Reality or Dreamfest? If True… NASARA & GESARA begin… Unbelievable Global Financial Upheaval Ahead!

Soon, as in November, prepare for the most evolutional transition of society in modern currency and credit history.

Many have not heard of the GESARA and NASARA, THEN I SUGGEST IT IS TIME TO LEARN! Is there really a chance that the world will leave the fiat currency behind, at last, grow the gold-based currency that is going to change the way money is valued, and alter every financial aspect of the lives of all human beings. If true, and instituted over the next month, along with some other things changing, like our calendars, all debt will be canceled, credit cards debt wiped out, mortgages, and much more that seems truly impossible to accomplish, yet it is supposedly about to begin. If positive visualization can help, why not imagine this is possible, even real?

Why stop it from manifesting by doubting when it will cost nothing to open the door to the possibility that the world could change miraculously in a very short period of time? It has happened plenty of times, the unimaginable happening like this last two years has shown… nearly anything is possible. Why not imagine the masses finally being freed from the controls of the 1% so many feel are mishandling the administration of our shared world?

If a World Union of Beings is possible, a global coalition of humans that choose equality, respect for all Beings, not just humans, and caring for our planet with more respect for the future. What do we as a people have to do to help that change occur? Ope our minds to some radical possible changes that might actually bring equality to the world? The time for such an explosive transition is here because otherwise, there is going to be a global revolution that will take the societies we enjoy into collapse without a peaceful means of recovery. Normally in these grand solar cycles that impact our planet and cause it to change dramatically, where growing food is easy, where weather will make some areas uninhabitable that were lush and others that were deadly hot and dry turning into the new breadbaskets, producing grains and food once more as they did more than a thousand years ago. These are changes caused by forces on the level of God, not humans, so perhaps we will get over the idea that humans alone are causing the changes in our solar system that is affecting all the planets, not just Earth. Get over thinking mankind is so powerful that we cancel out God’s impact on our planet.

There is nothing better than time to determine truth, for if this will actually materialize after more than a decade of planning, few can imagine prospects of it happening, though it has been being discussed, projected, predicted to happen soon, few are even aware that the powers of the world are finally ready to institute this new form of global currency, tied to all new national currencies, and in the process, supposedly wiping out all prior debt, income tax, and changing the entire structure of our governments. Is such an event possible?

Is such an event possible? Are you even aware that this has been brewing on the horizon while the people in power were preparing by locking America, in fact,

most of the world down in preparation for what is coming? This is revolutionairy in its goal of equalizing the world by changing the way currency, çredit, and taxes are treated without exception, every country being included as they will not survive unless they join. As for the average person like you and me… this is going to be a big surprise if it happens due to the media having done so well to keep this quiet for the entire time it has taken to manifest this and now, possibly, launching it into our reality. Think this is impossible. So did everyone who saw me create this giant swimming pool in two months working solo, 30’ deep water, cliffs, fish, wildlife, and food all possible on land that had 3’ of iron hard red clay that once capped the land and prevented anything from growing on the surface.

Now there is a forest growing, wildlife everywhere instead of none, and like our world, if we make such miraculous changes, paradise can thus be nurtured and perhaps peace on Earth finally found. Sound crazy? Just because you think it is impossible does not mean you are right… in fact, from fast cars and planes, all of that was once impossible from the human perspective.

Are you ready? Have you ever heard or do you understand the implications and if there is merit to this prediction by many very credible people who have spoken out and tried to make more people aware? Rather than give such a prospect serious consideration, regardless of how great it might be for the world’s masses as it takes away the power of the rich to control the world by having control of printing the money without the gold to support the value. Supposedly this is about to happen, gold valued currency that will be put into place that will be able to fix the problems of the world. Is it so crazy to say such things?

This new and potential change in the global currency, the method of exchange is now moving to digital currency but there will still need to be a hard currency and they have some beautiful currency that will be issued if this indeed does happen. Wow! All we have to do it wait a few weeks and if this is true, soon the calendar will add ten days, another unbelievable aspect of the GESARA & NASARA transition… going back to the calendar that actually existed once upon a time and was changed, yes ten days were taken out of the calendar once upon a time to create what some consider to be a Luciferian calendar. Why? That is one of the great questions to consider, especially if you are tied up with the present reality that is changing so rapidly that many have given up on tracking what the governments are doing, the politics being sickening.

Perhaps, my friends and fellow Earthlings, we will finally see equality emerge in the world that is the only path from 1% of the world population owning 99% of the money, land, corporations, and control it all without much concern for the general population. What do you think of the proposition? Soon this is going to be proven true or false, by virtue of the times we are in, transitional already in ways that few of you have even considered. Are you ready just in case?

Superdcolds, organ failure, epidemics due to acts from fear. It is not the tiny organic houses, but the quality of bodies you put in your hOMe that counts.

The country is now being hit by a super-cold epidemic, or so they are calling it, a new wave of sickness causing much worse than normal reactions in many people, even forcing them to go to ER rooms and even packing hallways as the hospitals face a new and different crisis. Is this a novel cold virus, like the novel flu virus that causes the world so much grief? Or is it the consequence of the human manufactured RNA introduced into the blood of millions with spike proteins that modify human immune systems and leave them vulnerable to such illness and diseases that would have been easy to defend against before the immune system was artificially modified? Are you taking the precautions necessary to be healthy naturally instead of through synthetic production that might include toxins, contaminants, or other nasty things that God put skin on humans to keep out?

Add to that the extra alcohol being drunk by so many people while trapped in their homes, to relieve the stress, the cause of so many to have serious liver issues, the sort that requires a transplant. Suddenly it appears, in the last year, massive evidence is arising to indicate that liver disease is becoming an epidemic problem. Livers are becoming the newest demand that supply means someone may have to die to get the parts to keep others alive thus putting a value on organs that is greater than the social value of the humans that are being sacrificed to supply the organs rich people need. China has given us a great view of what is coming, people being imprisoned and tagged for organs to be taken as the orders for transplants come in and they match. NO choice is given to the person that is sacrificed or sacrifices the organs. People are being killed and their organs were stolen… and the demand is growing… thus the consequences will grow, not shrink.

Is the monster on the roof, or in your body? Is there something haunting your home?

It appears the compromise that comes with developing artificial short-lasting protection is that you may lose your defense against many other things that can kill you after that instead of just making you sick. It appears there are worse mucous development in the lungs, as well as fevers, painful muscles, and other much worse than normal and the evidence is accumulating which supports the cause being damaged from the mandate goals, hard as it may be to consider, yes, the shot that may well have got the world sicker than they ever could get on their own. People are drinking more, instead of less due to the idle time most have since unemployment is rampant too.

Are you bending over to social pressures or to pray, honor God, and exercise while you are honoring the gift of life, our gelatinous shell we call a body in which our Filament Lights us Up, gives motion to a potion of embodied love.

What is the newest addition to the mass populations that would trigger the changes so fast? What is causing the immune systems to falter more easily than in the past? It appears that we are under stress, anxiety being a destructive factor to our immune system, stress kills. So what do people do if they are part of a family of drinkers, or if your friends all drink or do drugs, smoking, and other habits are best shared with other addicts who condone, support and make one feel normal when practicing such behaviors. What is the responsibility of the public to take care of those who damage themselves through such behavior that is sure to hurt them, damage organs, or ruin their lives because of the economic and emotional harm from the behavior that follows?

The public taxes go to cure, to transplant, to fix the problems for the many who do not take care of themselves and expect society to fix the problems from their own bad behavior. If you are one of the public dependents who can not cover the costs of their own care then you are a burden, you are not an asset to the population and if things get tight, no care will be available as the system will go broke. This is going to be due to the growing demand for care and the declining health care workers’ supply, facilities, or money available for poor people.

What will you do when you go to the hospital and there is no room to fit you in? This is because so many now have compromised their immune systems, blood clots, myocarditis being rampant where it was rare, and other such recent explosions in health issues that have grown since the mandates and experimental injections were begun. Is there any logical explanation for the increase in so many deadly health problems such as the growing obesity… most kids and adults in America now being in the obese class, and morbid obesity had grown as well. There is no good outcome from the increases in liver problems, blood clotting causing strokes, amputations, and now the colds that become super colds based on the compromised immune systems many of the people are suffering from since getting their mandated needles pushed through the protective layer designed to keep poisons out of our blood. Volunteering to sacrifice your protection from your God-given shielding called skin and allow it to be punctured and force man-made experimental formulas under the skin, from the poisons and hazardous metals, preservatives, and questionable additives like squalene, aluminum, thimerosal, or other such toxins and elements found in the world but not in humans naturally.

Prayer, meditation, care in what you eat, what you think, learn, or do each day. Savor the moment with gratitude and give so that others may share our happiness and path… if they wish to know more than the government narrative being espoused by the mass media.

So as the hospital emergency room staff are pummeled once more with enormous patients that pack the hallways on stretchers. Many do not have the insurance or ability to pay for the best care, but even if they did, the staffs are tired, overworked, and the hospitals full of potential for cross-infection. After a year of CV causing the demands on the hospitals, doctors, and nurses that survived, many have now left the system that is demanding they take an experimental liquid into their body that could kill them, maim them for life, or alter their immune systems for life. They have that right and so many in the health business are choosing that, like the military, the police, and others who will fight to stay free, healthy naturally, and keep freedoms for others to choose even if they decide to join in compliance with the mandates that are questionably safe at this stage. ‘

For those like me that have spent enormous time and effort on staying healthy naturally, keeping a rock hard immune system that keeps us from getting sick, or if so, only a mild version of what is killing those who are overweight, out of shape, stressed, and doing things that damage or compromise their immune systems. Why should the healthy hard-working people in the world who are not in danger be forced to suffer such assaults when we have a much better ability to handle the impact of one more problem taking over their life? Why require others to risk their lives when they have natural immunity, are not at high risk of being affected by a disease others are susceptible to? One man’s fear should not be another’s burden to bear when the cause for the extra susceptibility is their own failure to take care of the vessel they occupy, the fat body they do exercise properly, that is effectively a human Petri dish that grows more virus, colds, and sheds them worse than thin people do, thus increasing the chances of the public suffering in greater numbers due to so many obese people in our population creating so much more virus contamination to contend with… yet they are not punished, the healthy people are instead.

Prepare for the day, Love in every way, and never fear what might come our way.

Is this the trend of the 2020s that began with CV and grew with the V-worded solutions being mandated by those who claim to be in power? Time will tell us more quickly if they do not censor the news, the information, and if the stats are actually collected once the reality of the experimental drug’s damages to organs and immune systems is fully documented. That is a growing body of information that is being controlled and censored, confused by the failure to have a dialogue instead of a narrative, and mandates the refusal to address the evidence in the real world which says… whoa… slow down. Are you waiting or rushing to join in an experiment that is showing too many negative results for a smart gambler to bet their life on? Why gamble unless your odds of winning are 99% in your favor? That is the odds of surviving CV if healthy without any shots. I got that bet. You?

Inducing Stockholm Syndrome finally gets tested on a nationwide scale. Yes, it can be done.

Who proposed, initiated, controlled media, trapped, masked, fearful, homebound, & feeling helpless people: a test to break under pressure, then love their captivity?

Imagine if a transparent analysis of what is happening by the leaders of our world. It may be an eventuality, as if the grand computer and our hacker population decide to distribute the Truth to all humans and let them determine their future, without war. Instead, what if we try global communication, negotiation, mutual respect, thriving populations that work to preserve a quality of life that takes care of all life… not just humans?

Is it possible for a global population to be true to a common morality needed to for eliminating the destruction, the negative future that is clearly within the reach of Humans if they do not unite under some common boundaries… common agreements? We can rid the world of the ugliest of affairs, human trafficking, sacrificing the environment for parking lots instead of simpler living that uses new technology and live with the right ideal, cultures, and goals. The masses must agree though which is a problem due to so many having issues, anger, sadistic tendencies, and much worse who are part of the masses. How do we separate the hate, the greed, the people who would kill, steal, and go to war for power, control, and dominance that lets them get rich?

Now more than ever, things once obscured, being opened up for nearly all people to see, if they want to that is when the lies and greed keep so many in a hypnotic trance of material over mindful living. The distorted view of the world, the perspectives are thus mixed even though the goals may be the same, the path to get there varies greatly.

What about all of the people who would not want to see the Truths of Power exposed? Those who would be held responsible for human decimation beyond tolerable bounds by the masses who would have the chance to judge for the first time, globally, with the push of a button… they do not want to see such a global unification of the people. How does one take the most powerful sociopath and psychopathic people out of circulation where they can cause havoc in countries around the world.

What would the internet capacity for many to view at the same time, to be the judge and jury of the leaders who did wrong? What sort of show if all who watched could vote, and everyone had the option with no rigging of the votes? Sounds great for some but what if you could rig the perspective of the voters, limit the evidence they saw? Not allowed at the penalty of death for conspiring to deceive, to alter the way a loving Being should believe, such as with the Falun Gong, or with others for so many reasons. Those who perpetrate the acts should be tried and judged by those they harmed and the world that sees such results to perhaps return to a social balance from the decisions which are shared by all people in the world.

Indeed, in that case, the death penalty would mean absolutely that… but such seems like sci-fi fantasy. What if this has already been a cycle, perhaps on a faraway planet, but not on Earth’s past some wonder. Yet, we will know so much in the near future that like so many things, it may not be just a story, in a fantasy book. Has such a book been written yet? Some say yes, some say it is indeed being written in a new format, the Quantum Story that forms from the minds and spirits of those who help write it into reality. Is the future predetermined? The mind can be tricked into believing many things, especially when under stress. It can also be shut down for most logical, rational thinking processes if in fear, high stress, sickness, pain, and social isolation. Healthy environments that lead to happiness require certain things which have now been virtually extracted.

It is through these imaginings, the younger computer wiz-kids will soon devise the means to do such a global vote without hacking it. A secure Global Voting System would revolutionize the speed that communication and community can be established with dialogue instead of narratives or war. Mandates can not be used to rule a world peacefully. Thus I look to the day that Wii, all the I’s in the world will be able to set up the global court and audience that would make this cleansing, Global Courts for Crimes Against Humanity and Earth… possible soon, a Nurnberg Trials version 2.0 that would alter the course of the future for demons, dictators, and perhaps… Democrats. (oops, that is a joke kids, heheh)

Soon the changes in the world economy and food situation is going to trigger radical new ways of solving problems, and perhaps as we take over the power now with Techno-Oligarchs, we will be able to set this up with the very platforms they have used to attack those in power, censoring them, or worse. Truly the icing on the cake of the solution is that we use the poison of the snake to kill the snake with as the Hopi said would be the time of reckoning, the Snake Tribe and the Turtle Tribe. One travels in Tiny abodes they carry with them and become a new society. The other is those who can use the words, the video, the forms of magic that make the minds of men go mushy, a tactical war that is being used to make all fearful, and thus the Stockholm Effect kicks in. Soon many will love the mad masters… relieved by promises it will get better in spite of the evidence.

At what point will the trigger pull, the rubber bands snap, and the balloons filled with lies pop? Much sooner than those in charge want for once it does, even a few links of Free thought take hold and the damns burst fast. The divided masses suddenly unite against the master puppeteers that have controlled them through fear before the poison is fully in place… flowing in the blood of all as the new binge of Super Colds and other things crafted for post mandate times with hopes of over 80% being swiftly eliminated. No one would be so hateful, cold, devilish would they? Some say yes, others no, and others say they just don’t know.

What bothers the controllers most is that this dialogue might even exist. Bakhtinian Dialogism is alive and well, in spite of having cast the idea into Censor Hell, we will not live by narrative alone in this day and age, so let us have a global conversation, a jury, and a judgment that will lead to the peace the people want, not the wars that are used by those in power to hold the masses down. Smile, be happy, think positive, and have faith that we can salvage our planet, our societies, our Freedoms, and create the World Union of Beings it will take to solve the Global Problems and create a mutually agreed upon RESET instead of a mandated one where Wii, all the people, do not get a vote. Why not give us a vote?

Viva 2022 as the Break Free from the Propaganda Past and open up the doors of Transparency, incarceration, elimination, and do a true RESET that gets rid of the bad guys at the top instead of the masses at the bottom of the economic food chain alone. If this does not happen soon, the newly created format called psychological warfare will have been fully implemented before the victims even know how they lost.

Be part of the solutions generating people in the world that helps us create a better version of the world in spite of all the calamities and misguided leaders in office at the moment. Exemplify what it will take and share.

Darby Lettick


Why would secession talks be censored by social media?

The real possibility of rebellion as states considers bailing out over the USA adopting socialism.

For the tiny states that fit into the city limits of Houston or Dallas, it is impossible to imagine the many miles driven each year just to get to work, to go between our biggest cities is further than driving across several northeastern states like Rhode Island. These goals are being put forth to tax mileage at $1,000 a year for as little as 20,000 miles of driving, already having paid tax to buy the car, to license it, to fuel it up each time, and now the government wants to tax the use of the vehicle. Why are Texans going to be heavily taxed to pay for a program that works against us, not for our benefit? Why is the federal government attempting to force Texas to comply with their failed programs to combat the disease of the day, “flu-du jour”, which variant of puncture wound are you wanting next? Somehow this policy of fear-induced reaction idiocy has led to draconian government and taxes? The numbers of deaths do not support such dictatorial reactions from the people who are supposed to work for the people, not Big PHARMA, so the answer is not logically apparent.

Why stay at the tax and spend party if the state of Texas is not interested in playing the fear-stricken population that can not help itself as the feds let the borders fall to weaken us with unheeded influxes of sick people, stressed, malnourished after the long trek, not having had any of the shots that all Americans have been given year after year for measles, Diptheria, smallpox, TB, and many other things they bring with them to America, unhampered by their travels without any precautions whatsoever to protect Americans.

Texas has decided to do the job of the feds, with the help of a couple of sane governors who see the problems coming to their states too, from fentanyl and human trafficking. Why is the federal government not getting on top of the problem like the last president proved was possible? Why do the people who are making the decisions not seem to be concerned over the absolute failure to stop, even hold back the millions coming to cross our open borders, many of the soldiers of fortune, of passion for Islam, and with every intention of doing Americans harm before ever entering our country?

Yes, there are soldiers for the Jihad coming, fundamentalists that will reform as sleeper cells waiting to be called forth and express their hate for Democracy, Christianity, and the principles of Freedom that the USA once stood for, though now the concept of our founding fathers is truly at risk of being torn down and buried.

Furthermore, the congress and president seem to want to add incentives for electric cars which are not able to travel long distances in Texas due to the lack of enough power stored in the batteries that cost ten thousand dollars and are an environmental nightmare to dispose of. How is that going to help Texas? Giving $12,000 tax credits to those who buy the electric cars is like taking money from Texas and giving it to city folk in the northeast who make much more money than Texans and can get by by driving short distances to get all they need. Not the case in Texas, and forcing up to support electric cars in a state that has plenty of fossil fuels is counterintuitive, and economic suicide of sorts.

What would anyone possibly use to convince anyone to join the USA at this time as opposed to get the heck out while we can afford to leave, not giving up all of our treasure, our hours of work to be taxed at 45% of our income to pay for programs we as a population do not agree with. We would not vote to allow this draconian grab at power and the taking of freedoms in our state so why should we support and pay for the other 49 states choosing to self-destruct and go broke as do all socialist countries that take away the guns, the rights to fight oppression, and end up like China where people are imprisoned based on their religion or race, forced to work for free making stuff for Americans to buy cheap. Soon we will have the same thing going on here as Kamala has proven in California that she can work prisoners for pennies an hour while in jail making products for big corporations as cheap as they can in China. Bring back those jobs for prisoners in America is the new policy. Domestic employment numbers look better if the prisoner population grows and they all have jobs earning 20 cents an hour. That is how Bid-on will get the employment numbers up next… FEMA camps full of working quarantined, being re-educated as the Chinese say.

Texas will not go along with the plan Stan. We are Free and well-armed, plan to stay free, and if that means leaving the future socialist society that AOCm Bernie Sanders and Pelosi seem to be targeting as our future form of government, in spite of the constitution that is rather firm about freedoms such as the 2nd amendment which was intended to help ensure we could leave, yes, armed to secede, to be free, hunt, and get rid of dangerous predators of all kinds. Stay out of Texas… a policy that the president and vice president are sticking to and should just give up pretending like they are doing anything to help us, quite contrary, they are attacking us with lawsuits, reductions in benefits from the federal taxes we pay, and a hammering over our resistance to draconian mandates that have no legal foundation but are simply the whims of a broken minded president.

Let us consider the alternatives to compliance as a state that represents freedom, independence, self-sufficiency, and Truth. We do not wish to lower our standard, pay for bad behavior, defunding police, though the liberals have created a test case in Austin, Texas and the crime rate is rising faster than ever before in our history. Hopefully, that will be the only failed experiment city in the state. Otherwise, this infection of the mind and hearts is far worse than covid in that humans are giving up rational logical thinking in exchange for emotional fear-driven reactionary and ignorant decisions due to demagogues in congress and the Whithouse. Who are they serving? Someone other than the people of America… perhaps the leaders of China which seem to own many of them through blackmail, bribes, and simple threats?

It seems to be working on the feds and the only inoculation for Texas is secession. Let us go free, let us exercise our right to stop the madness in Texas and let the rest of them go, allies if they need us, but not for the support of self-destructive behavior, like a bad child, you have to kick them out and let them learn on their own what we Texans already understand, there are consequences to stupid behavior but few in DC seem to be aware of that. If we can not change their minds, then let them be and leave the party. We do not belong in that socialism camp.

We start by speaking out, then getting the word turned into actions that lead to change. Let us get the dialogue going, start the action, and move to be free before the feds take the freedoms away and break us financially so that we can not escape later. The infection of the minds of those in the other state need not kill us too if we can react soon enough, inoculate our state against the taxation and relaxation of our protections that keep us Free. Ready to start your version of a Pure Salvage Outpost where freedom to live healthy, to decide for ourselves, and to protect ourselves remains the right of Texans, not the decision of an addled president and congress detached from reality.

If you aren’t living in TX but planning to come from Cali or DC, bring socialism, taking our freedoms or rights, please do not come! Let us be! We need to keep out crazies, illegal immigration, & what appears to be the Americans who have lost their minds!

If you liked this post from Tiny Texas Houses @ Salvage, Texas BnB Resort Letter, why not share it? email to [email protected] to learn how to start your Pure Salvage Outpost and get backing to be free of the demands employers have no right to make.

Creating the Safety Net for Freedom’s Warriors: Anti-vax Employers step up to the plate to swing…

Where do those the veterans, police, fire responders, nurses, or others go who have natural immunity or just do not want the jab?

Will the government punish employers who take a No-Vax To Work stance? There are employers who believe they are obligated to protect the others who could get covid from vaxed people, not to mention that the proof is coming out that they can shed spike proteins that are smaller than the virus, and can cause clotting in others who inhale them or ingest, from a kiss or hug. It is possibly going to create a medical cost on the team’s insurance plan that wipes out the benefits for all when it gets canceled.

NO ONE, not the government, vaccine makers, or the president will take responsibility for the losses to the business, family, or other problems when drivers and pilots of commercial vehicles die from blood clots that are now rampant after vaccines. Until these issues are resolved without exception or contest, how is an employer to justify taking a chance for his family and friends, his other workers to allow a person to bring that into the workplace? Who will stop the employers who fire the vaxed who do so once being told not to or be fired? How do you fight a beast that has no body or head? How do you stop the madness instead?

Who will take on the job of caring for them, of filling in the job when they are gone? Some employers would rather take their chances, under 2%, of covid killing one of the employees, of letting them take time off, get good treatment, and to have healthy people working who would not likely get the worst case, but light cases of the CV or any other flu for that reason. If the employees are all health-conscious, take care of their bodies, and are willing to give up their job to preserve their freedom and health, that is the best employee you could want. How do I care for those within my realm as an employer, friend, or businessman in an age where the government forces the employers to vax their people or be punished. Where do those who refuse being jabbed, possibly to death, to go to work?

IF they question stupid actions it is better for that will save the employer from stupid people who are also hired as employees, the ones that can not see the obvious, will not do any study or learning outside of their job, and will go off drinking, eating, partying, and wasting the chance to be healthy, prepared for hardships ahead, or committed to doing the best they can to create the best product in the USA, the world if possible.

Monsters hiding all around, even under a mask they say they are found.

It is the drive to excel, to be the best you can be that keeps many from adding a product not yet tested fully, that killed the animals tested, that has tens of thousands of negative reactions already recorded around the world. Evidence is what I would want all employees to consider before taking action that would endanger others they work with by bringing in new techno bugs injected into them that apparently, like GMO, can slip back out into the world, the critters that are exposed ingesting the spike proteins or the virus injected into many under the auspices of being good for them.

It is important to keep the freedom to work open to the millions who are saying no to vaccinations without the Freedom to deny, to isolate, develop natural immunity, or by the grace of a God we believe in. Some know there is not as much danger from the virus as the vax for most of us. It is just a giant campaign to get people to comply with demands from a possible madman, not God. Some of us object and will be offering the chance for those who say no to create a new career free of the obligation to get jabbed to eat, feed a family, or be a warrior in a world of cowards.

Thank you for your service fellow veterans. If I can help you start those businesses that will make this possible, I am here with the path, the inventory to create a business, career, compound, or village, where those who object will have a place to rebuild after a life of honorable service, has to be left behind to do what is right for the people who believe in higher authority than Pelosi, Bid-on and the Invisi-Kam VP that are attempting to take away the rights of Americans. May you build the future of America by salvaging the best of our past and paving over the idiots who think Freedom is not worth fighting for… and living with.

Darby Lettick

Salvage, Texas… home of:

Tiny Texas Houses

Loopholology, a study: paying fewer taxes legally w/ Tiny Organic Carbon Saving Cottages/toxin & import-FREE!

Yes, the economy is changing but the path is to become more skilled, independent, healthier for those who do the work to be stronger for the effort put toward positive solutions instead of negative reactions to the challenges ahead. The rebirth of our nations, more importantly, the global populations that do not wish to grow a corrupt system but want to alter the course of change in favor of a more friendly sharing, incredibly spiritual population with a faith that no matter how far Wii, all the “I”s together that form the World Union of Beings who is

not seeking war, but a world of people who want to live together and take care of the planet with money spent for war redirected for better lives for all of us.

Knowing this has been well researched, proven as a viable fuel for Americans to create Small Businesses that Thrive in the midst of our Greatest Need!

People can learn to be more respectful of our world, but not if driven by greed such as corporations without conscience. Indeed, profit is the only motive instead of the betterment of the populace, human and otherwise. Natural living means organic, not forced-fed humans who have no free will to share in a dialogue instead of being forced into a narrative that is based on all the wrong reasons which do not benefit the many but the few. The biggest wasters are those who are feeding the PR and Mass Media story that does not do anything but an attempt to control at any price, a world they do not deserve to lead.

How will this change if the people of the world are censored, if they are not allowed to filter, vent, or clarify with questions, facts… not censorship of the facts? If the media is proven to be the Fake News generators that cause the most damage by sacrificing their past credibility for headlines and entertainment news instead, facts are left on the editing table. What if the world had no weapons to defend with, not even words… which censorship takes away as if they were bullets or guns? Even if they are, though have no mass while affecting the masses more than the bullets fired at the crowds who refuse to comply.

Creating solutions for millions around the world who refuse rightfully to quickly comply until proven not to harm them or their children, as they believe. Thus it is right for each of us to honor that freedom to choose, to keep their inner body sanctity free, to refuse the jabs and slander, the attacks on innocents and elderly, children or crippled. Soon this will trigger a response. I pray it stays peaceful. Use the tax loopholes that come from building tiny organic cottages and houses, using them for a business that you can depreciate, write off food, fuel to visit, and more when using them.

Then when depreciated, having paid better than a savings account while they aged gently in a place like Salvage, Texas, they are ready to be given tax-free to a son or daughter, a loved one, or even me if you wanted one more write of, once the lease is past its true, you could donate it with benefits for the rest of its life, for you. This gets you into a view of how this opportunity could be paid for you. Once the business of having a BnB in Texas where you come for winter’s chill, you can make money or just sell it one day down the road. This story of loopholology is past and the Loophole kicks in gear that lets you have a house paid for by taxes not spent here. Yes, the only way to peacefully say that I do not agree is to find the loopholology the lets me live near free so that I do not support the wars with taxes Wii can keep. Maybe it will change but there always seems to be a Loophole waiting in the wings for use by you… and me.

There are only so many drones unless the Black Hearted brings out the robots to do their war instead of human armies which of course is just a part of Steampunk fantasy? I believe in humans and dread such a forecasted day of Terminator style battles. Savor your day, love your family, and prepare with a watchful eye just in case these spinning wheels of fortune fly off the handles and hit the viewing masses.

Blessings to your plans and may Wii join together to help form that World Union of Beings that truly seeks peace instead of a UN of leaders owned by corporations that seek control and riches, not necessarily for the betterment of the world populations, no matter what the species. What about not punishing all of the people and animals in the world who are not doing anything wrong to damage it but instead nurture it into a paradise again? Why punish the innocent for what the wealthiest caused, the most pollution comes from those who use the most resources, ergo the richest people on the planet with private planes, boats, multiple homes, with a dream life? Will this cause a divide in logic amongst the masses and the few beneficiaries in comparison? Only these coming times will tell?

How can global communication of the people happen Wii once wondered? Now that the internet made global dialogue possible, anything is possible? As difficult to answer as “How do you prove there is a God or a Devil at work behind the scenes… where do you get your proof the whole world would believe and respect… thus agree to Peace. What do you think comes next? Let us spread the words of Unity, of growing big numbers to Unite and the Victory will come. Alliance is possible but can Wii manifest it?

Help Rocky as he tries to figure out if Wii can get the word out that there are also other paths, a dialogue if only some of us can remain free to prove this can be true, to Speak Freely, and full of opportunity. Faith, work, passion, and imagination will lead to more solutions than a centralized council with no idea what is going on locally and help as fast as the action that comes from communication for unity… community. Together a village can raise a child much better than a global government that does not care about traditions, family morals, or views on God. Some freedoms should not be dominated and controlled by the government. Need you more proof the Wii “Gars” too, don’t you agree?


From the Embassy of WUB

@ Salvage, Texas

Health & Breathing Freely Resort.

Air BnB by Luling, Texas

Does the United Nations = a World Union of Beings that form the masses?

Who will speak out for all Beings?

Which people stand up for other Beings like whales, monkeys, birds, dogs, horses who can not defend themselves from damage or extinction due to humans & technology?

What price will we pay for the luxuries of the modern world? The toxicity of the manufacturing processes that create everything we take for granted, packaged in plastics, chemicals in such common things as pizza boxes that have unknowingly poisoned most of the people living in the modern world. The pesticides, cleaners for industry or home, carcinogens or medicines that get flushed into the rivers, lakes, and oceans kill silently over many years, not necessarily instantly.

This is all directly attributable to humans and mostly to the grand global corps mining gold, copper, and other materials we need to create the incredible computers, screens, and phones most love so much. How does the primitive man fight back around the world when technology rules the day? Take away the guns and how do the people ever play a role in what the rulers say?

Without considering CO2 which is necessary for green life on our planet or greenhouses to thrive, for the dry ice to package meat, slaughterhouses closing for the lack of it. How do you create more other than burn natural gas to capture that critical fizzy part of every soda machine on Earth, money flowing in a liquid form of CO2 so many love, are even addicted to… coming to a screeching halt. What will all the addicts do if suddenly no caffeine/sugar/melt-your-teeth-fizz is gone?

What will it take to shock and awe the masses into following directions according to the plan by the UN which may be due to the lack of the masses’ ability to influence or control the agenda? How long will the masses of biological computers be poorly grounded, nourished, and operating on 1/2 speed or less as the toxins, injections, poisonous foods, and habits have crippled the mass that forms the human masses? What of the other supercomputing humans who create alternatives to the plan laid out by the few for the many they wish to dominate instead of empowering. Truly the division between the white hats and warriors of Freedom contrasts the Brown Shirts of the people who wish to eliminate alternatives to their narrative.

A healthy society can not grow under those conditions and a crisis will come, possibly created in order for those with the most power to attempt to distract, create more fear, and guide the sheep into the massive corals already prepared for the gathering ahead. The shepherd never intends for the flock to go free once they are grown, nor do the masters who fear the flocks may stampede at some point and endanger them. Time to thin the flocks it appears.

If in technological terms, you do not keep upgrading the hardware and maintaining the box that holds all the chips then you will see your computer crash, your car stop running over and overheating, effectively inflammation. Humans are the same as computers in many ways, biological computers that are software and hardware-based operating systems which science has proven can be programmed, reprogrammed, or even memory erased through clever methods much like hacking on the internet these days.

The best defense to anything from sales technique to propaganda is to understand how it works and why it is so important to know before the techniques are applied on you rather than escape the effects it can have on you before you know. Like exposure to lacquer thinner which seems to evaporate instantly off from your bare hands, it actually gets absorbed at the same rate through your skin and may take 30-40 years before the tremors which resemble Parkinson’s show up in your body if you live that long. First in the hands where the nerve endings were fried by the Toulene, benzene, or other toxic chemicals that few read the labels on or understand prior to using. How do we educate the children about this so that they may age better? Teach them about the dangers to both mind and body while they are young. Why do we as a society ignore that as parents and put that responsibility on schools?

The current changes in schooling, the growth of home or remote schooling will lead to many changes, but foremost I hope that teaching children both of these critical issues of the masses. One is that you are one of the masses producing CO2 because you breathe and are alive, as are trees, other animals like you, as well as volcanos but do not really stop us from finding peace, creating more food locally and empowering the many to care for the real masses.

IF humans respect the rest of the masses and do not pollute, waste less individually forcing less packaging, less destruction, more respect for some universal values, the wisdom but also the dogma of elders so there is dialogue, not narratives. Wii, all the Is of the world working together need to help protect not just the babies but life in every form that we can care for knowing it takes all of us to create paradise, but only humans to destroy it.

War destroys all things and the preparation for it, the testing of sonar destroying the hearing of all Beings under the water, most of the surface of the world, as well as above if you measure global warming by explosions that takedown countries in a week. The forest fires from the energy that comes from the sky, lightning or laser, the consequences are the release of massive Carbon back into the world… ash upon the ground, gasses high up in the air faster than any human could catapult them.

Truly Wii (all of us Is that may read this or hear it spoken), as a World Union of Beings (WUB) that can make a difference, joining with the rest of the creatures that can not speak Human at the UN to protect themselves. Wii, the masses of flesh that create and sustain paradise, even if only a bee or worm, is critical to the balance of life on Earth.

Why is there no such voice or entity in a day of instant communication around the world, slightly restricted but still porous enough for a movement to connect all Beings and form such a Union of Beings…? Is there going to be a counter-voice for the masses and their proxy voices, humans speaking out for all the Beings who can not speak Human at the podium to defend themselves? The national leaders who seem to be screwing things up by forcing the masses to do what will only benefit the massive corporations that have no heart, have no brain, and draw fuel through taxes of the living working masses, to destroy the rest of nature without asking? Wii, the World Union of Beings needs to join as One voice at some point, many united in one or two words that Wii all share a passion for… Love and Peace have been trounced in deceitful use.

What new words will be created and used to define the new paradigm of communication in a day when a thought can circle the world in a minute, touch a million or even a billion people, like a virus, seeding the masses that can read, see, or hear that magical word that would link us all as One voice? Can such words be created to define and thus enable, empower, and manifest such a common entity coming into the dialogue, a virtual voice to communicate what the Masses agree on, and can learn from as Wii adapt into what it will take to create a World Union of Beings instead of Global Corporations and Government controlling the narrative? If created, could they be censored, shadowbanned, and stopped by mass media before they could save the world from a destructive narrative that leaves out the masses in the decision-making processes that determine the future of our planet?

The answer is yes. So like a virus, it must be able to spread quickly, morphing as needed to reach all people and thus inoculate them from the tools that are being used to rule the world. Welcome to a world of Wibblry, the words that can work like a virus and become part of the language of WUB that can not be stopped from seeding all the languages, all the people who protect the masses and speak out for them, thus in Union, and perhaps finally be heard. United Wii stand, Divided all fall. What is real in the world today and what is just a fantasy? How do some of us ever know?

Perhaps soon that group of WUB representatives realize what must be done is not for money, not for wealth, but as part of the purpose and meaning of our lives on this planet. Using our energy of life in our body to make our planet better to live in for as many of the Beings wii share it with is the perspective that ought to be taught to all who can learn of it and thus share.

Once humans agree, aside from national interests based on economics, corporate profits, and bankers ruling who gets to participate in the solutions, empowerment, or future of our world. Wii, the masses of Beings that generate the CO2 which makes life possible ought to have a say in how our future is measured, the value of the CO2 that manifests in life, every breath you take creating more… the question being… what are you doing as you pollute the world with the very gas trees, plants, and many things like humans need to stay alive and thrive?

Darby Lettick

Savor the day, Unite in every way. Let us create the solutions of the day.

Salvaging the best carbon from the past to build a future with all the Beings on the planet, not just humans.

Timing is everything but perspicuity required for synchronistic phenomena that alter the course of life.

Success depends upon Perspicuity!

Yet most do not even know the meaning or importance of the word. Synchronicity can be damned without it.

Know when just the right door opens up, a door to an opportunity we often wait a lifetime to see. How do people see things, feel what is going on around them, and spot the moment, person, or event that will bring that moment to light? What makes the difference when that moment occurs? Perspicuity determines not only if you see it, but how you respond, react, and thus take advantage or blow off what could be the turning point in your life if you spot it, act accordingly, and not miss what may be your only chance to break out of your life long rut otherwise. Yes, your perspective, angry, loving, generous, or judgmental will determine how the event of a lifetime unfolds and it could be over before it begins if you are not MIND-Wide-Open, Instincts On.

The heart will guide you but if you are in search of Love, you can be misdirected if your perception is skewed. Some think having sex is the same as having love and thus they are not observant enough to see True Love when it comes because it does not open up on the 1st or 2nd date to be a sexual relationship, thus releasing much of the energy, the time to get to know each other and increase the likelihood for many other lesser quality things to happen, shallow, loveless actions based on all the wrong reasons. Life is like that with many aspects of our world, jobs, groups we join, and society. Many take the fast easy path to what they think they want without ever knowing what all the options are nor being trained to spot the good from the bad consequences of our acts. People tend to act then think instead of the other way around and thus often end up in predicaments because their perception of what was actually going on was ass-backward.

So how does one develop perspicuity, the ability to see clearly, perceive the truth in the midst of lies, deceptive intentions of others, and in a society that is getting accustomed to lies, lying, and accepting the lies of others as truth if it matches what they want to believe in spite of the facts showing otherwise? Anecdotal evidence seems to be lost to the calculations, predictions, and interpretations of those who have bad intentions, alter the facts to fit their narrative, and ignore the mounds of contrary data that while proven true, does not fit into their fear-mongering, demagoguery that gives them the ego flagellation the leaders of such groups seem to crave.

Such leaders, once they get a few thousand followers online, swiftly give up the truth for sake of a larger following of the ignorant who will pay in clicks and donations, thus shy away from truths that would diminish their followings for sake of having people look up to them.

Were it only for Truth and empowerment, but instead, people without merit or knowledge of facts, because their perspicuity is askew, to think of you (such demagogues as twitter holds in quantity it seems) as their leaders and guides when the selfishness of the leader, their insecurity and need for followers to stroke them dominates their actions instead of what is right and wrong.

We have reached a point in American society where a cancel culture from the Communist leaning tendency side of our population is attempting to shout down, insult, and attack anyone who proposes alternatives to the narrative they are putting out, regardless of the facts which do not match. Feeding the addiction to stress, anxiety, fear, and anger is leading many to unhealthy states in their body that has opened them up to infection and death more easily than those who can maintain their homeostasis through this period due to the diligent care of their body, mind, and heart.

Some of the population refuses to buy into the fear, the clear attempt to get everyone to take a relatively untested liquid into their body to protect them from a virus that has less than a 2% chance of killing them… as if their immune system is broke, a perspective that is causing some to die.

Yes, the negative or positive thought processes determine whether the Placebo Effect will kick in and do the work that drugs can not match. Yes all drugs are compared to what we can do with our own belief system, heal fast or drag it out and die is much more of a mental perspective, a controlling factor that we have the ability to effect with nothing more than our thoughts, our perspective.

Perspicuity is the determining factor in the people who recover from cancer and disease around the world. If they truly believe they will recover and do the work, the fasting, the diet, the exercise, then more have proven that works that any statistics can deny in spite of the Big PHARMA corps doing all they can to deny humans are miracles walking.

Never let someone else destroy your most important ability in life… to see things with the right perspective so as to maximize the benefit and minimize the negative hits in life when an opportunity comes your way by being able to see the consequences of your acts, of the effect on those around you, and your ability to be phenomenal in spite of all those around you not believing in their own power to heal, create, or excel, you can do it if you do not let them hold you back.

Be careful of who you pick for friends and consultants as many will want you to stay down on the bottom of the barrel rather than climb out and make a better life for yourself, break a drug or cigarette habit, work out and get healthy thus proving them lazy, and losing your peer group as you outgrow them in maturity, spirituality, and physical health simply due to a change in your perspective, your perception allowing you to see, follow, and benefit from clear thinking, actions, and thus benefiting from the incredible results you will find once you view is perfected.

Meditate, pray, think, savor the moment, leave the past behind, and see the incredible possibilities in each new day unbound by the past, your negative thinking peers, and the potential to make your dreams still come true, no matter how old, no matter how broke, you can change your life more than anyone if you decide to do it.

Why not make it the best life possible by viewing it will be that way, keeping the positive perspective at the forefront of your choices, not anger, fear, or frustrations about the world, no, use your heart and mind, your Spirit to keep making the world a better place and it will become that for you? See it the other way, depressed, hopeless, and leading to sadness and despair in the morning and that is likely what will continue, thus the perspicuity to escape is lost.

Make it a great day by believing before you go to sleep that it will be. Wake up with a new positive perspective and create a world you want to live in rather than accept the naysayers, attackers, and fools.

Often, people are so stressed out and negative they will blow off the very people they meet who might have turned their lives fortunes around. If you start off reacting as if attacked, if you feel inferior before you begin a challenge, if you have not studied, practiced, or prepared enough to be assured you will win, pass, and fly higher than all others? Why not?

It seems that many have had that focus, that ambition, the desire to achieve the highest level of performance that is possible. Many do this with the passions that help them maintain the best body they can through diet, exercise, and breathing with a will and intention that allow them to avoid the common disease and ills of the masses. We know that if we prepare by taking care not to abuse our body, to move quickly to heal if damaged or ill that long-term incredible youthful living and health is possible well into the 90s, even over 110 years old. It is possible but there is also a lifetime of work required to produce the results which by virtue of doing them will isolate you from most others in society who will think you are strange.

People will be upset with those who do not need to be treated as if sickly, scared of dying from the newest colds, flu, or cancer without any control of their own destiny. This is clearly not true, but the belief is what counts in your future, the hypochondriac will become sick by believing it will happen, anxiety control being one of the worst factors in CV deaths.

Become the best you can be by doing and seeing with a positive intention daily. Success is just a change in perspective away.


How do people see things, feel what is going on around them, know when just the right circumstances open up a door to an opportunity we often wait a lifetime to see.

Be the best you can be based on your highest principles, your faith, your confidence in success. That is what makes all the difference… you believing in yourself first… but based on a balanced logical and loving perspective.

Often, people are so stressed out and negative they will blow off the very people they meet who might have turned their lives fortunes around. If you start off reacting as if attacked, if you feel inferior before you begin a challenge, if you have not studied, practiced, or prepared enough to be assured you will win, pass, and fly higher than all others? Why not?

It seems that many have had that focus, that ambition, the desire to achieve the highest level of performance that is possible. Many do this with the passions that help them maintain the best body they can through diet, exercise, and breathing with a will and intention that allow them to avoid the common disease and ills of the masses. We know that if we prepare by taking care not to abuse our body, to move quickly to heal if damaged or ill that long-term incredible youthful living and health is possible well into the 90s, even over 110 years old. It is possible but there is also a lifetime of work required to produce the results which by virtue of doing them will isolate you from most others in society who will think you are strange.

People will be upset with those who do not need to be treated as if sickly, scared of dying from the newest colds, flu, or cancer without any control of their own destiny. This is clearly not true, but the belief is what counts in your future, the hypochondriac will become sick by believing it will happen, anxiety control being one of the worst factors in CV deaths.

Pushing the Proof of Youth thru Exemplification, not obfuscation, snake oils, or false advertising.

Aging does not have to be a bad thing at 60, 70, or 45 as some seem to think.

What are you doing to push the window of youth out further into the future, staying young through diet, exercise, and breathing is possible, but the kids must be shown, taught how, and be given the chance to stay fit instead of getting infirm due to physical neglect and abuse that ages us faster. People do so many things that cost us our agility, strength, energy levels, and immune system longevity without ever understanding the consequences of eating, drinking, and breathing toxic things by choice in most cases.

Tiny Organic Houses and Cottages… that is the second layer, our vessel we live in is the body first, Spirit in Body, action, and life the result. Use yours wisely, your time on this beautiful planet and help the kids see the potential, empower them instead of cripple them with the desire to question, learn, and know that must never end… you will never be able to keep up with all the new knowledge that often dispels what we learned decades ago was false.

Be autodidactic and never stop learning, sharing, and living to build the wisdom of the ages… each of us being part of that and responsible for passing as much along to the next generation as possible so they will not get lost and forget the miracle that is possible if you will believe and thus… make them happen.

This gentleman and I are 1 year apart in age. He was not tempted to show the grandkids the splits or Chinese fingertip plank pushups nor bending over and kissing his shins instead of just touching his toes.

At 67, his physique is not out of the normal population in America. Many believe this is what we should end up looking like, as I once did. The truth is different. I changed my life by discarding the belief system that mid-’60s was old when in fact it is supposed to be our middle age… through 78.

Once upon a time in tiny houses without big PHARMA, junk food, and TV, people were healthy and working into their 80’s and 90’s as they are still doing in more primitive countries. Curiously, diabetes, cancer, and other problems from stress are industrialized world phenomena comparably speaking.

By walking 5 miles a day, most of it grounding by being barefoot or on leather soles, you will absorb the healthy negative ions to balance the positive ions in the air which allow you to power up your internal battery and fire up the Scalar Wave motors that allow us to do incredible things. You will breathe more, circulate more blood, and benefit in many ways by walking more… swimming, being active.

Engineering the body you want to live in is simply a matter of intention, willpower, and action, even if only an hour a day, the life you get in return is amazingly more productive, energized, and possibly full of life that you might not even attempt to enjoy if you are in pain, sick, or in fear of getting out there and living the best life you can, being the example for the kids and others to use as proof they can do it. This happens through your actions and intentions, not randomly and without work.

My 118-year-old hero for aging well and his 115-year-old wife who is equally amazing as they did their Qi Gong routine, her sword dance as flawless and smooth as his demonstration which proves, at nearly twice my age, gave me an example of what is possible and thus the inspiration to change my path. It works.

If you are able to share your ways of staying healthy and young, of demonstrating to the kids who are being misled into thinking that if it tastes good it is good for you to eat. Clearly the children who are already obese before their teens will not find it easier to get in shape later but much harder than if they had started physical training early in life. Normally playing outside would provide much of the exercise but with covid, kids increase their obesity numbers by 23% which is endangering them, pushing them to diabetic issues before 20 years old.

The proof of what sugars, white flour, junk foods are abundant, even though the grocery stores where the bulk of their food should be eaten in very limited quantities due to sugar, fats, chemicals, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, and much more.

Please, as a parent or friend, share and encourage others, inspire by exemplifying and showing what is possible so they too will believe they can do something to stave off infirmity, arthritis, loss of mobility, and energy if we do such things as fasting and keeping our brain active, our body moving, and our love flowing. The Truth is so obvious yet many deny the evidence and prefer to believe that there will be a pill or easy path to great health, vibrance, and energy levels.

While it is possible to achieve incredible transformation over 7 years during which you replace every cell in your body and if you feed, fuel, and form it with intention, sculpt the musculature to support the body instead of just flab. You must get off the couch, away from the keyboard, not sitting in a chair at work or in a truck driving much of the day… all of them causing your core muscles to atrophy and thus get weaker. Your intestines can not do their job, food rots inside you, and the problems of a sedentary life will rob you of the joy of our 60’s and 70’s when we have the freedom to enjoy ourselves and help others instead of depending on them for survival.

It is not just tiny houses that you shelter in, it is the body that the Spirit resides in through which it gets to love, live, and share the joys of life. Great healthy homes, simple and small so you have time to be outside, garden, be with family, and not just in debt and servitude paying for things that are not worth your life. Stress kills and living for the passions and people you love allows you to live a healthier longer life. Why not consider that for the next generation now that we have proven what the last few decades of TV and Mass Media education through commercials have done? The health, thus the wealth of America is in danger due to the sedentary life the fear, and the destruction of the ???emic that has been running laps around the world.

Crank up that natural immunity by honoring the vessel by cleaning up your act… thus contribute to solving the many problems, not just one the injections might affect. Fat is still there after the needle leaves and you, only YOU can fix the bigger threat to your health… so please get started down the road to recovery soon.


Did you know the biggest Heart in America is Pining away hiding & nearly forgotten?

Yes, sometimes several feet across and 135 feet high, the Heart of a Long Leaf Pine tree is unlike any other Pine in America… or other living things for that matter. Before the Heart starts to really grow it has to be 185 years old… yes… adolescence takes a century and a half, then the Heart grows on through forest fires that burn the branches off down below or storm, but the Heart and top of the tree with its crop of branches bearing 1-foot long pine needles and 2-foot long pine cones that shades the critters of the forest, sheltered with love for centuries.

What would you do with wood if you could? Create a great house for a family of one?

Look at the windows, see all the doors, opportunity knocks, but which door to explore?

Did you know the biggest Heart in America is Pining away hiding & nearly forgotten? Few can imagine a heart 3′ wide, but even harder to consider, it is 135′ tall. How is it you never learned of a Heart so big that it truly pines me to share the sad story with you. Once, before the Europeans came to America, giants, with shadows that covered the Earth so well that creatures would thrive in its shade from high up in the sky where they would nest in its hair of foot-long needles, indeed, the Long Leaf Pine was an ancient of the grandest measure with the finest Heart of any tree East of the Rockies… if not the entire USA.

What remnants of the giant hearts of old stay mostly hidden and forgotten, rotting somewhere never to be known or admired for the millennium that they were alive and thriving before modern man showed up and chopped them down. No true respect for them ever came into the human consciousness until most of the giants were decimated, forests cut to the ground without a heart in the men that did it, sliced, diced, and shipped it away from its home for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Those who stood up to defend the trees, the giant forests where incredible birds and other creatures roamed, the native Americans who resisted the slaughter were in turn, slaughtered too.

This was not a great war, a fair war, or even one that most were aware they were part of… and soon it may come to an end, Mother Nature and her giant emissaries to our planet that created the oxygen-rich air, tilled the soil deep and gave shade in the harsh sun of the South from Atlanta to nearly Dallas long ago.

When people complain about CO2 being a problem, stop using up new trees and let the giants grow once more as they do make a difference… not to be destroyed without a planetary price… they produce oxygen… shade, break up the soil, rocks, and Earth to help fill cracks with water and thus new life.

Please respect the great Hearts of Giant Long Leaf Pines slaughtered long before the Treehuggers of modern days pounded spikes to stop the saws. Salvage Build with materials that will never be formed again while 10 generations of humans live out their lives before one tree would be close to maturity, let alone beginning to grow a Heartwood that will take another 500-800 years before it reaches full maturity, a sight few humans behold. Those that did kill the greatest of the trees… just to prove they could.

Let us respect trees, Mother Earth thus Mother Nature, and not forget to salvage build our future to prove we can do better than the last century of globalization has proven. While humans do not determine the big things that the sun and God have control of, polluting, trashing our society or planet is wrong, and thinking you have the right to is selfish but then talking about others who are changing their lifestyle, simplifying, reducing their carbon footprint, even if they have the money for a big house and lifestyle, it is the choice to live a Pure Salvage Living example that changes the world.

When you do it we get one person closer to the herd mentality, the peer group sizes, and the positive reinforcement it will take to downsize the housing and make it organic, non-toxic, and of a quality that will last for a lifetime. Thanks for sharing this message of hope as we begin figuring out where to go now that normalcy is definitely not in the near future as we knew it, likely never I suspect.

Have a great new Aquarius Life, it has finally begun.


That is my size 14 on a 24″ wide slice of life, dormant cells that took a thousand years to create.

Hope you liked the view.

If this is new to you… see more on other posts about the woods I love the most.