What happens when California Redwoods meet our dense Texas Long Leaf Pine & Tiger Oak? Add Rum… & See!

Tiny Texas Houses Mixing society and woods for a new view.2
Are you looking to build upon your Ship of Salvage Dreams to create an incredible future?

As we begin to blend cultures through migration, many are questioning how the two worlds will blend together. Here is an example of such beautiful texture with style…

From Texas to California, people are seeing the value of salvaging the best of our past to create imaginative future constructs. How about this view?

The theater was long closed, the floor laid over the old floor to create a flat one that was walked on for years. One day a remodeling job exposed these theater seats still attached to the floor below the store and removed them all. I still have a few but what life and how many early motion pictures went before these were hidden under the floor in Austin Texas on 6th street many decades ago.
One can not help but wonder what the rest of the story was, what sort of movies might have shown in the speakeasy days it was said to be open for.

What happens when California Redwoods meet Texas Long Leaf Pine and Oak? Conflict or Peaceful intermixing? Bruce has genetic roots in Texas but is a California-raised guy with a flair for salvage design. He created a Rum Distillery in Gonzales Texas by hand and has a great space to meet at and taste his wares, along with booking gatherings which will be full of rarer things to see than most get in life… all in one space.

Pretty peaceful and artsy, a true Salvage Built entertainment venue in Gonzales, Texas of all places. 1880s cast-iron lintels to carry rock or brick across a gap for a door or window, or Pizza Oven deluxe in this case.

Bruce is doing incredible work on the property I once owned that I certainly would have been proud to put there one day myself if I still owned it. Hard to top what he is doing anywhere, but If you are considering it, I have all the materials such as he used from the fences to the windows, and he has the slabs of Redwood.

Remember that package deal for materials to build something really cool. How is this for ideas? From the old theater seats used for benches with stair treads for seats and back that all date over a hundred years ago.

Imagine what you could do, then get in touch about a package of metal, wood, and other decorative things that would create a special place on your ranch, restaurant, or home. 125,000 sq. ft. of materials with a very special sale going on for larger packages. 50% off for the last weeks of April, paid out, stored till you need it. How many people will it hold for an event? If the right people, just enough.

[email protected] for more information. I take my rum in Apple Strudel form. Yummy… taste but no alcohol. The Immortal 32 brand is delicious.

Coffee and Apple Strudel with a cooked in alcohol free chaser.

Quartersawn Tiger Oak Stair treads from 150 years ago in Buffalo, NY, shipped down 14 years ago & stored away. Rough sawn Long Leaf Pine round saw cut posts that are from trees that were a thousand years old when cut in 1880 like the Barnwood in the background, Theater chairs for the sides. Then you see the imported California Redwood cut, and Bruce carried back from California just for this project at the distillery where the exclusive space for guests to the party will open one day. Stage coming for bands next.

Get to Gonzales much? Check out the right places first… As a coffee drinker by nature, I can attest it tastes good, I just do not tend to drink much of it. Lovely place, great guy.

Not bad for old guys over 60++++++ and going strong for like

Imagine having an interest equal to 2 1/5 acres of paradise, a food jungle, an intentional dream you could be part of creating.

That is what is possible for a few great people with the financial strength and timing to leap into a dream that will not end before your life is fully lived well.

A Very Special Limited Time and Numbers Opportunity for those with perspicuity.
Be a part of this sunset, living, breathing, swimming in my imagination as wii create tomorrow.

Besides the incredible canyons, water, food jungle, and green trees, sunsets are great too. Giant Pecan trees on one side, water to grow with, soil that will provide food, a location that can be developed and provide good income while also providing space for nature to grow at the same time. This is a form of remediation on one end and catchments for the acreage to drain into, settle and move on if needed to the San Marcos river that is only 1/8th mile away from the border of this land. Ponds, caves, paths in the woods, places to swim, kayak, fish, and canoe are already in place.

Now for the next phase… developing the 27 acres or original land allocated for parking, commercial development, and the additional houses up the creek to the highway 80 end of the property. Its all ready but a couple of last changeouts on letting some new blood in have created an opportunity for change through growing the community where they feel vested, own a piece, and have a great guaranteed instant profit of 4x their money in vintage building materials if they choose to sell out their interest.

Yes, you get 3-4 times your investment in vintage architectural lumber and materials, whatever your reason… as in profits… for tax reasons, instead of waiting to cash out when commercial lands are sold off or through getting a tiny house or two builds just for you. Yes, that is an option so you could live on this land for life as well. Imagine, paradise instead of a trailer park with tiny boxes on wheels parked all about… looking just like a tiny trailer park, not a community hidden in the trees, with ponds, food to catch, grow in gardens, and be a part of exemplifying what could be possible as we age together well.

The water features are all man-made and will last for centuries if no Earthwide cataclysms come to fill the holes with sand or volcanic ash. Otherwise, there are many great ways to grow this property as it is in a key location just south of Austin, east of San Antonio, and west of Houston out of the real flood plains. The land is on IH 10 with enormous traffic counts and the ability to become a great intersection as it is one turn from my door and straight lines on highways to the three best cities in central Texas with over 16,000,000 people living in them, thank God not here. Still, real estate, for the most part, is skyrocketing and the acre price off-highway is over $50,000 an acre so this is coming to us, 27 acres into the partnership for under $500,000.

The small bank of extra funds will be there so we will have some dry powder to do the work of setting up some income from tiny houses and cottages as income from the BnB as well as selling them to investors for the write-offs and income they can make which is far greater than a bank or other investment that is just paper. With tiny houses noted as portable buildings for tax reasons, no BnB tax on them, and thus the ability to pay 5% or better out to owners to lease them, give them personal time in them each year, a write-off to come to Texas to service their tiny business here, as well as a possible residency if others want to dodge income tax in their other state.

Here is a survey of the tracts involved that include one lot on Hwy 80 with the other for 500’ of frontage that will be used to go around the houses on the Hwy that can not be developed further, as is the case for the old gas station, without buying into some of this land at the rear for access. Highway regulations have them trapped for purposes of getting semi-trucks in so close the corner of the interstate. The sale of the lands on the frontage will pay back the entire initial investment if sold off for commercial development or if the right investor comes along, develop for a common benefit business that could go there. One of the primary partners has bought a bar/restaurant that will be linked for the BnB and music events, catering if needed for events in Salvage, Texas too.

The potential for development, training others to build tiny houses organically and without imports will enable many to go off and have careers, start other intentional communities, and give hope to those who are nearly running and can do something to change that if they believe it is possible. We can be the example and make a good income to support it with the massive inventory of materials to not only build out but to sell to others and fund our growth. New investors or partners will be unnecessary if we can tap the sales and plow the nearly pure profits back into this very large-scale impact but the tiny project in the scope of funding required.

I do have other big projects but they can be funded as we succeed and make decisions with the key new investors having some input and voice to hopefully grow this faster, making Salvage, Texas an embassy for new ideas in off-grid living using the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance as a theme. This makes it an eco-tourism site as it has already been growing its reputation and following around the world. This will allow us to grow it further and wider with the publishing and seminars that could be done online now as well as here. Each seminar nets another house for the land… thus income to the group. Please consider how you might fit into the scheme of these incredible things that can be done now that all the materials, land, and the societal need for solutions without the global distribution network due to the turmoil and problems uncovered during the CV crisis and economic transformation of our country that the weather will exasperate even further as the solar cycle continues to alter the weather on Earth, as well as other issues ahead.

10-18′ deep waterways form a moat inside the perimeter walls, almost as if it were an Earthen fortress upon a hilltop, with all one needs to survive inside the walls… or so the fantasy goes, come see what might lie in store for you if you wish to try.

From the early days before the holes were dug, the streams, wildlife like beavers, otters, and more that live here now. Join us in growing this to be the most incredible stop on IH 10 to spend a night or weekend in the USA, the natural way.

The tracts depicted in yellow and dark blue wrap around the main office called Salvagefaire where the events can be held on that acre with full utilities. The electricity for the 27 acres, as well as water, is available and part of the land has been annexed, the part we want to sell off at the corner wrapping the old gas station that is for sale too, by Circle K, with many restrictions against all things that compete with them.

You can see the building as the main facility is on a separate 5-acre tract and has a well for water besides what the city can offer. All the tracts within the yellow lines would be what makeup Salvage, Texas, and the 10- $50,000 shares equal about 2.7 acres of undivided interest each which are secured by vintage materials at a 3-4 to one conversion if you choose to sell out your interest for an immediate profit.

There is about $10,000,000 in inventory to cash out from which could be done partially or in whole if an investor chooses. The shares would go back to Pure Salvage Living as they would be paying out the investors with the inventory. If the property is sold in part and thus the partner bought out for double or triple the initial investment, the partners will split the share bought back in accordance with their present percentage of ownership based on the initial buy-in or later buyout of other partners.

Here is a shot of the canyons being created by Darby for his 64 birthday present to himself. It took two months working solo, no grease monkey or fuel jockey other than Trinity and I. It is into the water table beside the rain, well water, and other sources God provides from the Earth itself.

Fish, turtles, wildlife are all about, and now food that will be growing around it as well. Even with the present drought, we can not run out.

I hope this helps illuminate the possibilities for you and that you can move swiftly to decide if you might wish to be one of the few, as few as possible for me to grow this dream for you to maybe take over when I am gone. Please share and if you care, let us know how you could make this plan for a better future come true. For more information, contact [email protected] and lets talk. Savor the days.

Never matched before… paradise not lost… indeed created nearly from thin air!

A time to invest in a fantasy, land, parts, & a food Paradise manifesting? Limited to a few dreamers & artistic investors!

Instant 4x return in Premium building material$ buying power w/ best lumber & vintage trim, doors floors in USA to invest in! Is what can fulfill passion pricelessly?

from Tiny Texas Houses and Salvage, Texas
The Ship of Salvaged Dreams atop Miracle Mountain sits beside the canyons such as you might behold in dreams.

Suppose a person wanted the lumber, great beams & full-dimension 28′ longboards too heavy for one man to lift along? Long Leaf Pine extraordinaire cut in the 1800’s. Indeed, I have them still, glorious ways to invest in my project & walk away with treasures at 1/4 price it right, if you spend $50,000 that is per investment package in this very special land or convert to 4x return investment.

Yes, that is the way to buy & fly or store w/ incredible results: hand-blown glass in Cypress sash, knot-free jambs, windows, doors seldom seen anymore from a treasure of very special inventory hidden away. More in that offer but only the big chunks for this special. Fantasy? … Pick from the biggest warehoused inventory in USA of vintage Architectural parts & Lumber betters gold? Check the links you just may find if not blind to the comments below, for traffic sake you know.

Hardware like what I have stashed away is rarely found outside museums in their condition, at far below it can be found for if you get the $50,000 Limited time investment… for the land or for the salvage, be a part of making something really fun and beneficial to the masses who will get to see what we can next do with a little help from people like you. Limited to 7 orders of a nearly dreamlike investment for just the right people. Timing is everything in life, isn’t it.

Get together and combine your power to buy all the wood for your house or village or come to be a part of this and steward a few acres toward a state of bliss. Can you say eco-tourism? Limited guests and investors but still an incredible thing to be part of if you can time it right. Does it fall within your sight or on your favorite site these days?

How long does it take to pull a roof down at 60? If you have a little rhythm you don’t need the young to help, Faith, persistence, patience, and a moment in time… thousands of pounds of wood can be moved by a single thought in one man’s mind… transmuted into action, a daydream crashes to the ground as planned, controlled, and with gratitude… less than a minute.

How long doe it take to create a paradise as an example of what can be done? I need a few others with some dry powder to join me so wii can expand what I believe will be a great example for others to visit and profitable as well. $10 million in the inventory of vintage lumber, doors, windows, flooring, and much more… I want to do a few things with people instead of banks being rewarded and benefiting others through them. Here is how I can share with you what I spent a life doing… thank you.

27 acres are momentarily available in partnership to be sold off in smaller pieces to the benefit of all involved, profit, and moving forward with developing the spaces around Darby’s Canyon. Minimum $50,000 to get in with a double-digit percentage interest on 27 acres of my imagination manifesting. NO time to waste as this is not for those who can talk but not afford to walk that much money into the game fast, thus showing they are able to join me on an adventure that makes our lifetimes legendary. I need some help to finish the next launch. Care to join me if you can?

Blessed are the days when our best-laid plans come to a successful end. What are you applying your attention to, your actions to, and do you have the faith, the intention, the will, and the rhythm to go for it? When others think you can not, prove them wrong and show them what you can do alone. It will amaze you as well as them and thus inspire you to ever greater heights, proofs, and inevitably more failures than anyone you know who never tried to do anything.

True, something can always go wrong, but amazingly, it seldom does if you stay in the moment, in the rhythm of the matrix that you can control instead of being a bystander, a viewer on the sidelines instead of in the middle of living life to its fullest.

youtube.com/watch?v=ln4sOxM-H2Y How long does it take to pull a roof down at 60? If you have a little rhythm you don’t need the young to help, Faith, persistence, patience, and a moment in time… thousands of pounds of wood can be moved by a single thought in one man’s mind… transmuted into action, a daydream crashes to the ground as planned, controlled, and with gratitude.

Blessed are the days when our best-laid plans come to a successful end. What are you applying your attention to, your actions to, and do you have the faith, the intention, the will, and the rhythm to go for it? When others think you can not, prove them wrong and show them what you can do alone. It will amaze you as well as them and thus inspire you to ever greater heights, proofs, and inevitably more failures than anyone you know who never tried to do anything.

True, something can always go wrong, but amazingly, it seldom does if you stay in the moment, in the rhythm of the matrix that you can control instead of being a bystander, a viewer on the sidelines instead of in the middle of living life to its fullest. Never think you are too old to chase your passion for it will bring you back to your youth to chase your dreams instead of just watching others do what you want to do. I am not saying go play football, but get out and ground your body, exercise, and stay youthful until you die by doing all the things you can and nothing less than trying your best every day to be better and grow your life’s experiences and wisdom until our dying day.

Brad W. Kittel

Never think you are too old to chase your passion for it will bring you back to your youth to chase your dreams instead of just watching others do what you want to do.

I am not saying go play football, but get out and ground your body, exercise, and stay youthful until you die by doing all the things you can and nothing less than trying your best every day to be better and grow your life’s experiences and wisdom until our dying day. I am saying go out again, get barefoot in the garden, go fishing, kayaking, and canoeing, and own a part of it too. A piece of shoreline in paradise… a sunset of your life.

Give me a shout if you are one of the few who might do well in Salvage, Texas. 27 acres with you having an interest, a right to live, wood to grow a house from, windows, doors, and much more… for a BnB or investment to come live in one day. This is a 2 week offer open only to a few, seriously ready to spy the door of opportunity without lies, only Truth and a Sunrise worth living for during the best part of life… now.

[email protected] for information.. NO skammers or expect word hammers… Just for honest investors and people of heart.

Want to Make America Great Again? Here’s How. Now is the time! Will you leap for your dreams or cop-out?

We are promoting the merits of Pure Salvage Building techniques by creating real-life habitats that prove these designs, construction techniques, and principles can be applied throughout the country.  So what is stopping most people from being incredibly smart in these times of high building material prices and supply problems?    Ignorance! Americans got lazy and spend more time watching others than living life themselves… but to make our country better you too must come around.  Join me in my celebration of the sort of great salvation that can come from Salvage Living which is based on Love and Giving.  Respect the things our forefathers left us that can not be found on Earth today.  Artisans crafting the best they could once when the pride in their product was what made us so strong.  Gone are the Artisans from manufacturing today so I have a solution to turn us away and go back to crafting, with artistic creations that others will wonder at once you begin.

After a chance to see the bigger picture, meditate upon the clouds, and understand Wii, all the “I”s together can do to make dreams come true.

Then grow your Art Houses, your crafts with the past resources ready and thus done so fast.   Thanks for your thinking of what wii can do, all of the “I”s that join Mii with the You.  A World Union of Beings that Love, that wants for solutions that come from above, in the realm of our Spirit and Truth filled with Light from the Sun and the Moon, and our Earth all as One.  Peace is an intentional state of society, not random or chaotically attained, but with the Unity of all the People on the Planet led by the right intentions, not for profit, not for power, not just to win.  Please help form and hold the solutions, the positive transition out of the tyranny that some want to bring forth and instead a tribunal to cut off some heads.  Power, money, weapons of war, controlling the people without caring or more, killing them, beating them, shutting them down instead of providing for all without harm.  Truly if Wii do unite and force the hand of the masses who could do this with the right leaders and a plan, but can we make it happen, make America thus great?  I pray and hope Wii can my friends but fear it is too late.

Would you build it if you could or pay someone if they would.

Life skills are nearly lost in the new generations which makes self-sufficiency difficult unless people group together to create intentional communities that share their belief systems, perhaps permaculture goals for a food forest in your community instead of pavement and manicured lawns but not wildlife.  Indeed the idea is to make a better America that what it is degrading to as the people become less able to contribute as you age and thus dying slowly instead of thriving and living your best as you age.  Why not use your imagination, your time to reform your body, your spiritual search, and do more instead of doing less as you hit your prime at 66-78 years old.

Some of the best solutions are the simplest ones. I want to share some of the realizations and lessons learned while pioneering a new perspective focused on transforming what the public sees as trash into sustainable housing.  What keeps people from building their dreams in this reality instead of only in their sleep or words?

Floating steps in the Gingered Swan, only 80 sf below, plus loft, and deck for sunsets on the roof.

Our Salvage Built Tiny Texas Houses have 100% American grown, harvested, and processed trees for the lumber. Most were cut down and sliced up for use decades ago, in many cases more than a century. The iron ore, copper, and other metals used to make the hardware was American mined, smelted, and ultimately manufactured into some of the best door and window hardware in the world.  We used these incredible natural resources and the once unmatched work ethic over the last 15 generations to build American homes that lasted for more than a century. That period ended by the 1960s with the advent of built-in obsolescence and the move offshore to foreign manufacturing.

Just a few of the treasures our ancestors left us

Nearly all of the doors, windows, hardware, sinks, and materials we use were originally made before the mid-1900s, by Americans who lived in a world flush with resources and opportunity. We still have those, but people have become blind to the wealth before our eyes and have somehow come to think that if it has been used once, it can not be as good as new.  Packages of what you would need to create an organic cottage, designs, and plans based on your choices from vast warehouses full of materials that you pick your master suite, the bedroom tiny houses for the kids, with porches that lead to the common house with kitchen and common eating areas.

Where do you sleep, where do you rest?  How do you value the space that you drift off to sleep and into dreams to form you of tomorrow to Be?

My master suite is not the place I take showers or cook food, it is the space I go to rest, to share my moments and mood

This is the promise of our ancestors to give us the best treasures of the past to manifest an incredible new Millenium of Aquarius that comes from the potential for Peace, though wars loom, a realization of the times ahead after the battle smoke has settled, the volcanos calm, the storms wash away the blood and destruction that appears to already be in progress, with more to come in other places.  Hopefully, you are able to be in a nice vortex, a bubble of space that is safe for you and those you love.  Blessings to your preparations so that you do not fear, it is clear, that this is the time to care and share, to be the ones that want to be there after the battles are won.  The Song of Salvage maybe your path in life.

Ready to finally reach my best years with so much experience, autodidactic I find I have learned more in the last 6 years than most of my youth before 30 years old.

I believe that we can refocus on those same resources and rebuild our nation from what are actually incredible treasure loads of materials waiting to be salvaged throughout this country.  What story are you writing about your life?

BodyBags full of water, clay, bugs, forming “Your Vessel” alive thanks to your Filament, the “Light Within”.

How to you increase the brightness, the power, the health of your life except by grounding, focusing, fulfilling your dreams of what you came to create & do?

When I was a kid the advertising of food pyramid diets by big corporations successful of selling cereal, milk, cheese, beef, ever-refining all things to cook faster, easier into Betty Crocker Boxes or other ways to make homemaking easier. At 66 years old, having been a sugar addict and tested many other unhealthy habits in life, I understand the cost to the health of America that took a few decades to become apparent. It only takes a few pictures from Life Magazine in the 1960s to see what happened for the dramatic difference between the average girth of citizens’ waistlines was dramatically thinner than today, less than 60 years later. As I enter my late 60’s and view my society, the other industrialized countries that share similar excess due to ready access to sugar, refined flours, rice, and fats mixed with chemicals, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, artificial colors, as well as the packaging chemicals to keep things crunchy until you open the bag.

As I grew up, Jack Lalane was the amazing little older guy who could do incredible things, like pull train cars or ships, the roman chair, and his leg lifts inspiring my pursuit in getting stronger as I aged. That was important to have examples of aging well given my family was prone to dying overweight, out of shape, and not notably brilliant at the end compared to Alzheimer’s sorts of cognizance after 75 years old. Now I know we can do better, feel younger than imaginable after our mid-60s, have adventures, make love, and keep living well into our 90s with a great lust for living, creating, and savoring with gratitude the gift of life we have been gifted with during this chance at life.

What are you doing with this incredibly miraculous experience on Earth? Are you giving your body an hour of exercise a day a few days of a week, watch what you put into your mouth that changes your body in positive or negative ways each day. Simple willpower is all it takes to make the world a better place for you and those who love who want to see you be your best, thus inspiring them to follow the path of healthy intentional living that proves what is possible for the littlest of kids as they look to us for answers. Is there any perfect food, meal, or diet or is moderation the best path, striving to do great 80% of the time, and perhaps indulge 20% of the time?

Much needs to be fixed in the world and the kids being born today need every possible advantage, not the debilitation that comes from poor food, hygiene, or fostering while in their formative first 7 years of life. It is their time to gather languages, learn how the world works for math, logic, and a path to spirituality that truly is achievable. If we can do such things as teach life skills, maximize the potential of the children born today instead of taxing their body and minds with trash, from TV to IVs that disregard the sacredness of the vessel of life, its miraculous ability to not only heal itself but to regenerate tissue after being damaged beyond what doctors believe is possible. Yes, natural immunity is amazing, miraculous, truly God-given ability that can be nurtured from birth instead of injecting foreign particles into the bodies of babies knowing full well all Beings are not the same, allergies, health issues from birth that are ignored when following mandates instead of logic.

If you want to learn how to maximize your Placebo Effect which normally, without practice or intentional application can rid most people of disease, flu, cancers, and other things through mind, diet, exercise, but most importantly through your perspective. Perspicuity turns out to be the most important influence on your life, by such things as some call synchronicity and call it coincidence instead. I have found most things happen for a reason, not by chance, but how we see them, react or respond to them is the wisdom, the logic, the spiritual sanctity of truth and honor that can lead one through a happy life on Earth, healthy and able to thrive due to the faith that they will be guided, aided, and loving forces that are invisible to the naked eye. Indeed, that spiritual world of God, Guardian Angels, like Rocky,

and other entities both good and bad that watch like other beings not in physical form, the life of those incarnate, inside the holographic world Wii, all the “I”s together that form the planet, which is able to communicate and share, able to form a World Union of Beings that could live together peacefully, without destroying the planet to share a paradise without destroying it for those who follow with pollution.

WII can do better in our Oneness than the internationally promoted versions teach that “we and they” perspectives are somehow better, giving the media the means to create hate, to create fear, to divide the masses instead of uniting them… in a divisive battle for top dog. The elite will not be in the battles that are bloody, but victors in the end for simply surviving the conflicts they enrichen themselves with by providing the weaponry. Where would they be if the weapons were turned on the vile leaders that would kill the bulk of the world populace to be the ultimate terrorists, killing more innocents for all the wrong reasons? How long before you decide to reverse the clock, get younger, healthier, drop the stress, eat less, and do more?

Time to peacefully rise up and support those who are on the front lines standing for Freedom, for the Rights of so many who can not be there but in Spirit. Know my friends that the fight for Freedom and a Peaceful world without firing a gun has more support than any government and the criminals in government should ultimately be the ones filling the prison camps already in place with FEMA to watch over them during the Global Tribunals that should begin before long if this continues to build and breaks open to change the future beginning in 2022. The Song of Salvage continues until the day I am gone, sung best by my son before he moved on to that other plane just beyond our sightline while incarnate. Please listen and share the story of the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance that I pray will follow this age of waste and disrespect for our past.

I know that I am expecting big changes in many places, changes in the leaders around the world, and sadly, great suffering while all of this is being decided by some of the leaders who will not give it up without a Scorched Earth Plan. Some people would rather destroy the world than let the forces of good win the battle and rebuild the world with as many of the children and families thriving in better ways during the Age of Aquarius that is finally coming to fruition after a lifetime of preparing for it… I am ready. YOU?

I believe and work to achieve a goal, to create solutions that others could use to build intentional sustainable communities that want to create a better world by example, by doing instead of just talking, and helping raise a generation that can thrive no matter what comes after these dark times ahead. Imagine there was a Book of Wibblry and Wub to listen to, music, words, a dream. It does exist here. Please help by sharing the solutions, support us by subscribing on this platform, and coming to visit, to start your new workout, program, or path to a younger future, a healthy world one day.

If you have just decided to build you Tiny Dream Cottage or House… Wii just made it easier than ever for you to do it.

Revamping Tiny Texas Houses goals for 2022, w/ Salvage, Texas, our embassy of solutions to grow a sustainable community.

Our world changed fast, the Salvage, Tx. BnB traffic reflects the decline of travel, incomes, & priorities. Next waves at the bridges will be Freedom tsunamis!

Salvage, Texas has evolved, and the gates are NO LONGER OPEN TO THE PUBLIC without an appointment for Shopping. NO walk-ins

TinyTexasHouses.Substack.com paid subscribers preferred and VIP status… regardless customers must have an appointment as we may be out working and not see you. So please consider supporting us and accessing the library beyond the blog on the website pages. The changes to our world, housing, food, and society are morphing while many were hiding in their houses and behind masked afraid to go see the empty shelves and homelessness that has resulted. Wii believe in helping manifest solutions and have many of you are seeking them, but certainly, ours do not work for all people, just some of those seeking organic, healthy, sustainable, without imports and toxins, to create food jungles with permaculture and a lot of work wii will love doing.

Thus do Wii at Salvage, Texas and Tiny Texas Houses make a few offers, share the solutions we found that work, and inspire others when they think there is no other path but the city and the material world below the Ship of Salvaged Dreams on Miracle Mountain. What will you see from the edge of Waldon Pond?

So many aspects to your perspicuity, the time of your life being significant, synchronicity only apparent if you can be in the moment and savor the beauty of all things past and future. Our common pasts put to artistic expression and artisan works that live on for centuries rather than mass-produced toxic and polluting useless stuff. Savor the moment in contemplation and appreciation for what it took to manifest. Respect the life of a thousand years to create the tree that was made by man, not for me, but for a century past when supposedly we were freer. I study and hold their works in amazement for their effort without modern electricity depended most upon ingenuity, the hidden metamorphosing factor in how God forms our world. Through our imagination and our bodies, let us craft a world that others will also admire and respect a century from now. Thank you for the help in believing it can happen and helping make it so. Long Live Pure Salvage Living.

If you want to keep up with what is going on, discounts, seminars, and the chance to come and participate or shop, be sure you are a Paid subscriber to the TinyTexasHouses.substack.com platform as a supporter of our cause, the only way the show it that wii can appreciate and use to get the word out for others to learn how to join in the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance which is growing year by year, the push for food jungles is finally here, sustainable living, building without imports, toxins, or global corporate tax through building codes designed for their profit, not common sense sustainable energy-efficient tinier housing which they as a financial empire oppose.

When you reach your late 60’s and can see the big picture, Wii, all of us “I”s together can change the world.

The story of Tiny Texas Houses began as a statement about what was possible instead of the trend to smaller housing, even the Tiny Houses on Wheels fad that I have written about for its damning deficiencies and costs over time, addressing the quality of the air inside them, the materials, lack of a place to put them, etc.

Salvage, Texas is an example of what could be done to cluster tiny organic cottages together so that an intentional community could form and live with nature instead of poisoning and quashing it to look like a modern subdivision… sterile and mono-culturally dominated by pesticides, herbicides, lights on that draw the bugs to die each night fluttering to death instead of pollinating and populating to be food for frogs, fish, and birds instead of patio ornaments for you. Lights kill bugs, by attracting them, distracting them, like TV for a human, but they die without a fridge or instant crap to eat nearby during commercials.

Our soil works great for Sunflowers. Time to plant them again here in Salvage, Tx.

Except by going through Air BnB & Trinity 210-324-0052 for an overnight stay! for groups or use the Air BnB site to make reservations, best done weeks in advance if you want weekends or holidays, special events nearby on the San Marcos River, and other places nearby.

Thank you for visiting our site, our embassy for others to see the beauty of salvaging our world, and sharing it so others can find solutions and hope too.

New Year 2022 will be a doozy from the View on the Ship of Salvaged Dreams.

Please make an appointment to come to see and buy things from the warehouses here or in Gonzalez… please for many reasons. If you want to pick out the parts for one of the Tiny Texas House Material packages and have a custom SpaceMagic Design created… contact us soon and watch for the limited package being offered this Spring. We are now offering a limited number of packages with nearly all of the vintage and unique materials to create tiny organic cottages through the end of March 2022 and then will schedule the seminars for those who will want to learn how to build the house with the package they purchase. What will you do with such an opportunity?

See the video on the prototype.

Big Birdhouse package for a few to sneak into the woods with pride.
Fairweather or designed to live in year-round, both can be found if you are subscribed to our Substack page and can get one of the few being offered this year. Visit if you can, manifest the best you can do in 2022!

512-636-6756 Darby will arrange to help you create your dreams, just like his, materialize with human energy what few can believe or see possible, except for what you can do. Believe in you.

Come swim in the product of two months of activating the body to synch up with the thing imagined, thus manifested with willful intention. Never be afraid to dream bigger than others believe is possible. If you doubt that, visit Salvage, Tx. to see what is possible.

Up the stairs of your imagination to the passions you hold dear, let your heart tell your brain to get on the train and make your dreams come true. This new month of September may be bringing solutions to you with an opportunity to change your world in ways you may not dream possible. Why not? Time to make some moves… take action, and create the future you want to manifest instead of leaving it up to guys who think they are the president of the country if he can figure out which one. How can you not take control of your future when you consider the government that others are depending upon to save them from society? They are forming a fearful society without purpose and turn into a massive herd of sheeple that will soon be lost as the severe shortages grow and very hard winter sets in. Houses created out of the salvage of the past, the Ship of Salvaged Dreams upon the top of Miracle Mountain as seen from the Kidd.

The failure to prepare for what is coming will be the hardest thing for our society to deal with as the masses will demand someone to save them but no one will be there. Please plan now, downsize your needs and improve your health, your immune system, and prepare for growing your food, sharing your world of knowledge, wisdom, and community with truthful people and create the family you will want to live with as the next phase of our planet becomes apparent to more people. Please take your valuable time and Learn your life skills, practice some planning, take action, and create a path that your and your loved ones can work together on as we transition to a much different society in our world due to the massive changes in the weather patterns as our planet and solar system continue on this cyclical transformation. It will be more dramatic than anything you can imagine.

We extending the fall gigantic sale and emptying out one of the biggest warehouses in Gonzales, moving it here to Salvage, Tx. This December is the last month to come and load at super prices is March or April of 2022, by appointment only. So your opportunity to get the materials to build for 1/2 the price is a small window, but possible.

We are now offering a limited number of packages with nearly all of the vintage and unique materials to create tiny organic cottages through the end of March 2022 and then will schedule the seminars for those who will want to learn how to build the house with the package they purchase. What will you do with such an opportunity?

Lets clear the Bloodweed, Ragweeds, and bad leaders from our gardens and governments. Time to prepare for a Global Spring?

Let us clear out the Bloodweeds and Ragweeds so that we can plant an honest generation of leaders to work for the People instead of condemning them for peaceful resistance to tyranny by mandate. Walk away from the cities that take away rights and protections except for their leader’s delights. Support the peaceful resistance where ever you may be for the forces that want violence are the bad guys on the scene.

We are ready to clear the Bloodweed, Plant for Spring, much like our countries should do side by side, US & Canada People, not politicians, clearing the Ragweed, Bloodweeds, & planting honest crops of leaders for the People, Truth, & Peace. Salvage, Tx Spring Happy days, the sun does shine, and even though it’s cold at night, high 60’s here so all is fine. Join us for a quick look at the unique garden, chicken areas, and preparations for spring in Paradise.

Find out how to come to stay in the BnB, garden, and eat fresh veggies for breakfast omelets that Trinity makes, and even gluten-free waffles with mesquite flour when it is in stock from our own trees. Fresh eggs from chickens who are happy here indeed, and rabbits to play with for the evening with kids. Kayaking, swimming, playing in the sun, ooops, you don’t have that up North… that’s no fun. Do you sit back and wonder how the scrubbing of commentary, opinions, a voice for dialogue over narratives will force indoctrination upon the public.

Like planting a garden with poison to keep out weeds, nothing else will grow once the soil’s natural nematodes and bacteria, mycelium, or more was the immune system destroyed for profit and control. Share with the people who do not yet see that the natural path to our future is where wii want to be and the hope is that we have the time to be sure that we stay free.

Come visit, even invest in a spot for the winter where you can run for a couple of months to get into great shape and go back north for the summer if it comes back again. Just a glimpse of what living healthy at 66 can look like for a guy, but Trinity is far from that of a young lady getting younger by the day. Follow her on the journey back to youth, vitality, great immune response, and getting smarter every day. Be Autodidactic or be a dead-head for it is a muscle between the ears, like all other places in the vessel you get to live in with many other lifeforms besides the You that you think you are. Your biome controls your moods, your appetites, and your pain. Please consider getting grounded, clean up your intake of poisons that are in processed foods, sugar-filled treats, and other such things we all love.

I was the biggest sugar addict I knew as a kid, in fact into adulthood, but luckily I did not blow out my pancreas before learning I was hypo-glycemic on my way quickly to a blowout that would ruin my life… diabetes. Besides a broken back from 2 1/2 years old, scoliosis, Marfan’s Syndrome, and many childhood diseases, I survived to thrive at this late age. YOU can too! Honor thy vessel and it can regenerate, get younger as you replace every cell in your body every 7 years. Create the best new you daily so that 7 years from now you too can be the best you have ever been, mind, body, and Spirit combined at last. Know there is a “Ship of Salvaged Dreams” that could appear without a nail being driven to sit upon “Miracle Mountain”, the metaphors for life from seed to human, baby to elder, follower to become a leader if you deserve such honors one day. Sad to see the path by Walden Pond in Salvage, Tx. is not visited more often, the words of Thoreau about what is important in life, the hours of life.

Wii, all of the “I”s together have begun walking through the “Bridge over Untroubled Waters” that runs across the border, safe from the storms and having to leap the “Chasm at the Fringe” to reach your dreams. The “Songs of Salvage” will be sung long after this written story has been lost. Most will never understand how a simple set of words could launch a quantum story that will rest softly in the minds of millions, one day to inspire Art Houses they can live in from the treasures wii have managed to save from a past few can imagine existed. Watching the “El Campo version of the Song of Salvage” to see the history, the life of a house as it comes apart in days, saved to create other tiny organic houses, preserving the beehives, the scorpions, and with 3 inexperienced middle-aged women, a few kids, and to a great musical tune. Savor the daze, the chance to wake from sleeping and not seeing what is right before our eyes.

So, the system of online censorship takes on the rights of all to freely share the Truth and get it out to those who do believe. Lies are now exposed and Wii, the World Union of Beings will see, cheaters should not win and once exposed, be punished publicly so all can share the benefits around the world.

Time for a Global Spring. I want to see a world I would have wanted to hand off to my son, thus I strive for those born by his generations. Adam Brad Kittel sings this very special version of hope, the “Song of Salvage in a ballad that will never end” that will last like these houses, till long after Wii are gone. Thank you to his friends who carry his memories on. Darby

Thank you for planting our future in the seeds of babies born today.

This was free just for listening and thinking of what you might do too. Thank you.

Bored, without a goal in life? Dedicating your life to a cause or wasting time? An epidemic of pointless unhappy lives grows.

Yes, a whole series of videos and articles will be showing on this platform soon, the largest library of Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, & toxin-free tiny housing that no one else is focused on.

Even at 62, I was creating the Ship of Salvaged Dreams in 11 evenings, no nails, I was just screwed. Please join us on TinyTexasHouses.substack.com to learn more of the many things we are doing and to support us with a paid subscription if you can afford it so that we can continue to write, educate, have seminars, and celebrate the worlds of Salvage Mining, Salvage Building, and ways for other to join us in this new industry with more demand than supply or builders that are willing to do it the harder, better, and more sustaining way.

Unlike a $50,000 gift that would cost them $20,000 in taxes to officially accept and put in their name. This does not have a license, a bill of sale recorded with the government, and if the money does not go through your bank account, a barter for example, or cash payments, then it is entirely up to you to report that income if you wish and deal with IRS as you might want to given they will know nothing of the transaction. Bad Memory is forgivable, right?

We are going to put out this short series of “How To Videos” that show some of the critical details and methodology that separate Tiny Texas Houses from all other builders in the industry of Tiny abodes. This first one is on framing the floors with beams, salvaged wood, the old fashioned way. Never build on a trailer but designed to be portable on a trailer, thus allowing for the tax loopholes which other forms of housing can not lay claim to. For example, in Texas, if the rented space is portable, under 400 SF, and you rent it out for a BnB, there is not a 15% BnB tax like there would be for a normal house or building. Likewise, it can not be taxed as Real Estate because it is not officially attached such that it can not be easily removed, and by using blackwater tanks, dumping sewage inappropriate places. You can have the tiny houses and cottages sit nearly anywhere on your property, energized with solar panels and off-grid technology. You can also plug it into AC current if you wish, just don’t route running water into the house or you will need to have a septic tank, and effectively provide an argument for the tax collectors to call it fixed instead of portable. Besides that, in Texas, if you do not have running water into the house then you do not need to have a septic, you can use a composting toilet and bury your waste so as to retain the nutrients and soon hard to find fertilizer on your land instead of down the river into someone else’s glass of water.

Most people do not know that 35% of your tap water or more is recycled sewage if they are pulling water supplies from the passing river as most cities do. You can depreciate a portable building over 10 years instead of the IRS rules of 28 years on a house or building attached to the land. Plus, after it is depreciated if you use it for a BnB, you can give it away, not sell it, and it will have no tax consequences to your loved one you gift it to or to you. So take a chapter from my PlayBook of Loopholology for Tiny Houses and make yourself a great life from the income that you could have using salvaged lumber, windows, and doors to create tiny organic cottages.

Once completed they could be sold, rented out, or occupied by those you want in your tiny village to help with gardens, animals, building more structures, and nurturing a community into existence that shares your perspectives and takes full advantage of all ways possible to make a good living, a great income, and pay as little in taxes as legally possible. Why not take advantage of the loopholes created by the lawmakers and tax people so that the rich can get away with not paying taxes by having the consultants that find the loopholes, use them to get richer, and forget to share them with the general public who could benefit from them too. I am doing that for you here.

Here is a great bookshelf built from Cobalt Glazed roofing tiles and trim. Want some for a great house or temple? We have 32,000 sf in stock at a better than new price in perfect condition. Give us a call and say cobalt blue for you. We can make it happen.

Please share.

I have a video for you to watch, many in fact if this is a path you might consider to help create a backup plan in case those politicians in charge forget that Wii, all the “I”s that make up the masses of people normally left out of the grand schemes to make the lawmakers, the corporations based in other countries for tax savings, and the many advantages they have with virtually unlimited credit from their friends at the banks that have no interest in the common person. For most people, building tiny cottages and houses from salvage will be path to becoming a millionaire or just very comfortable and a major contributor to your local area having plenty of work, great satisfying careers salvaging the treasures of the past to provide the builders of the future with resources that can not be found otherwise, without imports, cutting down trees, making glass, doors, or other things that are available now for you to create with.

If you want to get started in the Tiny House or Cottage construction industry, the salvage mining industry, or just finding and brokering great barns and building to those who will take them down and reuse the parts for the creation of solutions to homelessness, joblessness, and thus provide solutions that all of us around the world can benefit from immediately, not down the road in twenty years. Thank you for sharing, considering helping others get started down this path to freedom from systems that have been created, like building codes and minimum sized housing so as to keep the big guys rich and the average person in debt and working lowly jobs until they die.

Wii can do better as a nation, as a people of the world, so help me make that possible by paying a token contribution and subscribing to the TinyTexashouses.substack.com site for essays, books, and articles about how you too could start helping solve the housing crisis, the family crisis of what to do as a kid growing up in these crazy times. Let us give them fun things to do, hope for a sustainable future, and a new perspective that bigger is not necessarily better. Join me please and share that salvage could be an answer for so many in need of solutions instead of fear, unemployment, hunger, and homelessness. Thank you for sharing and caring about those who could be ready for what we are putting out. Please be that link that connects them to the chain that pulls people from victim into hero with just a few tugs on the passions and desires to do better with less in life. Add your energy to what appears like trash and a house might just appear instead… if you give it a little help with some friends.

Human metamorphosis in the end times of modern man means Sheople & people are divided by logic, emotions, & propaganda. Some will never form a cocoon to emerge or fly. Why?

How do you move forward toward peace and understanding that Wii, all the “I”s participate in, a way to find peace, or most of the world could be at war again soon?

Tiny Texas Houses created as Art you can live in for a beautiful & healthy life. Born in Salvage, Texas where you can see what they brought to Being, an example of phenomenal things humans like you can do.

So many people are in battles with the politics, the misinformation they are given to ignite their fears, their willingness to comply with the government taking control of most things and punishing the people that question the logic, the actions, and the rights of the governing bodies to impose mandates which destroy our freedoms. Freedom of choice of God, of medical choices, of speech, travel, and more are being taken under the guise of fear, and those who give in to mandates, loath these of us who resist and wait for facts, not draconian tactics to make our decision. The world of people is divided and the people attempting to capitalize on it are at the top, the elite who run the global corporation, who run the government by virtue of buying their politician of choice, or blackmail them, intimidate them with threats to family or reputation, and with money to simply bribe them under the guise of campaign contributions.

The people in power divert money for covid to border housing for illegal immigrants, programs to help people get out of jail fast and return to committing crimes without clear punishment, thus encouraging more of the bad behavior such as being exhibited in California stores that are being raided without consequence to the thieves, regardless of the damage, the cost to the business owners, even when there are injuries, the police are no longer of assistance that the legal system is giving out free get of jail passes with Kamala and Bid-on clapping and rooting for them to get back on the streets and promote their kind of power, through lies, deception, and flat out ignoring issues like our open borders that bring in drugs, human trafficking of children, and women.

Why does the public allow for such abuse of power… neglect of responsibility to the people, and the outright disdain exhibited to those who question the leader’s cognizance in the face of clear lucidity issues the world makes fun of, the leader of our country supposedly? How can the Sheople be so blinded by their need to not be wrong? Who will be the one to require the president to prove he is more than senile and in need of constant care, leading him to the stairs, and back as if he were an invalid… which it does appear to be?

So, if you have not taken a moment to question what is going on in the world… considered that it appears to be a show, fake from the top down to the local officials in Ottawa or New York literally taking every effort to control the people who want the freedom that we are supposed to have instead of idiots at the top who are cowards, will not negotiate truthfully, like Trudeau or Bid-on in Ukraine, where the Russians are not even supposed to publish or make the American and EU answers to their questions, in writing, available for full transparency. What are the Americans saying that they do not want the people to see? Same with the UK does not want their negotiations made public. Why not?

Thus does the month of February promise to get enlightening and once the Lights get turned on, transparency continues to expose the bad actors at the top, the next step will be the takedown of the government, perhaps by a massive retirement of the long term political criminals and then the prosecution for their part in the CV scam, the mask, vax, and other dirty tactics used in the battle for taking our rights as citizens away and giving us back mandates to replace them with. That is not how our constitution works kids.

Let us get up and stand tall for freedom, call out the criminals, and this election, if it happens, will hopefully finally bring in a generation of people who want to do what is right, put term limits in place for all government workers, for some get too much power without being elected and thus need to be changed out regularly to ensure they do on impose their will, contrary to the public will, upon us through their ability to manipulate the Congress and our President as well as the Supreme Court. They use every method they can find to intimidate, threaten, blackmail, and harass people rather than let Truth and Honor reign again. I think those who do not hold Truth first, highest, and worth dying for deserving to be put out of their jobs, their office and put on the streets to learn what it is like to be a regular citizen suffering under the leaders who refuse to consider their rights, freedoms, and quality of life over their own greed and power.

I stand for Freedom, self-sufficiency being an option, not outlawed, and the right to pursue my spiritual goals, my health without injections forced upon me before they have been approved as safe, and the right to speak out against such tyranny as our government may try to impose upon us. I hope you do too, and that Wii, all the “I”s of the world will soon unite and be unstoppable as a World Union of Beings intent upon peaceful coexistence and the chance to live freely for the rest of our lives. Thank you for sharing, supporting freedom, and being the shining Light that others can find strength through and thus have hope that this nightmare will soon be over. Take the leap of faith and know you will land and prove that Wii are more powerful, more determined, and will be able to land, leap again, and defeat any obstacles in the way of a Free World. It only takes one step, and then there is no turning back but focusing on the landing instead… or end up dead.

What keeps people from building Incredible Organic Cottages with Salvage? Ignorance!

That is simply not knowing there are ways to get all the materials nearly for free to build tiny organic villages from the remains of old neighborhoods that crashed.

Tiny Texas Houses Newsletter for those who want to create sustainable homes.
A tiny organic cottage built from salvaged vintage materials to last a century or more. Learn how?

Given the tools, skills accumulated in the elders who were carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and other such life skilled workers that are now becoming scarce… why not transfer this skillset and teach the kids that do want to learn, though few in comparison to the TV/cellphone addicted masses. Some people want to learn more, to build a tiny house, even create a career out of creating healthy organic houses for others without consuming trees, burning carbon fuels to transport, cutting down trees in forests, forming glass from sand, hardware which comes from China.

Why not help create the next generation of housing for as much of America as possible from the massive stores of inventory that are hidden in houses, barns, and buildings that look like they need to be torn down. If through no other means than to advocate for salvage mining and building, giving guidance to others who want to but do not know how, or to build with real wood, the old way instead of new. Wood on the walls instead of sheetrock which has no structural value has black mold spores dormant and waiting for water to flourish again. Latex paints give off acrylic gas as they cure and smell so fresh, yet are unhealthy for respiratory issues like COPD. Why add that to your house which is closed up most of the time?

If you would like to learn how to create such things as Art Houses from the best of our ancestors centuries past, would you? Doors for walls instead of sheetrock, trim, doors, and so much more, saving energy by not mining iron ore then casting a tub, adding porcelain, and shipping it from the Northeastern US to Texas long ago by train. Such energy saved by not forming glass, by not making hardware, that is truly the sustainable way to build without burning fossil fuels… yet few copied what I demonstrated and proved possible: 95% Pure Salvage Building should be coming into vogue finally and my prophecy is that it will become a Renaissance in thinking of sources for materials and becoming inspired to develop skills so that people who build can also have fun, be artists, and have the greatest of patrons living in your creations.

So let us salvage the treasures of wood, brick, glass, doors, windows, and more to build a new generation of housing designed for more expensive fuel to heat with, or more expensive food. Let us take the old structures down to the ground and use the parts to create the most incredible generation of rightly sized energy-efficient sustainable housing in history. Instead of everyone seeing who can build the biggest house out of trashy sheetrock and concrete, disposable homes at a half-million dollars with hollow core doors. Want to learn how to do this too?

Expensive houses that are basically created from the cheapest of woods or even glued together pieces of wood, veneers over particle board glued together and nearly all of it outgassing chemicals that are not healthy. How fast can you build? That is the question… not how well can you create a house that will be alive for a century, not dead on arrival from a carbon footprint perspective.

Given I do not wish to grow FB coffers by having a membership on their platform, please consider supporting this one library of books, articles, and the many writings of Brad Kittel and Darby Lettick on healthy living the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance way.

If you want to see this evolve into teaching those who do not buy a package of material to build with, then help by being a paid subscriber as even your $5 a month or founding member contributions go toward publishing these posts for others to see and learn how to also do this and satisfy the demand for such tiny organic cottages as this favorite of mine. Above, Carlos, my best carpenter and much like a son, studied my method and mastered this craft before returning to Mexico. Pity he is not one of those getting to come back into America as he was an incredible worker and artist with wood.

I use a view of the grave to birth a salvage cycle that can create houses that are better than any most other sustainable alternatives in the world. This is not just due to the climate change based on carbon consumption which I do not support as much as giving credit to the sun. It is for health reasons, more important is the toxic vapors outgassing for 3-5 years from vinyl, plastics, paints, rugs, and other fabricated things forced upon the public, like Electric Magnetic Frequencies that damage the body. I want to do this for all the materials that will last another century when used to create more housing for the future that allows us to change from AC electric to Off-Grid living with solar, wind, and water power.

Creating all the luxury, the lighting, and the things builders use can actually be harmful to your health in many ways. Not just the gross consumption factor, the waste of space and fuel to heat and cool it all, not to mention making glass, concrete, transporting the materials from around the world instead of staying relatively local, and by cutting new trees down, or using carpets, particleboard cabinets and other limited life parts. These things are all trash with heavy maintenance in 15 years, often greater in cost than the payments on the house. Tragically, the 25-year mark on a modern home is old age with rare neighborhoods surviving their demise due to poor maintenance by renters.

As people abandon apartments, condos, and giant subdivisions they will have to go somewhere to escape renting for life. I suggest more subdivisions catering to tinier cottages and houses will evolve at what seems like flash speed but they have been in the process of watching for a few years, getting through the code limits demanding more than 750 square feet to build in the cities or towns for example. Space-age (Icynene) insulation lets 2 inches plug the gap ( stops 94% of heat/cold) and allows window-weighted mechanisms to have their hidden cast iron accomplices in the wall behind the trim shown below.

Many of the codes are designed to force corporate profits by making the public use things instead of salvaged woods, glass, electrical wiring, and lighting. We can change the rules to fit the needs when the only loss is to the global corporations, not to the locals who need the benefit of flexible building codes that allow for tiny houses built from salvage locally or in America.

Please share and promote by letting others know this newsletter will give you all you need to become a millionaire if you wish, from the salvage industry. Truly you can find a career, a niche market growing fast, and even help develop those intentional communities everyone is now talking about. Join me in providing solutions and getting a Pure Salvage Living Outpost cranked up to near you, the Co-op of the future.

Imagine a series of houses together that help form a family gathering of master suites, a study room, kitchen, and eating house to gather and share cooking or games, an office for working with the internet, or a chapel perhaps. These are the tiny parts of an intentional community or village, a compound, or a family farm. Why not consider creating them from salvaging the best of what was used to do the same the last time people decided to live a simpler life in the country rather than in the hustle, bustle, and crime of the city?

Tiny Texas Houses @ Salvage, Texas BnB Resort Letter

By Tiny Texas Houses  ·  Paid subscriptions on Tinytexashouses.substack.com

Creating Organic Tiny Cottages toxin & Import-Free, beautifully to grow healthy free living in a permaculture paradise.