not tell just yet, but there is death still frozen about that will thaw and show the rot of all that most had thought would grow. Did you consider this fine salvage miner hack that allows you to close in a garden to save the plants you love? Imagine on a porch where you could glass it up like this or have the screens to put plastic on and still create a nest. A place to heat and cut the wind, to let the plants have a chance to win in a battle with the cold that will kill man and beast if they lay still. The time is right to think about the plans you have to grow food or stop the weather that will get stranger still unless you think of things to sustain the life you want to live.

In this case, all you have to give is a chance for old windows to go on and live as greenhouse gardens for all to enjoy who help you create it, no need to employ. Please share in the riches that one might find by salvaging a house or building instead of crunching them all the time. Stop the demo, save the wood, save our salvage if you could, and build a future for the ones who may not have the bucks or some who do not know what you could do if you get together and create like I do.

Please use these examples of how easy it can be to create a garden of your own that you can then watch grow. Do it with the blood and sweat of those who lived long ago instead of wasting all the work and coal it took to melt the sand and get it down. Don’t waste past treasures that could become your solutions fast like these did for mii in a pinch to save our crops and feel richer. Treasure is what you can use to make like great, not beautiful but full of healthy things to show that God is Great for those who know and see the treasure all about that Wii can use to build out then the promised lands some talk about.

Savor the chance to help create a new world that Wii can celebrate instead of getting orders from the few elites who wish to rule the world and telling us what Wii should eat. Stop the madness by example of what some might think is ample. Use your logic and good sense to build a village, something less intense than the greedy social circles where the richest live the best and the poorest are left homeless due to the taking by the rest. How do Wii now inspire those who took all they could get and failed to share it with the world by creating what was best? Their turns to lead are spent and lost, the consequences come in the form of great tribunals seen in the reflections if you dare of the windows to the past that foretells what will grow instead once the ways for us to stop the cold and grow a best future. Join my campaign to bring back the ways to live simply yet live well by respecting all the best of things still here that could still last and use them to create a future that will sustain nearly every test to prove it is sustainable for a lifetime of deep rest. A home should be where hearts can find a dream and share it with the ones you love and want nearby instead of all the rest, the millions of city dwellers crammed into spaces without trees, and seldom nature can be found for the humans there to see.

See the greenhouse with the windows into fantasy. See the plants growing before becoming a human, Mii, all the organisms sharing this skin that speaks out free to tell the others in the world: By Example, may you see what can happen when you truly live what you believe. Be the Light, the leader, the example of what a great leader could be if the world ever decides to live free.