Are you ready to “Leap the Chasm at the Fringe?”

Shed the ego and the lies, the traps along the ways, to leap into tomorrow where you’ll Thrive in Light filled Days.

Truly few imagined arriving at the year we have with the world looking as it does… surreal though it seems, it is real. Are you coming to that “Chasm at the Fringe” (a poem about that big decision to leap from where you are,

where you have to make decisions that will change your life as you knew it, alter your future in ways that can not happen unless you leave the past behind? Yes, the future, starting with right this moment, hinges on you decide to leave your anxiety behind, to leave guilt, attachments to things, or to the opinion of people who would not change for you but expect you to change to make them happy. That will not happen for no one can make another person happy indefinitely, only for a moment.

Savor the moment, the time you are in now instead of the problems of your past, the fear of the future, or the confusion in the distractions all about. Stop, pause, meditate or pray so that you can stop spinning around in a circle instead of moving forward. You can not leap a wide chasm if you are carrying the weight of others’ sadness, guilt, or regrets that they impose upon you. YOU can not leap the Chasm at the Fringe if you are depending on others to get you there! It is your efforts alone, the perspectives that will determine your fate, not that of those watching you, for they can not do the work or prepare for the changes you must make within. You are the only person that can truly determine your level of faith, confidence, and thus the odds of your success.

I Sing the Song of Salvage and I sing it very well… its a song I will be singing as I shape the world and sell other people on the concept we can salvage our way to wealth. (Played to a kayak ride and view of Kayak Bayou in Salvage, Texas)

So what are you and your shadow planning to do with your life in 2022 that will separate you from the masses who will hold onto each other so tight by using the government to force community conformity, to bind all to the same narrative and fate if possible, running off the cliff if that is where they are led by the shepherds who have only their goal, to get to the slaughterhouse with as many sheep in the flock as possible? It is not for the sake of the sheep that he works, but for the benefit of his people who will create the clothes and the food from the sheep, not to have them die of old age. The public seems to think that they are not viewed as sheep by the masters of finance and corporate organizations that feel obligated to be the shepherds, and to make decisions that benefit them, but not the sheep beyond getting the from the pastures where they are fattened to the slaughterhouse where their value is extracted.

Did you see the splash in the news some say, not knowing where it came from or why it comes their way?

As the public awakens to the controls, to the masters using their methods to manipulate so many, some do not comply? Instead, they break away from the flock and run for the outer borders of the pastures, even daring to go near the cliffs, the chasms at the edge of reality. It is where imagination and ingenuity are abundant, unconstrained, able to grow into solutions, empowerment, and give the power to leap the chasm and with a Light heart, rise up to be the Star that others follow and thus have the Faith that they too can reach a new plateau of perception and manifestation that those who remain in this matrix of distraction and fear with never know if even here. Truly some are thriving, even in these times while others are distraught, depressed, even suicidal for lack of hope and money as the winter sets in, prices for food rise, fuel costs rise, and nothing on the horizon implies that the incomes will rise in unison to offset the inflation that is now rampant.

If you plan to act, now is the time to plan for 2022 instead of being at the back of the line shopping for things that are all sold out and the delivery system to restock is broken down. In a world of globalization, we are about to learn how critical the need for each of the links in the giant chain be strong and not break. Now that they have, the costs of dependency on a global network will be millions of lives as famine, sickness, and depression from the loss of the lives people were living that will never be coming back to what they considered normal just two years ago. That boat has left the dock and will not be back… reality as the world knew it… society as it was assembled, is about to go through that proverbial wringer and the power of it drained out if the powers that be can remain in control, no one will be allowed to protest or resist if the governments are going to remain the leaders of the countries in spite of the populations rejecting their authority.

Where are the villages for those who resist the narrative and believe there is more to have faith in than Fauci? How does Wii find the Gates that are not working to innoculate and sterilize our world? Perhaps going to the top of Miracle Mountain and asking for answers as some have been known to do will lead you past your Walden Pond to find a truer view. Pass through the Covered Bridge Over Untroubled Waters to find your home, your village in the future world that you dream up this year. Would you believe that now is time to try and think more clearly?

The consequences to the leaders will be like it has been in past weather cycles on the planet when food became scarce and the populace attacked the leaders and blamed them for not planning better, for not sharing the wealth. In the end, revolutions follow against the greedy leaders, Kings, Presidents, Prime Ministers, all held accountable for misleading the masses into believing the leaders were actually looking out for them when instead, they were just planning on how to stay in power and live in the luxury they are accustomed to while they watch the population thin down to controllable numbers. Some may not believe what the people on the ground achieve when they go at it fully charged with visions of the world at large. Be the example of what your passion and will can do to help make the world a better place, even if only by creating one Retreat from the City, just in case.

Look for the door in the woods of life, the one with the doorknob awaiting your hand that will lead you to the Light through the forest of challenges meant to be here, a door to opportunity will be ready if you are open to escape the Matrix.

Savor the days… the holidays and the time to plan for the year ahead, and perhaps for the one after that.


Be part of an example of Freedom Villages w/ Tiny House Tax Write-offs & AirSpace!

Portable tiny cottages spread around the country to visit, service, & expense all food, fuel, & what you buy to decorate, to live in simple comfort doing work & having fun.

Tiny Texas Houses
If you had a Tiny Texas House, would you put it in a nature paradise to live your life away?

Great to hear from you folks interested in helping prove the AirSpace Certificate Funding Model for Salvage, Tx. and other villages of the future outside the city limits and mandates. This is the LGBrandon Tax Loopholology Plan which I am about to launch in order the help fund future opportunities for Pure Salvage Outposts and villages around America and perhaps the world. I have spent a few decades developing this Pure Salvage Living Renaissance Ideology that will let others fuel their passion and their dream of a community where Unity is the key to their success.

It is for that cause, that dream to empower others to find what I have, great health at an elder’s age that is proof simpler is better, stress-free is life-lengthening if you love instead of living in fear and anger.

Now that I have the proof of the Salvage Built Art Houses that form the BnB business being able to support the investors support the landowners, and pay for the villages to grow while some can not yet live there full time but hope they can when they retire or need to leave the city. This can help fulfill the desire to escape during the year or be with family in a private getaway that is full of things to do when you have the time. For the best of all reasons, I believe the success of this model for funding other PSl Outposts will create a viable off-Wall Street path for financing other villages on a local and like-minded vehicle. Trusts & leases for the ground that do not tie up the land for people with ranches, estates, or family issues but allow for the opportunity to put houses above the land, even allow leases of a sort on the land they sit on with a means of controlling what grows there and who. 

I have found that community requires a certain unity and communing, which can be thwarted by only a few bad players in the group.  This would allow for letting people to move into a community, even get a loan from the community bank, build tiny organic portable homes and the means to move them to other communities, or sell them if they wish, use them as a BnB business and income which means depreciation and tax benefits.

Some will only want to keep the subscription that will give them an inch a month for a year commitment which in turn leads to materials & discounts on many things I can offer now that I could not before.  Seminars will hopefully follow if I can get better teachers than me.  My goal is to get to the next generation coming out of the womb and under 7 to grow up with this Pure Salvage Living ethos in hopes that we can create a simpler, healthier lifestyle than I did for my son long ago when he was young and I did not know what I do now. 

If he had left me with grandkids before going, I would be raising them much differently than I did, spending more time, teaching more early on, and loving every minute of it. Still, instead, I hope to be helping those of his generation raise their kids more naturally, organic, and healthily than what I am seeing coming out of high schools at 18 years old now. So, this is a chance coming to support the work, the development of Salvage, Texas, but also to create a model where many can contribute to a cause and get rewarded with goods, services, teaching, and empowerment that they, in turn, will pass on. Benefits are for all who get involved. 

Once others see that 16 tiny houses produce $200,000+ a year and are worth $400,000 on completion at the cost of perhaps just over $200,000, the numbers speak for themselves.  The income for investors who get the tax benefits of depreciation and income, a timeshare that is actually true ownership, a place for the SHTF getaway, and if you spread them out to other villages created with this method of funding, you could go to you Michigan house in summer (all 4 weeks of it) then to the NE, off to Colorado, down to NM desert, back through Texas and then to Florida as you circuit to write off each year. Share the work with gardeners who will guard the homestead while you are gone. Guards named Ner are good!

A business that pays for the food, fuel, and travel to the people or places you like most to service your BnB business that is spread out like the Hiltons, or Holiday Inn.  Oh yes, no BnB tax in Texas for portable buildings that depreciate in ten years and can be gifted to loved ones as stacked trash already depreciated to $0.  Oh yes, still producing income, yard ready when you get there, things to do, people you know, and a safe place to rest when on the road of life. That is what I am up to… with much more detail depending on the depth you wish to explore. 

I want others out there spreading the idea of Pure Salvage Outposts as co-ops for the elders to mentor, to donate their tools to when leaving, to help grow the tinier houses from the obsolete large ones that will be torn down in time, but if we can, reused to create sustainable tiny organic cottages for both elders and youth as they grow new communities based on the treasures of our past.  Wisdom, resources, ingenuity, and pride in craftsmanship built this country to be great long ago, and it can again with such fuel and hope at a grassroots level as I think this can do.  What about you?  

What are you guys waiting for in Michigan… Love Booster #9 to get the boot out of the state? Sorry, but the other states may not be letting shedders in unless they can prove they did not take the wrong jab. A dark humor joke out on the dark internet… but maybe not such a joke if Australia is any indices.

This does not take you to a link, but once did… the next post will have a link and pricing with more details, but those who want to get more involved can email and get info early. Thanks for sharing and supporting us as Wii, all of us “I”s finally join together to create our embassies for the future Wii can be proud to create.

Investing in Texas AirSpace, where there is no income tax if you are a resident traveling around the country to service your rentable portable buildings that appear as tiny sustainable organic cottages, tax write-offs, playhouses, Sugar Shacks, Man Caves, or BnB investments if you wish to use that Loopholology #777 or #888 to expense the rest of your life away without making great profits that demand taxes.

What do you think of my plan for Pure Salvage Living AirSpace Certificate programs to fund your local Outpost, village, and homes that all of you and your friends have dreamt of for a lifetime before this retirement became real… my elevator version?

Funding the fun for fellow patriots who want villages outside the city… Maybe my AirSpace Certificates for Pure Salvage Outposts with Loopholology methods will work to help innoculate against the LGBrandon Taxes that some actually want to see come into play. Let’s plan for a better day instead.

Ultimately, this opportunity hinges on what you are looking for.  The right people will have some incredible options because of what they are looking for, the value being perception.  From coming to visit or learning more about how to do it from afar and getting parts and pieces or simply books, plans, and consulting, the benefits are varied.  If you get a significant amount of Airspace, a thousand inches, now you are talking the materials to build a cute tiny playhouse or writers cottage, $5,000 and up also getting income opportunities, a space to build a tiny organic cottage that is paid out over time with the income it can produce to help.

There are many other potential futures that one could create, but only the right people will fit into the bigger plan where Truth is the foundation and freedom to speak, create, and grow.  Teaching others what is possible, traveling to help others start villages, building houses on-site rather than paying the labor cost to build it to ship a giant box of air down the road a state away.  My goal is to show a financing mechanism is possible for villages to grow houses with community income from a Pure Salvage Outpost. Still, first, we must finish proving it with the food jungle and places all tuned up for exemplification. 

Your help would be through both the subscription to the Substack column, books, and posts which in turn would help accumulate more benefits and possibly stay here or become part of what I hope the Pure Salvage Living Renaissance can grow into one day.

What is your objective on this life adventure? Are you already in our great Texas portion of the world?


Alienation breaks families, even nations leading to war… solutions are canceled, censored, or ignored!

Evidence is division, a conflict that grows as each blames the other though guilty themselves. Communication not cancellation for Truth in Global dialogue: please pause.

What is that up above, looking as if it defies gravity… come see.

From the darkness, be the light, green or white in matters not. Our power lies in the choices that we make to create a better world from the past thoughts and resources left as treasures to be sought. What are the reasons we have been so blind, wasted things now left behind in landfills or shipped off abroad? Trash is treasure once you see that salvaging the things we seek that took so much to build in wonder as others just destroy, cause loss.

Instead, we could build a future above the expectations of most who dwell in normal worlds of limitations and fear of falling or failure. From trash comes treasure is approached from the right perspective. What is your view of the world that is in decay… salvage what we can to build or throw it all away? What do you have to replace it with I ask those who slave to pay the bills for the drinks and thrills like TV, then waste away? Live you live by doing things that you dream of if you dare, but do them with intention, with great love, and with care.

How will you actually make a difference if all you do is bitch about the situations, the unfairness, or the chances of you having great riches without working for them instead of spending time watching TV or drinking at bars, sports events, and on boats as if playing is the goal, yet not doing great things to make the world a better place? Indeed some volunteer, they go to church, living life in fear of all they may have gone in frightful economic wars and blight. How does the world prepare to separate, alienate, and forget Wii are One, do we dare?

What happens to the peaceful setting, simple living, growing food? Is it so wrong to live life your way, freely if the crowd says no? If you can not fit into society as they want you to… where do you go to find space for you and the loved ones you call family too? Create a village or a town, how many come before you drown in all the problems people make by not uniting for the chance to form a union from their Lights that creates solutions to the blights. Most stay where they are not wanted or where they simply should not be to live a life that’s full of laughing, healthy living every day. If sick of jobs, of social casting, things that people value so when truly all that really matters is the moments that we Grow.

Grow into a better being doing more to help the world. In service, we can all do wonders instead of living for Boob-tubes. Please consider for a moment if you hide your face under masks for years in fear of those you only see the eyes of, how will a child know what people look like and made afraid of them without masks… what does that do to alienate us from one another even more. The touch of humans through glass windows, lonely on both sides still sad… how does that help to bond us humans and give us our dose of Love. People need to be united not isolated from their kids. What craziness leads to is worse than all the deaths that did not cue. Look at all the places where they made it through so well, Sweden, Norway, Mennonites, and Quakers prove the way to not destroy society, economy, and more by draconian responses to the forecasts we saw wrong.

You would think after the Global Warming, Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu too, that some would understand the purpose by tracing where the money goes. It’s time to stop the wealth that those atop the heap are making from the sadness and the consequences, most of what they conjured up. The Reset by the global masters leads us to a time and way to know the truth by facts we’re seeing, not the media of the day. Please allow these thoughts to wander to the life you plan next year and see if what you once did dream of may not come to be that way. Ready as you wake from sleeping in a made-up world of thought that comes from Disney, or from records that others made to form your thoughts. TV is a dangerous weapon if used as such by those who know that some will never leave the couch or take up action lest they tear them from the trance.

So stop believing, separating, tearing down our common past. Respect it and the ones who made this what it is and what it was. Take the gifts and grow it better instead of burn and tear it down. Respect the past and you will find a way to build a future right.

When you see a door at the end of Life’s hallway… are there still doors of opportunity left?

For many, success begins at 55-60 when focusing on your passions more is possible, your connections with wisdom and perspicuity pay off at last.

Creating a new life by salvaging the best from the past opens doors to opportunity as well as a simpler life.

Adversity challenges the good to rise or be caught up in the swirling at the center where the drain sucks out the brains and hearts of the fearful sheep, bugs, flies, and other creatures being sucked into the septic tank of human thought in the darkness below the tub of life. Be Glad if you learned how to swim into the deep, upstream away from the waterfalls and drains, though harder, it is, by all means, will lead to a quieter more private world but many going with the flow will make fun of you as they speed by on their way to whirlpools and waterfalls they have no idea exist.

They have bought time in an innertube, renting a floatation device that has let them forgo learning how to swim or staying able to fight the tide or currents when they need to if they should tip over in the rapids… What rapids in life could that be?

Indeed they scoff, they laugh and point as they look on at swimmers going against the flow, out at the banks where snakes or crocs might go. How could we dare take chances when it is so easy to eat, drift, and drink?

Alas, the passers bye do flow, the distant echoes fade and grow… until we reach the giant pools where the social currents do not drag us back but let us rest and grow anew. Some rush to leave inebriated, driving fast to get home to rest, some of them could fail the test. What will they do in a big house to help take away the pain of the things they do to pay for you to live each day again, distracted and stressed out by all the things you have to mend to keep your world afloat amidst the storms and tearing winds?

The winds of change no one thought true have come to blow the Truth in view and while it is so monstrous, many fear to see its face. Simple Living in the woods growing food and staying fit is social distancing at its best, I live that life, I passed the test. So many things that some would die from others leap past as if a breeze, blowing through without the fear and all the weight of anxiety. Can you believe that giving someone an anti-depressant when they show up with the flu can reduce the consequences by 40% immediately due to the reduction of the impact of stress, fear of dying, fear of handling the pain of being sick due to poor prior health care that is exasperated by anxiety, the second biggest indicator of problems ahead?

Please, just stop worrying, take action to change your lifestyle, get healthy, and be present in the moment, not a victim of your past or your fear of the future. Live a full life Now by swimming upstream into the world of staying young, fit, able to do all things well into your 70’s, 80’s and well-proven beyond.

What about you? Swimmer or floater?

Never limit what an old person can do to a new world of energy and intention and nearly alone. For 2 months in 2019, one old guy solo, as grease jockey, fuel boy, and driver of buckets of dirt through space and time, imagination you can dip into and feel… incredible afterward. 30’ deep water and miles of shoreline filled with the liquid crystal that stores energy and gives life to the shoreline that touches it, all 3 miles of it that did not exist 11 years ago.


Chapters in the Book of Wibblry and WUB…

Darby readies for the doors to open but gets turned away once more…

The issue in the world of imagination is simply the new knowledge that what takes out Marfin’s Syndrome people is the heart and brain aneurysms so knowing that just messes with your head when a pain like that occurs. Hug your kids’ tonite and savor the parents whom you were gifted with. Life is good when you live it well by giving service to make our world a better place day by day, alone or with others… guided by your Light from within. Be self conscious and savor the moment… to become the best that you can Be hereafter.

Seen by Darby Lettik at September 6, 2021 at 1:21 PM

Adversity challenges the good to rise or be caught up in the swirling at the center where the drain sucks out the brains and hearts of the fearful sheep being sucked into the septic tank of human thought in the darkness below the tub of life. Glad I learned how to swim into the deep, upstream away from the waterfalls and drains, though harder, it is, by all means, a quieter more private world.

I would rather evaporate and come back as rain, to be the waterfall once more from the top of another mountain I have climbed, savored the view, and jumped back into swim through the waters of life with great intentions once again.

Passion and giving, not soaking up the excess that kills and ages us faster, stretching our muscles, our joints, not the limits of our weight capacity on knees and ankles, lower back or worse. Organs are vital… that means quite tearing them up with poisons and salvage your body, your life, your potential yet untapped… like the materials you see that built the Ship of Salvaged Dreams… one old boy alone in 11 evenings, no nails, just screwed. Visit across the Bridge Over Untroubled Waters to see Walden Pond from above, Darby’s Canyon, Dragon’s Lair, and other wonders such as those hidden here and there in Salvage, Texas.

Will you make an impression on the world before you die? If you think so… why?

Who will speak out for all Beings?

What are you doing with life beyond making financial ends meet? Does it matter?

I do think it matters what we do with each hour of our life. Sadly for most people, rather than do great things in service for others or create a business that employs millions, curing people, or leading armies, some have great responsibility and others may never know they could be great too. What about you? Have you ever asked yourself if you are willing to take the chances, skip parties, sports events, watch TV hours each day, and instead chase your dream of becoming one of the people others will want to watch and learn from one day? Once upon a time 3’ of red clay kept nearly all things from growing on this land unless it had thorns, poison, or was bitter to taste. Now it is paradise thanks to a big dose of imagination and dedication, action not found while watching TV.

Why not shoot to be the star at what your passion drives you to do, garden, ride bikes, hike, or create, it is not the competition, it is taking the action to become more alive, happy with the product of your life each day, and looking forward to the next day instead of dreading it each night. Running from facing your life instead of enjoying it means you need to change it, not ignore the opportunity to make more of your life, passing up the chance while alive to make your impression on the future that you can be proud of when you get into your 70s, perhaps much older if you make that your intention. It is never too late to start for this was done by Darby in two months for his 64th birthday present to himself. What did you give you last year?

Once I had a vision of a rock with a great view of the water all around, two other flat rocks of grand size below above the waterline, and I decided to believe I would find it. I had to make an impression on the Earth, sculpt it to create the dream God sent me here to manifest and the world thought me crazy. I found this first rock and became more enlightened, less weighted down by Earthly things oddly enough, and driven instead by forces I had scoffed at in my youth.

Faith took over and my work could not have become any more real to me. After more than 5 years of my life, calculating time in front of my TV before turning 50 years old, this only took two months. “What sort of example can anyone make of the difference in what your human energy and willpower can do than this?” said Darby as he went In-Sany for a few months. (to music no less)

Why do so many people waste their life in front of a TV or watch others live life more fully than do so themselves? Perhaps it is time to change the channel you are viewing by changing your perspective. Suppose your decision to walk the dogs more on trails you have not visited and meet new friends upon the way find out the world has changed into a place you might want to live in, Love again, and nurture dreams you had not thought possible decades ago. Technology has opened the gates to let people learn and do nearly anything they choose… build tiny houses, garden your way into a permaculture paradise that will feed all you loved ones, and many more by using sunshine, your wisdom with plants, and passion to make you love to bloom. Why not get out and let your passions awaken to new action, challenges from learning music to working out with Yoga, CrossFit training, or any other means of getting more active and walking miles a day if you have the time instead of watching TV.

Wake up to what you can do in a few months to change the way you look at the world or the world you look at. See what you have and imagine what you can do with it, not focus on what others say you can not do for no more reason than their opinion. Truly few know your potential or will give you support if you propose to do things they do not think they can do or want to try to do and if you leave, they will be alone… their great fear. So you are doomed to their worst forecast, not their best premonitions and support if it would mean losing your attention, love, or time besides them watching TV, drinking, drugging, or other such habits that keep people from their potential in life.

Get out and meditate or pray, do whatever it takes to reach your higher self, God, or Spiritual Self to find what you want to do to make you happy, whole, and give service of some sort to others which brings the greatest happiness and reward of all in life. Satisfaction with a self-absorption that produces nothing but an unhealthy body is never going to lead to great midlife and old age for it will bring with it unhealthy unhappiness for you and those who love you as you age poorly. Time to stop that clock and get back up, into living, creating a dream… starting with digging that first tiny hole… that first impression on the world. Your impression on others, whether your children, family, employer, or the public is one form of success in life that creates memories and if you produce more, so much Love that the world see you shine… that is the greatest impression you can make in the world if it is for Truth.

It takes many candles to Light up the entire world. You can be one by taking action, doing things, sharing, and being the example of how good all of us can be. Thus the world becomes a better place full of beautiful impressions that each of us can make. My best Earth Sculpting is meant to tell this Quantum Story in such a way that, unlike a book, a video, or a movie… Salvage, Texas will be my metaphoric art piece that lives on long after I am gone… like the books of centuries past.

This story will be one people can visit, immerse themselves in literally, swim in my dreams manifested instead of watching TV for a mere 2 months… and another canyon with ponds a different month, with Endless Creek and a Ship of Salvaged Dreams, caves to scary places and much more, each chapter, many scenes.

Then leave after the dreams one has in houses made from trash, a new perspective few expected that changes what you thought. If I am good at what I do, at what I write now just to you… then others will create their dreams, visions of great things they’ve seen that they might do but did not believe… that is the purpose of this weave. Pictures, words, but so much more, the videos just underscore… a world created, fantasy, a place that you can come and see.

So not just a story that Darby wrote more than 40 years ago, the proof of WUB and Wibblry will be an impression unlike before. Not just a book but a Quantum Story that will be carried around the world by the thousands who have come speaking so many languages, taking pictures in awe, and wondering at how one crippled little child could grow old in such yet not decay.

For those that read this down the road, not now when you might get to go and see the story manifest, the Tiny Texas Houses that passed the salvage tests. I hope you get to read, see, feel, and swim in this amazing story of how Salvage, Texas came to be perhaps someday long after me for I suspect this one impression will last as long as Earth grows trees. See why Darby grew younger as he aged but got to play, to ground, and craft the book he Loved with love for Wibblry though so few ever heard of it before the book was through.

Reality or Dreamfest? If True… NASARA & GESARA begin… Unbelievable Global Financial Upheaval Ahead!

Soon, as in November, prepare for the most evolutional transition of society in modern currency and credit history.

Many have not heard of the GESARA and NASARA, THEN I SUGGEST IT IS TIME TO LEARN! Is there really a chance that the world will leave the fiat currency behind, at last, grow the gold-based currency that is going to change the way money is valued, and alter every financial aspect of the lives of all human beings. If true, and instituted over the next month, along with some other things changing, like our calendars, all debt will be canceled, credit cards debt wiped out, mortgages, and much more that seems truly impossible to accomplish, yet it is supposedly about to begin. If positive visualization can help, why not imagine this is possible, even real?

Why stop it from manifesting by doubting when it will cost nothing to open the door to the possibility that the world could change miraculously in a very short period of time? It has happened plenty of times, the unimaginable happening like this last two years has shown… nearly anything is possible. Why not imagine the masses finally being freed from the controls of the 1% so many feel are mishandling the administration of our shared world?

If a World Union of Beings is possible, a global coalition of humans that choose equality, respect for all Beings, not just humans, and caring for our planet with more respect for the future. What do we as a people have to do to help that change occur? Ope our minds to some radical possible changes that might actually bring equality to the world? The time for such an explosive transition is here because otherwise, there is going to be a global revolution that will take the societies we enjoy into collapse without a peaceful means of recovery. Normally in these grand solar cycles that impact our planet and cause it to change dramatically, where growing food is easy, where weather will make some areas uninhabitable that were lush and others that were deadly hot and dry turning into the new breadbaskets, producing grains and food once more as they did more than a thousand years ago. These are changes caused by forces on the level of God, not humans, so perhaps we will get over the idea that humans alone are causing the changes in our solar system that is affecting all the planets, not just Earth. Get over thinking mankind is so powerful that we cancel out God’s impact on our planet.

There is nothing better than time to determine truth, for if this will actually materialize after more than a decade of planning, few can imagine prospects of it happening, though it has been being discussed, projected, predicted to happen soon, few are even aware that the powers of the world are finally ready to institute this new form of global currency, tied to all new national currencies, and in the process, supposedly wiping out all prior debt, income tax, and changing the entire structure of our governments. Is such an event possible?

Is such an event possible? Are you even aware that this has been brewing on the horizon while the people in power were preparing by locking America, in fact,

most of the world down in preparation for what is coming? This is revolutionairy in its goal of equalizing the world by changing the way currency, çredit, and taxes are treated without exception, every country being included as they will not survive unless they join. As for the average person like you and me… this is going to be a big surprise if it happens due to the media having done so well to keep this quiet for the entire time it has taken to manifest this and now, possibly, launching it into our reality. Think this is impossible. So did everyone who saw me create this giant swimming pool in two months working solo, 30’ deep water, cliffs, fish, wildlife, and food all possible on land that had 3’ of iron hard red clay that once capped the land and prevented anything from growing on the surface.

Now there is a forest growing, wildlife everywhere instead of none, and like our world, if we make such miraculous changes, paradise can thus be nurtured and perhaps peace on Earth finally found. Sound crazy? Just because you think it is impossible does not mean you are right… in fact, from fast cars and planes, all of that was once impossible from the human perspective.

Are you ready? Have you ever heard or do you understand the implications and if there is merit to this prediction by many very credible people who have spoken out and tried to make more people aware? Rather than give such a prospect serious consideration, regardless of how great it might be for the world’s masses as it takes away the power of the rich to control the world by having control of printing the money without the gold to support the value. Supposedly this is about to happen, gold valued currency that will be put into place that will be able to fix the problems of the world. Is it so crazy to say such things?

This new and potential change in the global currency, the method of exchange is now moving to digital currency but there will still need to be a hard currency and they have some beautiful currency that will be issued if this indeed does happen. Wow! All we have to do it wait a few weeks and if this is true, soon the calendar will add ten days, another unbelievable aspect of the GESARA & NASARA transition… going back to the calendar that actually existed once upon a time and was changed, yes ten days were taken out of the calendar once upon a time to create what some consider to be a Luciferian calendar. Why? That is one of the great questions to consider, especially if you are tied up with the present reality that is changing so rapidly that many have given up on tracking what the governments are doing, the politics being sickening.

Perhaps, my friends and fellow Earthlings, we will finally see equality emerge in the world that is the only path from 1% of the world population owning 99% of the money, land, corporations, and control it all without much concern for the general population. What do you think of the proposition? Soon this is going to be proven true or false, by virtue of the times we are in, transitional already in ways that few of you have even considered. Are you ready just in case?

Superdcolds, organ failure, epidemics due to acts from fear. It is not the tiny organic houses, but the quality of bodies you put in your hOMe that counts.

The country is now being hit by a super-cold epidemic, or so they are calling it, a new wave of sickness causing much worse than normal reactions in many people, even forcing them to go to ER rooms and even packing hallways as the hospitals face a new and different crisis. Is this a novel cold virus, like the novel flu virus that causes the world so much grief? Or is it the consequence of the human manufactured RNA introduced into the blood of millions with spike proteins that modify human immune systems and leave them vulnerable to such illness and diseases that would have been easy to defend against before the immune system was artificially modified? Are you taking the precautions necessary to be healthy naturally instead of through synthetic production that might include toxins, contaminants, or other nasty things that God put skin on humans to keep out?

Add to that the extra alcohol being drunk by so many people while trapped in their homes, to relieve the stress, the cause of so many to have serious liver issues, the sort that requires a transplant. Suddenly it appears, in the last year, massive evidence is arising to indicate that liver disease is becoming an epidemic problem. Livers are becoming the newest demand that supply means someone may have to die to get the parts to keep others alive thus putting a value on organs that is greater than the social value of the humans that are being sacrificed to supply the organs rich people need. China has given us a great view of what is coming, people being imprisoned and tagged for organs to be taken as the orders for transplants come in and they match. NO choice is given to the person that is sacrificed or sacrifices the organs. People are being killed and their organs were stolen… and the demand is growing… thus the consequences will grow, not shrink.

Is the monster on the roof, or in your body? Is there something haunting your home?

It appears the compromise that comes with developing artificial short-lasting protection is that you may lose your defense against many other things that can kill you after that instead of just making you sick. It appears there are worse mucous development in the lungs, as well as fevers, painful muscles, and other much worse than normal and the evidence is accumulating which supports the cause being damaged from the mandate goals, hard as it may be to consider, yes, the shot that may well have got the world sicker than they ever could get on their own. People are drinking more, instead of less due to the idle time most have since unemployment is rampant too.

Are you bending over to social pressures or to pray, honor God, and exercise while you are honoring the gift of life, our gelatinous shell we call a body in which our Filament Lights us Up, gives motion to a potion of embodied love.

What is the newest addition to the mass populations that would trigger the changes so fast? What is causing the immune systems to falter more easily than in the past? It appears that we are under stress, anxiety being a destructive factor to our immune system, stress kills. So what do people do if they are part of a family of drinkers, or if your friends all drink or do drugs, smoking, and other habits are best shared with other addicts who condone, support and make one feel normal when practicing such behaviors. What is the responsibility of the public to take care of those who damage themselves through such behavior that is sure to hurt them, damage organs, or ruin their lives because of the economic and emotional harm from the behavior that follows?

The public taxes go to cure, to transplant, to fix the problems for the many who do not take care of themselves and expect society to fix the problems from their own bad behavior. If you are one of the public dependents who can not cover the costs of their own care then you are a burden, you are not an asset to the population and if things get tight, no care will be available as the system will go broke. This is going to be due to the growing demand for care and the declining health care workers’ supply, facilities, or money available for poor people.

What will you do when you go to the hospital and there is no room to fit you in? This is because so many now have compromised their immune systems, blood clots, myocarditis being rampant where it was rare, and other such recent explosions in health issues that have grown since the mandates and experimental injections were begun. Is there any logical explanation for the increase in so many deadly health problems such as the growing obesity… most kids and adults in America now being in the obese class, and morbid obesity had grown as well. There is no good outcome from the increases in liver problems, blood clotting causing strokes, amputations, and now the colds that become super colds based on the compromised immune systems many of the people are suffering from since getting their mandated needles pushed through the protective layer designed to keep poisons out of our blood. Volunteering to sacrifice your protection from your God-given shielding called skin and allow it to be punctured and force man-made experimental formulas under the skin, from the poisons and hazardous metals, preservatives, and questionable additives like squalene, aluminum, thimerosal, or other such toxins and elements found in the world but not in humans naturally.

Prayer, meditation, care in what you eat, what you think, learn, or do each day. Savor the moment with gratitude and give so that others may share our happiness and path… if they wish to know more than the government narrative being espoused by the mass media.

So as the hospital emergency room staff are pummeled once more with enormous patients that pack the hallways on stretchers. Many do not have the insurance or ability to pay for the best care, but even if they did, the staffs are tired, overworked, and the hospitals full of potential for cross-infection. After a year of CV causing the demands on the hospitals, doctors, and nurses that survived, many have now left the system that is demanding they take an experimental liquid into their body that could kill them, maim them for life, or alter their immune systems for life. They have that right and so many in the health business are choosing that, like the military, the police, and others who will fight to stay free, healthy naturally, and keep freedoms for others to choose even if they decide to join in compliance with the mandates that are questionably safe at this stage. ‘

For those like me that have spent enormous time and effort on staying healthy naturally, keeping a rock hard immune system that keeps us from getting sick, or if so, only a mild version of what is killing those who are overweight, out of shape, stressed, and doing things that damage or compromise their immune systems. Why should the healthy hard-working people in the world who are not in danger be forced to suffer such assaults when we have a much better ability to handle the impact of one more problem taking over their life? Why require others to risk their lives when they have natural immunity, are not at high risk of being affected by a disease others are susceptible to? One man’s fear should not be another’s burden to bear when the cause for the extra susceptibility is their own failure to take care of the vessel they occupy, the fat body they do exercise properly, that is effectively a human Petri dish that grows more virus, colds, and sheds them worse than thin people do, thus increasing the chances of the public suffering in greater numbers due to so many obese people in our population creating so much more virus contamination to contend with… yet they are not punished, the healthy people are instead.

Prepare for the day, Love in every way, and never fear what might come our way.

Is this the trend of the 2020s that began with CV and grew with the V-worded solutions being mandated by those who claim to be in power? Time will tell us more quickly if they do not censor the news, the information, and if the stats are actually collected once the reality of the experimental drug’s damages to organs and immune systems is fully documented. That is a growing body of information that is being controlled and censored, confused by the failure to have a dialogue instead of a narrative, and mandates the refusal to address the evidence in the real world which says… whoa… slow down. Are you waiting or rushing to join in an experiment that is showing too many negative results for a smart gambler to bet their life on? Why gamble unless your odds of winning are 99% in your favor? That is the odds of surviving CV if healthy without any shots. I got that bet. You?

Inducing Stockholm Syndrome finally gets tested on a nationwide scale. Yes, it can be done.

Who proposed, initiated, controlled media, trapped, masked, fearful, homebound, & feeling helpless people: a test to break under pressure, then love their captivity?

Imagine if a transparent analysis of what is happening by the leaders of our world. It may be an eventuality, as if the grand computer and our hacker population decide to distribute the Truth to all humans and let them determine their future, without war. Instead, what if we try global communication, negotiation, mutual respect, thriving populations that work to preserve a quality of life that takes care of all life… not just humans?

Is it possible for a global population to be true to a common morality needed to for eliminating the destruction, the negative future that is clearly within the reach of Humans if they do not unite under some common boundaries… common agreements? We can rid the world of the ugliest of affairs, human trafficking, sacrificing the environment for parking lots instead of simpler living that uses new technology and live with the right ideal, cultures, and goals. The masses must agree though which is a problem due to so many having issues, anger, sadistic tendencies, and much worse who are part of the masses. How do we separate the hate, the greed, the people who would kill, steal, and go to war for power, control, and dominance that lets them get rich?

Now more than ever, things once obscured, being opened up for nearly all people to see, if they want to that is when the lies and greed keep so many in a hypnotic trance of material over mindful living. The distorted view of the world, the perspectives are thus mixed even though the goals may be the same, the path to get there varies greatly.

What about all of the people who would not want to see the Truths of Power exposed? Those who would be held responsible for human decimation beyond tolerable bounds by the masses who would have the chance to judge for the first time, globally, with the push of a button… they do not want to see such a global unification of the people. How does one take the most powerful sociopath and psychopathic people out of circulation where they can cause havoc in countries around the world.

What would the internet capacity for many to view at the same time, to be the judge and jury of the leaders who did wrong? What sort of show if all who watched could vote, and everyone had the option with no rigging of the votes? Sounds great for some but what if you could rig the perspective of the voters, limit the evidence they saw? Not allowed at the penalty of death for conspiring to deceive, to alter the way a loving Being should believe, such as with the Falun Gong, or with others for so many reasons. Those who perpetrate the acts should be tried and judged by those they harmed and the world that sees such results to perhaps return to a social balance from the decisions which are shared by all people in the world.

Indeed, in that case, the death penalty would mean absolutely that… but such seems like sci-fi fantasy. What if this has already been a cycle, perhaps on a faraway planet, but not on Earth’s past some wonder. Yet, we will know so much in the near future that like so many things, it may not be just a story, in a fantasy book. Has such a book been written yet? Some say yes, some say it is indeed being written in a new format, the Quantum Story that forms from the minds and spirits of those who help write it into reality. Is the future predetermined? The mind can be tricked into believing many things, especially when under stress. It can also be shut down for most logical, rational thinking processes if in fear, high stress, sickness, pain, and social isolation. Healthy environments that lead to happiness require certain things which have now been virtually extracted.

It is through these imaginings, the younger computer wiz-kids will soon devise the means to do such a global vote without hacking it. A secure Global Voting System would revolutionize the speed that communication and community can be established with dialogue instead of narratives or war. Mandates can not be used to rule a world peacefully. Thus I look to the day that Wii, all the I’s in the world will be able to set up the global court and audience that would make this cleansing, Global Courts for Crimes Against Humanity and Earth… possible soon, a Nurnberg Trials version 2.0 that would alter the course of the future for demons, dictators, and perhaps… Democrats. (oops, that is a joke kids, heheh)

Soon the changes in the world economy and food situation is going to trigger radical new ways of solving problems, and perhaps as we take over the power now with Techno-Oligarchs, we will be able to set this up with the very platforms they have used to attack those in power, censoring them, or worse. Truly the icing on the cake of the solution is that we use the poison of the snake to kill the snake with as the Hopi said would be the time of reckoning, the Snake Tribe and the Turtle Tribe. One travels in Tiny abodes they carry with them and become a new society. The other is those who can use the words, the video, the forms of magic that make the minds of men go mushy, a tactical war that is being used to make all fearful, and thus the Stockholm Effect kicks in. Soon many will love the mad masters… relieved by promises it will get better in spite of the evidence.

At what point will the trigger pull, the rubber bands snap, and the balloons filled with lies pop? Much sooner than those in charge want for once it does, even a few links of Free thought take hold and the damns burst fast. The divided masses suddenly unite against the master puppeteers that have controlled them through fear before the poison is fully in place… flowing in the blood of all as the new binge of Super Colds and other things crafted for post mandate times with hopes of over 80% being swiftly eliminated. No one would be so hateful, cold, devilish would they? Some say yes, others no, and others say they just don’t know.

What bothers the controllers most is that this dialogue might even exist. Bakhtinian Dialogism is alive and well, in spite of having cast the idea into Censor Hell, we will not live by narrative alone in this day and age, so let us have a global conversation, a jury, and a judgment that will lead to the peace the people want, not the wars that are used by those in power to hold the masses down. Smile, be happy, think positive, and have faith that we can salvage our planet, our societies, our Freedoms, and create the World Union of Beings it will take to solve the Global Problems and create a mutually agreed upon RESET instead of a mandated one where Wii, all the people, do not get a vote. Why not give us a vote?

Viva 2022 as the Break Free from the Propaganda Past and open up the doors of Transparency, incarceration, elimination, and do a true RESET that gets rid of the bad guys at the top instead of the masses at the bottom of the economic food chain alone. If this does not happen soon, the newly created format called psychological warfare will have been fully implemented before the victims even know how they lost.

Be part of the solutions generating people in the world that helps us create a better version of the world in spite of all the calamities and misguided leaders in office at the moment. Exemplify what it will take and share.

Darby Lettick


Why would secession talks be censored by social media?

The real possibility of rebellion as states considers bailing out over the USA adopting socialism.

For the tiny states that fit into the city limits of Houston or Dallas, it is impossible to imagine the many miles driven each year just to get to work, to go between our biggest cities is further than driving across several northeastern states like Rhode Island. These goals are being put forth to tax mileage at $1,000 a year for as little as 20,000 miles of driving, already having paid tax to buy the car, to license it, to fuel it up each time, and now the government wants to tax the use of the vehicle. Why are Texans going to be heavily taxed to pay for a program that works against us, not for our benefit? Why is the federal government attempting to force Texas to comply with their failed programs to combat the disease of the day, “flu-du jour”, which variant of puncture wound are you wanting next? Somehow this policy of fear-induced reaction idiocy has led to draconian government and taxes? The numbers of deaths do not support such dictatorial reactions from the people who are supposed to work for the people, not Big PHARMA, so the answer is not logically apparent.

Why stay at the tax and spend party if the state of Texas is not interested in playing the fear-stricken population that can not help itself as the feds let the borders fall to weaken us with unheeded influxes of sick people, stressed, malnourished after the long trek, not having had any of the shots that all Americans have been given year after year for measles, Diptheria, smallpox, TB, and many other things they bring with them to America, unhampered by their travels without any precautions whatsoever to protect Americans.

Texas has decided to do the job of the feds, with the help of a couple of sane governors who see the problems coming to their states too, from fentanyl and human trafficking. Why is the federal government not getting on top of the problem like the last president proved was possible? Why do the people who are making the decisions not seem to be concerned over the absolute failure to stop, even hold back the millions coming to cross our open borders, many of the soldiers of fortune, of passion for Islam, and with every intention of doing Americans harm before ever entering our country?

Yes, there are soldiers for the Jihad coming, fundamentalists that will reform as sleeper cells waiting to be called forth and express their hate for Democracy, Christianity, and the principles of Freedom that the USA once stood for, though now the concept of our founding fathers is truly at risk of being torn down and buried.

Furthermore, the congress and president seem to want to add incentives for electric cars which are not able to travel long distances in Texas due to the lack of enough power stored in the batteries that cost ten thousand dollars and are an environmental nightmare to dispose of. How is that going to help Texas? Giving $12,000 tax credits to those who buy the electric cars is like taking money from Texas and giving it to city folk in the northeast who make much more money than Texans and can get by by driving short distances to get all they need. Not the case in Texas, and forcing up to support electric cars in a state that has plenty of fossil fuels is counterintuitive, and economic suicide of sorts.

What would anyone possibly use to convince anyone to join the USA at this time as opposed to get the heck out while we can afford to leave, not giving up all of our treasure, our hours of work to be taxed at 45% of our income to pay for programs we as a population do not agree with. We would not vote to allow this draconian grab at power and the taking of freedoms in our state so why should we support and pay for the other 49 states choosing to self-destruct and go broke as do all socialist countries that take away the guns, the rights to fight oppression, and end up like China where people are imprisoned based on their religion or race, forced to work for free making stuff for Americans to buy cheap. Soon we will have the same thing going on here as Kamala has proven in California that she can work prisoners for pennies an hour while in jail making products for big corporations as cheap as they can in China. Bring back those jobs for prisoners in America is the new policy. Domestic employment numbers look better if the prisoner population grows and they all have jobs earning 20 cents an hour. That is how Bid-on will get the employment numbers up next… FEMA camps full of working quarantined, being re-educated as the Chinese say.

Texas will not go along with the plan Stan. We are Free and well-armed, plan to stay free, and if that means leaving the future socialist society that AOCm Bernie Sanders and Pelosi seem to be targeting as our future form of government, in spite of the constitution that is rather firm about freedoms such as the 2nd amendment which was intended to help ensure we could leave, yes, armed to secede, to be free, hunt, and get rid of dangerous predators of all kinds. Stay out of Texas… a policy that the president and vice president are sticking to and should just give up pretending like they are doing anything to help us, quite contrary, they are attacking us with lawsuits, reductions in benefits from the federal taxes we pay, and a hammering over our resistance to draconian mandates that have no legal foundation but are simply the whims of a broken minded president.

Let us consider the alternatives to compliance as a state that represents freedom, independence, self-sufficiency, and Truth. We do not wish to lower our standard, pay for bad behavior, defunding police, though the liberals have created a test case in Austin, Texas and the crime rate is rising faster than ever before in our history. Hopefully, that will be the only failed experiment city in the state. Otherwise, this infection of the mind and hearts is far worse than covid in that humans are giving up rational logical thinking in exchange for emotional fear-driven reactionary and ignorant decisions due to demagogues in congress and the Whithouse. Who are they serving? Someone other than the people of America… perhaps the leaders of China which seem to own many of them through blackmail, bribes, and simple threats?

It seems to be working on the feds and the only inoculation for Texas is secession. Let us go free, let us exercise our right to stop the madness in Texas and let the rest of them go, allies if they need us, but not for the support of self-destructive behavior, like a bad child, you have to kick them out and let them learn on their own what we Texans already understand, there are consequences to stupid behavior but few in DC seem to be aware of that. If we can not change their minds, then let them be and leave the party. We do not belong in that socialism camp.

We start by speaking out, then getting the word turned into actions that lead to change. Let us get the dialogue going, start the action, and move to be free before the feds take the freedoms away and break us financially so that we can not escape later. The infection of the minds of those in the other state need not kill us too if we can react soon enough, inoculate our state against the taxation and relaxation of our protections that keep us Free. Ready to start your version of a Pure Salvage Outpost where freedom to live healthy, to decide for ourselves, and to protect ourselves remains the right of Texans, not the decision of an addled president and congress detached from reality.

If you aren’t living in TX but planning to come from Cali or DC, bring socialism, taking our freedoms or rights, please do not come! Let us be! We need to keep out crazies, illegal immigration, & what appears to be the Americans who have lost their minds!

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Creating the Safety Net for Freedom’s Warriors: Anti-vax Employers step up to the plate to swing…

Where do those the veterans, police, fire responders, nurses, or others go who have natural immunity or just do not want the jab?

Will the government punish employers who take a No-Vax To Work stance? There are employers who believe they are obligated to protect the others who could get covid from vaxed people, not to mention that the proof is coming out that they can shed spike proteins that are smaller than the virus, and can cause clotting in others who inhale them or ingest, from a kiss or hug. It is possibly going to create a medical cost on the team’s insurance plan that wipes out the benefits for all when it gets canceled.

NO ONE, not the government, vaccine makers, or the president will take responsibility for the losses to the business, family, or other problems when drivers and pilots of commercial vehicles die from blood clots that are now rampant after vaccines. Until these issues are resolved without exception or contest, how is an employer to justify taking a chance for his family and friends, his other workers to allow a person to bring that into the workplace? Who will stop the employers who fire the vaxed who do so once being told not to or be fired? How do you fight a beast that has no body or head? How do you stop the madness instead?

Who will take on the job of caring for them, of filling in the job when they are gone? Some employers would rather take their chances, under 2%, of covid killing one of the employees, of letting them take time off, get good treatment, and to have healthy people working who would not likely get the worst case, but light cases of the CV or any other flu for that reason. If the employees are all health-conscious, take care of their bodies, and are willing to give up their job to preserve their freedom and health, that is the best employee you could want. How do I care for those within my realm as an employer, friend, or businessman in an age where the government forces the employers to vax their people or be punished. Where do those who refuse being jabbed, possibly to death, to go to work?

IF they question stupid actions it is better for that will save the employer from stupid people who are also hired as employees, the ones that can not see the obvious, will not do any study or learning outside of their job, and will go off drinking, eating, partying, and wasting the chance to be healthy, prepared for hardships ahead, or committed to doing the best they can to create the best product in the USA, the world if possible.

Monsters hiding all around, even under a mask they say they are found.

It is the drive to excel, to be the best you can be that keeps many from adding a product not yet tested fully, that killed the animals tested, that has tens of thousands of negative reactions already recorded around the world. Evidence is what I would want all employees to consider before taking action that would endanger others they work with by bringing in new techno bugs injected into them that apparently, like GMO, can slip back out into the world, the critters that are exposed ingesting the spike proteins or the virus injected into many under the auspices of being good for them.

It is important to keep the freedom to work open to the millions who are saying no to vaccinations without the Freedom to deny, to isolate, develop natural immunity, or by the grace of a God we believe in. Some know there is not as much danger from the virus as the vax for most of us. It is just a giant campaign to get people to comply with demands from a possible madman, not God. Some of us object and will be offering the chance for those who say no to create a new career free of the obligation to get jabbed to eat, feed a family, or be a warrior in a world of cowards.

Thank you for your service fellow veterans. If I can help you start those businesses that will make this possible, I am here with the path, the inventory to create a business, career, compound, or village, where those who object will have a place to rebuild after a life of honorable service, has to be left behind to do what is right for the people who believe in higher authority than Pelosi, Bid-on and the Invisi-Kam VP that are attempting to take away the rights of Americans. May you build the future of America by salvaging the best of our past and paving over the idiots who think Freedom is not worth fighting for… and living with.

Darby Lettick

Salvage, Texas… home of:

Tiny Texas Houses